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Showbox Alternatives – Best 15 Streaming Apps Like Showbox

What is Showbox?

If you like to occasionally have some fun at home by yourself by streaming some free movies, Showbox is, arguably, one of the leading and most popular streaming services for fulfilling your cinematic cravings. It has been developed for mobile and web platforms powering most devices that support streaming – Windows and Mac software for computers, Android and iOS for smartphones or tablets, and even Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. If you have tried it yourself, we are sure you will agree with us.

The popularity of this service, however, does not mean that there are no downsides to it, or that there do not exist Showbox alternatives that are as decent as, or even better than, Showbox itself. There are lots of apps like Showbox that can satisfy your demands in terms of functionality and/or interface, some even surpassing Showbox in terms of overall performance.

In this feature, we are going to take a look at some of the best free movie sites, as well as apps like Showbox, in order to provide you with a wide variety of both freeware and paid legal movie streaming services that you can enjoy right away. The main question we seek to answer here – is there a website to watch tv shows for free and enjoy high-definition movies all in one place?

What is Showbox: An Amazing Tool For Movie Fans

Showbox is a popular piece of software used to search for, stream, and store video content. There are different versions for different user audiences, like Showbox for Mac that iOS users can enjoy, Showbox for Windows, a versatile solution for PC users, and Showbox for iPhone and Android that mobile users can launch on the go.
what is showboxViewers can watch videos online if connected to the Internet. Otherwise, they also have the option to watch buffered videos offline. You can also get Showbox on Firestick to stream movies right to your living room TV. This service is widely preferred, especially due to a vast collection of content types you can watch right out of the box – movies, TV shows, music videos, etc.

A Popular Question: Is Showbox Legal?

You may be wondering, where’s the catch with all these capabilities, and is Showbox even legal? You can rest assured that the Showbox app is a completely legal service in most countries. Files that are temporarily created on user devices for streaming purposes do not infringe on the content owners’ copyrights in any way. However, you would be breaking the law if you decided to  ‘re-stream’ the provided video content in a cinema, retail store, restaurant, or other such places. In all other instances, Showbox is legal, just like all the other movie apps like Showbox on our list.

Best 15 Showbox Alternatives for Watching Exclusive Video Content

The following list of Movie apps for Android like Showbox consists of some decent services for your entertainment which are either quite similar to Showbox or provide some special features that help them stand out.

1. Kodi

kodiKodi is one of the most practical and useful Showbox alternatives. This service is free and open-source, thanks to some independent developers in this industry. It supports all major platforms (including mobile OSs, Firestick, and Linux) and is constantly updated with new content as well as interface enhancements. It does require some video add-ons to function though. Fortunately, all these are freely available online.


huluYou may have heard of HULU before due to its massive popularity in America. It is a powerful competitor for many other apps like Showbox. The service provides a broad range of content to choose from and is regularly updated. It would not be entirely accurate to call it one of the absolute best TV streaming sites due to unavailability in certain countries. But when it comes to watching movies and shows in regions where it is supported ⁠— namely the US ⁠— it is a definite winner. It boasts high-quality streaming, is compatible with Chromecast, and allows access to content with a single click. It is an awesome Showbox alternative for PC.

3. Stremio

stremioStremio’s speciality is that it does not let you browse through tons of links without verifying their origin. It filters the sources and lets through only legal, high-quality ones, like Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix. It can also be listed among the best free movie sites due to its compatibility with all major operating systems. The interface is identical on all platforms, making the service a highly consistent and reliable app like showbox.

4. Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime videoThe Prime Video app, created and operated by Amazon, is an interesting example of freeware Showbox alternatives supported by smartphones and desktop machines. It streams exclusive and original content produced by Amazon as well as many European TV shows and a wide array of movies. With Prime Video, you can stream shows at a high quality and lightning-fast speed from anywhere. You can even download videos and watch them offline on the Prime Video app. It provides a fully functional interface and standout features to its users, which makes Prime Video a decent alternative to the Showbox free movies app.

5. Sky HD

sky hdSky HD, offered by the same developer as that of PlayBox HD, is a great, smooth-running service. Providing access to unlimited high-definition channels, Sky HD stands tall among other Showbox alternatives. It offers convenient search options, and you can select your favourite content from various categories. If you enjoy Playbox HD with its high-quality, fast-streaming content accessible at lightning speed, then you will certainly love Sky HD since it is an enhanced version with a similar interface yet extended functionality.

Still, haven’t found your perfect service yet? Keep on reading for plenty of other Showbox alternatives for PC and mobile!

6. Bobby Movie

bobby movieThis is a prominent movie box app for iOS and Android users for watching their favourite movies and TV shows via a versatile interface. The main screen leads to the different categories available, and users also have the option to pick content based on the reviews given by other users. We call it a movie box app because its concept is very similar to that of the app. At the same time, it fits into the category of decent Showbox alternatives perfectly. This solution has a minor downside though – users have to sit through quite a few ads. That, however, can be considered a fair price in exchange for the ability to get free movies downloads legally.

7. Terrarium Tv

terrarium tvThis is an Android-compatible solution that ranks quite high on the list of favourite Showbox alternatives. Terrarium TV is one of the best free movie sites that do not have their own content database but provide access to existing content posted on other sources online. It is a freeware solution that provides links for you to watch via a centralized interface. The search results are mainly focused on the good quality of the video content, which is an incredibly helpful feature. One downside to Terrarium TV is that its usage is restricted to Android-based mobile devices only. Also, you cannot download free full movies, as the service only allows online viewing.

8. Titanium TV

titanium tvTitanium TV is a project that is conceptually very similar to Terrarium. However, it can be installed on Firestick or any other platform, making it a better choice than many other available Showbox alternatives. The selling point here is the high quality of the streamed content and an extensive catalogue of movies and TV shows. There are many streams to choose from, and this service proves to be a decent competitor to Showbox movies in terms of quality. Titanium TV also offers the ability to launch the system using Real-Debrid for enhanced viewing. Apart from Firestick, it can be installed on other Fire TV devices as well. This device-friendly service also offers remote video content streaming.


yidioIf you are looking for apps like Showbox for Android in particular, you must give YIDIO a try. It does not provide any readymade content catalogues but it does grant you access to all kinds of third-party services available on the web. YIDIO specializes in online movie search and accumulating content from other external streaming services. These can be watched within a single interface, making YIDIO a good candidate among the many Showbox alternatives. It will find anything that is free or paid with the help of search keywords and filters.  YIDIO itself is freeware, but you will have to pay for content collected from other paid services. You can also purchase a subscription to get notifications about new interesting content appearing on the Internet. Overall, it is a pretty decent option when it comes to Showbox for Android.

10. Moviebox

movie boxThis eponymous movie box app is intended for a wide array of commonly used platforms. In terms of design, user interface, and functionality, it may be deemed as one of the best movie apps for Android like Showbox, and the most worthy representative of Showbox alternatives. It is a globally renowned service that you will see at the forefront of search results upon looking up the term ‘movie box app’. It quickly finds the media files you ask for. Not all content presented by this service boasts full HD quality. However, there are loads of videos that are available for viewing in 720p.

We hope you are enjoying our reviews so far! Here are some more prominent services to check out.

11. Popcorn Time

popcorn timePopcorn Time is a streaming service created independently by passionate cinema and free streaming enthusiasts. It is compatible with all common platforms for mobile, desktop, and TV. Over the years, the service has managed to gain a veritable cult following and a community of dedicated fans. We are certain that Popcorn Time is much more than a mere name on the list of Showbox alternatives for PC.

The main advantage of this service is that it is fast and seamless in every aspect, from searching and browsing categories to downloading content. You also get subtitles in various languages that you can enable if you so desire.

While the speed and performance of Popcorn Time are commendable, it can sometimes fail and lag due to a huge global audience. Popcorn Time is compatible with Smart TV. It is available in multiple versions and you can choose the one you like best in terms of the interface and movie catalogues. Some versions offer low-quality movies that are available right after their cinematic release, while other versions offer only high-quality post-cinematic copies of movies. Popcorn Time is a top choice among people looking for reliable Showbox alternatives.

12. Tubitv

tubitvAs of now, Tubitv is a relatively new product in the list of apps like Showbox in particular, and in the streaming niche as a whole. It works with Chromecast, supports all major platforms including Apple TV, PS4, and Xbox, and provides a convenient search by genre, year of release, and other criteria. One cumbersome thing about this service is that a user must create a profile and confirm registration in order to gain access to the host of streams available. It offers a multitude of videos to watch and is a decent option to choose from among the many Showbox alternatives.

13. Netflix

netflixYou probably already know about this one – Netflix is a giant among streaming services and goes far beyond being a mere name on the long list of Showbox alternatives. It still serves the same purpose though. You can watch free streaming movies online once you pay for an initial subscription, which is the only downside to this service. But the subscription price is totally worth it. You can always try the free trial version in order to get a taste of the service and see for yourself how good it is. It runs on all major platforms. Netflix is a strong contender among apps like Showbox for iPhone, Windows PC, and other devices.

14. YouTube & its Premium

youtube & premiumYouTube is a free service available on all types of platforms and devices. It does not fall under the ‘best free movie sites’ category in particular. Neither can it be included in the list of Showbox alternatives. However, it is packed with entertaining video content to help you make the most of your leisure time. Sometimes, it allows you to watch new movies right after their theatrical release. However, that requires additional payment per movie. This may not be a good fit for a wide audience, but its prices are attractive and it allows you to easily watch high-quality movies and shows.

If you purchase YouTube’s Premium subscription, you will get to view exclusive features, use premium music streaming facilities, and even use YouTube offline to watch buffered video content.

15. 123movies

123 movieAll apps like Showbox are not exact copies of each other. You may have seen 123movies in numerous other lists of best free movie sites. 123movies is an absolutely free streaming service that offers both online and offline viewing of video content (mostly movies and TV shows). There are several issues with this service though — the interface is quite basic, there is no licensed content available, there are no unique features, and it does not have a separate mobile app.

However, when it comes to easily access a movie that is way past its theatrical release, you can quickly open this site and watch it in good quality right in your browser. All in all, it is a cheap but efficient way to stream videos. In our opinion, it is a much better option than many other Showbox alternatives.

Do You Need a VPN for Showbox?

Certain streaming service apps like Showbox and numerous best free movie sites such as HULU limit access according to region. For example, you cannot watch HULU content in any country outside the US. Moreover, free downloads from various services can undermine your own data security, as unauthorized parties might gain access to your system and covertly download harmful software along with the promised content.

In order to widen your geographical area of service access and establish security for the personal files on your system, you may use a VPN. Picking appropriate VPN apps and plugins will make it safer for you to browse and download content from any website you like without having to worry about other access or security issues.

When it comes to Showbox and other Showbox alternatives, however, there is no absolute requirement to go for a VPN. Service owners work 24/7 to provide decent security and restrict any harmful content in order to satisfy users who pay for these streaming solutions.

Final Words On Our Complete List of Apps Like Showbox

There are plenty of Showbox alternatives with varying specifications, interface designs, and usability levels. You have many options — both paid and free tv streaming sites and movie box app solutions — for both PCs and smartphones. A word of advice: Always remember that a safe site to download movies is usually one that is the primary focus of a lot of users. With that being said, stay safe and have fun watching your favourite titles!

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