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Desktop application development services for sophisticated desktop applications (Windows and macOS) built for efficiency and ease of use

Ever since GoodCore started its operations as a development services provider, we have been seeing the technological landscape change. Businesses of all sizes have moved from small-scale offline systems to enterprise cloud-based solutions. In this digital rat race, it is important to remember what YOU need.

Even today, we see a high demand for custom desktop application development by clients who have priorities that are different from generic or off-the-shelf software solutions. The developer community also continues to work on state-of-the-art development technologies to facilitate the creation and launch of modern desktop apps for individuals, startups, and businesses alike.

As a desktop application development company, our forte lies in developing user-centric and efficient desktop applications that streamline our clients' business processes.


Why Businesses Choose Desktop Applications

Despite the gradual shift in technological trends towards online platforms, many businesses still prefer to keep their operations offline or private. There are several advantages of customised desktop apps over off-the-shelf solutions and web-based apps. Here are a few areas in which you gain an advantage when you choose desktop software development for your business.


Online platforms and web applications come with their own share of security threats and concerns. Compared to external hosting, restricting your software to your private system and network gives you greater privacy and safety.


With a desktop-based software solution, you can effectively utilise your own resources for storage and processing as needed. There is no restriction regarding the utilisation of resources or any other additional costs.


Thin client systems may present certain issues when it comes to third-party integrations. With a custom desktop application development solution, we can easily integrate it with your existing software or hardware systems.


If you want to build a desktop application for a sophisticated hardware setup that needs resource-heavy data processing capabilities, it would be best to get a reliable desktop solution instead of a thin client app.

Offline access and operation

Perhaps the most important advantage of having a desktop application is its ability to function offline. In times of network unavailability or privacy issues, you can still access critical data offline.

Cost efficiency

Exorbitant amounts of money spent recurringly on licence- or subscription-based solutions often far exceed the cost of development of applications for the desktop. This one-time expenditure of setting up your own desktop solution goes a long way!

Customisation and personalisation

Subscription-based web apps or off-the-shelf solutions may not cater to your needs perfectly. A fully customisable desktop application is built to match your exact unique requirements.


With customised desktop development, you run your software on your own terms. There are no unnecessary updates required or forced upon you – you can keep using legacy software systems on your machines if you want!

In search of a software development partner who you can trust with your unique desktop app?

With over 16 years of experience in creating custom desktop applications, you can trust us to build a robust, easy-to-use desktop app equipped with complex features.

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Our Desktop Application Development Services

As a desktop application development company, we cover a wide variety of solutions and different types of robust applications.

Standalone business
management apps



Network management



Image processing and
CAD software

Desktop gaming


System extensions
and plugins


Your unique desktop
app idea

Our Desktop Development Process

Since 2005, we have been assisting organisations of all sizes with successful desktop application development and implementation. We have a time-tested process that is designed to capture organisations’ unique business requirements, no matter how complex.

Research and Analysis

We start our desktop application development process by trying to understand the objectives of your envisioned application. We perform a detailed analysis of the pain points and an assessment of key integration points in your organisation.


The future phases of development are planned in accordance with your priorities and concerns. We are open to making any changes that you communicate to us, which is why your feedback is crucial. We proceed once we are in agreement.

Design and Architecture

Our desktop app developers have in-depth expertise in designing technical architectures for secure and powerful desktop apps. We build desktops apps that are efficient, user-friendly, and easy and cost-effective to enhance and support in the long run.


With an engineering and development team that is second to none, the construction of your desktop application is done in line with industry best practices, following code conventions and the highest standards of quality assurance.

Installation and Training

Once the desktop app is ready for deployment, we assist your team with the installation. As part of our onboarding process, we prepare user guides and set up training sessions to facilitate the users and administrators in your company.

Technical Support

We offer a comprehensive support arrangement whereby our team continues to be on standby to field your queries and address any issues that surface during application usage. You can also approach us for any future upgrades to your system.

Engagement Options

We offer three different types of engagement options to our clients.



This option works well for projects where the requirements are crystal clear from the get-go and the client knows exactly what they want. We can have an in-depth discussion about the project’s total cost depending on precisely what features you would like to see in your desktop app and when you want the project to be delivered.


Development Team

Under this model, you are assigned a dedicated team of desktop app developers (or any other roles you wish to have on your team, such as project manager, UI/UX designers, or QA engineers) to work in close coordination with you. You can scale the team up or down depending on changing requirements.


Time and

When the amount of development work envisioned is small but not very well-defined, you can choose this model. The engagement is split into smaller fixed-cost/fixed-time phases and you can decide the budget for the upcoming phases depending on the time spent and cost incurred in the preceding phases.

You can also opt for a hybrid model where you can choose a dedicated team for core development activities and opt for the fixed-price or time-and-materials option for any one-off tasks. Find out more about our engagement models here.

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Why GoodCore

With over 16 years of experience under their belt, our desktop app developers can be trusted with any project regardless of size, scope, or technical complexity. Here’s what makes our clients believe in our impeccable work.

On Time and Within Budget

We have a time-tested agile process that will deliver your software project quickly and efficiently.

Tailored for Your

Our bespoke development services are trusted by startups and small, medium and large enterprises alike.

Creative and Modern

We follow the latest UI/UX practices that will aesthetically achieve your business objectives.


Our agile application development methodology facilitates rapid product releases.

Dedicated Support

Our 30-day warranty and 24×7 support with well-defined SLAs keep your software running.

IP Protection

Intellectual property for the software we develop for you will belong solely to you. Period.

Cost of Desktop Development

Cost to Develop Desktop App

In our 16+ years of experience as a desktop application development company in the UK, we have delivered many software systems costing from £10,000 and going over £500,000.
As you can imagine, desktop apps come in all shapes and sizes for different devices and platforms. Features and functionality, security, scalability, usability, performance – all these factors greatly affect the scope of building a desktop app. This makes budgeting for a desktop application development project a tricky exercise. But with our desktop app developers’ experience, GoodCore can help with highly accurate estimations of your project cost.

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Technologies we use

  • dot-net
    .NET Framework
  • windows
    Windows API
  • powerpoint
  • universal-windows
  • c-plus
  • c-sharp
  • python
  • ruby
  • JS
  • objective-c
  • swift
  • cocoa

Success Stories

Education Software

Daemons and services programming for EdTech giant

Our desktop application development company improved release management efficiency for the AppsAnywhere client app’s complex build process. Our team was able to successfully automate the build process for both Windows and macOS. This eliminated the possibility of human error and marginally reduced the build and release times.

See Full Case Study
Learning Management System

Sophisticated bespoke e-learning platform

We developed a cutting-edge online learning platform to replace old-school off-the-shelf education software. The platform is deployed at top educational institutions worldwide. The desktop app features a powerful content authoring tool for educators in the form of a desktop-based installable application. It is accompanied by a web portal for students to access study materials.

See Full Case Study



Hasnul Hasan


They led a software development project for our complex domain name registration platform. The best possible architecture design made them a valuable partner.


Viki Smith

General Manager, Printed Music Licensing Limited

The project management is brilliant. The team works in an incredibly efficient way, and their level of engagement is great.


Brendan Blumer


I’ve spent the last decade building enterprise software for Real Estate organizations, and I’ve found GoodCore to be the most reliable when augmenting my team with outside resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your desktop app was developed by another company, we can explore taking over the code from them to provide ongoing support and maintenance to you. Generally, cooperation from your existing provider is needed. Such projects are always tricky and each project is different from the other, but we are willing to dig deeper to find out if it’s something that we can help with.
You will be the sole owner of your project. We are merely here to help bring your app idea to life. We do not own it at any stage of the development process.
The costs of desktop app development vary from project to project based on various factors, such as scope, requirements, and technical complexity. We will determine the cost of your project after a thorough discussion with you to understand your requirements and assess the scope of your project.
The final cost of software development comprises four major components: Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance, and UI/UX Design.
An important step to get started with your project is communicating your requirements to us. After you contact us, we conduct an initial discussion to understand your requirements to quickly determine the indicative project scope and costs and identify any significant project risks.

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we do next

  • Our team contacts you within one business day
  • We engage an initial discussion to understand your requirements
  • Our team of analysts and developers assess the scope and propose a way forward with mutual consultation
  • All information exchange is protected via a mutual NDA
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