"They were very accessible, and we had a better experience than with other companies we had worked with in the past."


Eilis Hughes, Director,


"GoodCore Software hit their promised timelines and they delivered within our budget."


Sam Nimmo, Director,

Kittle Group

"GoodCore’s organization, methodology, and transparency distinguish them from other providers"


David Williams, Head of IT,

London Women's Clinic

Why starting with Product Discovery is essential for your project

For every bespoke software development project, Product Discovery is an indispensable exercise. It involves a series of interactive sessions, nurturing a strategic dialogue between the client and our project teams. These workshops lay the cornerstone for a strong blueprint that steers the design, development, and delivery of software solutions:


Visualise your idea

The Product Discovery helps you visualise the design of your software. You get a realistic idea of the feel of the final product from the start, spotting any logical imperfections that might lead to revamps down the line.


Streamline development

Engaging in Product Discovery ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Clarity about project requirements and challenges upfront streamlines development, avoids costly re-works and saves you time and money.


Choose the right tech stack

With well-defined requirements and understanding of the project scope, it becomes possible to identify a tech stack that's not only robust but also sustainable for the long haul. This results in fewer disruptions, reduced maintenance costs, and a longer product lifespan.


Prioritise features for the MVP

With the Product Discovery, you’re able to prioritise features for the MVP. By focusing on the essentials first, you can minimise initial costs, streamline development, and ensure a quicker path to profitability.


Understand time and resources

The Product Discovery outlines the exact resources - in terms of time, money, and skills - that your project will need. By understanding these requirements, you can budget accurately and set realistic timelines.


Align all stakeholders

The Product Discovery aligns all stakeholders under a unified direction for the project. It minimises miscommunication, reduces costly mid-course corrections, and ensures that the final product meets everyone's expectations.

The team works in an incredibly efficient way, and their level of engagement is great. They’ve really worked to understand the business, listened, and asked questions when they haven’t been sure.

Viki Smith

Viki Smith, General Manager,

Printed Music Licensing Ltd


Project discovery team: who are the people involved?

As the client, you play a pivotal role in the software discovery process. We rely on your insights and industry knowledge to gain a comprehensive project understanding. Expect frequent meetings and discussions during this stage to set the project on the right path. Your involvement is essential at this stage.

GoodCore team

  • Business analyst

  • Technical architect

  • Project manager

  • UI/UX Designer

Client team

  • Product owner

  • Functional area expert

What we need from you to get started

To understand your project better, it would help if you provide us with the following details. If you don't have them already prepared, we will work closely with you to develop these during Product Discovery.

  • Preliminary feature list

  • Competitor references

  • Wireframes/Rough sketches (if any)

  • Technical specifications (if any)

Our 6-stage discovery approach

The Product Discovery is a collaborative journey. Here's how we engage with you through a series of stages:


Assessing your current situation

In the initial phase, we collaborate closely with stakeholders to understand your product vision and the challenges it aims to address. This includes a deep-dive into your business operations, existing technology infrastructure, or market research results. Additionally, we set success metrics, defining clear project milestones, for example, user adoption rates or performance targets.

Identifying risks and constraints

Our approach also includes risk identification, probability assessment, and impact evaluation. We then create strategies tailored to prevent or manage risks and have a contingency plan in place throughout the process to tackle any challenges.

Analysing and documenting your requirements

We take a deeper dive into your vision, capturing both functional and non-functional requirements to create a concrete product. This involves talking to key stakeholders and analysing their requirements aided by visual tools for a solid development foundation.

Visualising your idea

We transform your idea into a visual form for easier review and feedback, then walk you through the user’s journey via wireframes and interactive prototypes that help you get a feel of the end product. Our software development company also provides ready-to-implement UI/UX designs.

Defining scope and budgeting

Having consolidated the requirements gathered during analysis, we then conduct budgeting and planning. This involves prioritising features, determining future enhancements, and estimating resources necessary to actualise your product over multiple phases. This ensures stakeholders have a clear understanding of the investment's value.

Technical solution blueprint

Armed with these insights, we present you with options for the technical solution. This includes software architecture, technology stack, 3rd party integrations, data flow and storage design, and other non-functional requirement considerations including security, scalability, and performance.

Start with clarity.

Avoid surprises, and build a product in line with your vision - on time and on budget.

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Every single time we’ve created a ticket or talked to GoodCore about an issue, it was solved incredibly quickly. They are always on hand, always supportive. From start to finish, it’s been fantastic — the understanding, the engagement, the willingness to work.

Viki Smith - General Manager

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The thing with GoodCore is that we get good value for money, quality, delivery - everytime we have asked them for it!

Peter Treadwell - Operations Director

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One aspect of the engagement process I really appreciated was GoodCore’s communication. I truly felt like I could have been the only client during this process. Once our product went live, I still felt like I was GoodCore’s only client. I reached out, they responded, they delivered.

Scott Gardiner - Founder & CEO

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What’s the duration of the Product Discovery?

The duration of the discovery workshop isn't one-size-fits-all. It's tailored to your project and its unique needs. The following will directly impact the length of the discovery:

Project complexity

Complex projects often require extra time for in-depth understanding and detailed specifications, especially with a wide scope involving multiple features and integrations.

Level of client preparedness

If you provide comprehensive initial documentation, it speeds things up. On the other hand, starting from a basic idea requires more time for additional analysis and planning.

Stakeholder availability

Additionally, the project timeline is influenced by how readily key stakeholders are available for meetings, discussions, and feedback sessions. Your prompt involvement is key to staying on schedule.

Your decision-making process

Delayed internal decisions and approvals on your end can further prolong the discovery phase, impacting the overall project schedule.

The Product Discovery deliverables

The deliverables you get at the end of our discovery workshops depend on your product needs, expectations and the nature of your business. Here’s a list of the deliverables you can expect:

Business analysis

  • Business requirements document

  • Functional requirements

  • Non-functional requirements

  • Epics and user stories

  • Process flow diagrams

UX/UI design

  • Moodboard + UI concept

  • Wireframes (low/high fidelity)

  • Clickable prototypes

  • Finalised UI kit

Solution architecture

  • Technical stack

  • High-level architecture diagram

  • Architecture decisions report

  • Entity relationship diagram (ERD)

  • 3rd-party APIs analysis

Project management

  • Work breakdown structure

  • Team composition

  • Cost estimate

  • Development plan

  • Future product roadmap

The project with GoodCore Software certainly met my expectations. They created what we asked them to. Additionally, they helped us avoid some risks and problems, and it was a positive experience.

Sam Nimmo

Sam Nimmo, Director,

Kittle Group


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