The team has been engaging and transparent. They’re also clear in terms of what they can and can’t do in their area of expertise.

David Williams

David Williams, Head of IT,

London Women's Clinic


Your on-demand remote engineering department

Think of us as your in-house team, only better. We're committed to delivering top-notch results without the headaches of hiring or talent management. We handle it all for you.


Minimal ramp-up period

You'll have 1-2 core developers ready from the outset to jumpstart your project within weeks, with an option to integrate more engineers during the initial three months.

Fluent English speakers

Fluent English speakers

Every member of our dedicated software development team has a high level of proficiency in the English language and excels in communication skills.

At least 5 hours of time zone overlap

At least 5 hours of time zone overlap

We ensure a minimum of 5 hours of overlapping work time with your team, facilitating seamless collaboration in a dedicated team model.

Flexible engagement options

Flexible engagement options

You have the flexibility to opt for direct interaction with your dedicated software development team or to have a project manager serve as your single point of contact.

When the dedicated team model is the best fit

Your product requires continuous development

As your requirements constantly evolve, we will join you as your external dedicated development team to consistently address your ongoing development needs.

You need a deeper, long-term partnership

As well as bridging your expertise gaps, we’ll act as your reliable long-term partner taking a significant portion of project ownership.

You want to change your current team

We'll facilitate the transition, seamlessly integrating our dedicated development team with your corporate culture and assuming full control over delivery.

All the roles you need to confidently move forward

From software developers to project leads and DevOps experts, we provide all the roles
essential in a dedicated software team for delivering high-quality software.

Front-end developers

Front-end developers

Develop the user-facing components of an application

back end

Back-end developers

Design the business logic, servers, and databases


 Solution architect

Owns the "how" of the technology solution


Tech lead

Leads project’s technical oversight and peer reviews


QA engineers

Develop tests to detect software issues pre-launch


 DevOps engineers

Maintain infrastructure and tools for product development and release


UI/UX designers

Shape product design and enhance user experience


Business analysts

Analyse and devise solutions to business challenges


Project manager

The one who oversees the whole process

Expertise in developing robust solutions employing
mainstream technologies

At GoodCore, you hire a dedicated software development team with proficiency in all
modern tech stacks.


Our versatile web frontend tech stack ensures dynamic, responsive, and high-performance user interfaces,
for smooth UX.


Our tech stack guarantees resilient, scalable, and high-performance solutions, aligning seamlessly with your business strategy.


Our mobile tech expertise includes both native and cross-platform, ensuring robust, high-performance solutions, regardless of the approach.

  • Swift

  • Kotlin

  • React Native

  • Objective C

They were a fantastic partner — it’s hard to find a team that could deliver such high-quality results in this industry

 Leigh Ellis

 Leigh Ellis, Technical Director,

CoolCare LTD


We are accountable for our team's performance

Our commitment extends beyond just staffing to maintaining peak performance levels within your dedicated software development team. We bear the responsibility for ensuring their optimal productivity throughout the course of our engagement.

We hire the best

Before becoming part of our team, candidates go through a tough 3-step screening process to make sure only the most skilled individuals can join our ranks.

Smooth knowledge transfer

Through concise technical and product sessions, we help our dedicated development teams quickly integrate into your project and deliver efficient results.

Developer growth

We conduct internal performance audits and build personal development plans to keep team members up-to-date on the latest skill sets and certifications.

Client success management

We maintain open lines of communication with you to quickly identify any issues, deal with any underperforming team members, and improve our services.

Direct access to developers

Work directly with software developers or via your project lead so that you manage their priorities and activities, and are always informed on what's going on.

Complete visibility

Throughout the project, we provide regular updates on deliverables, resource use, time management, team productivity, and the overall status of the project.

One of the good things about our partnership is that GoodCore has fitted their team to our needs. We’re working with them in a unique way where we see their project manager during meetings, but communicate directly with the developers the rest of the time

Tracey Walton

Tracey Walton, Managing Director,

Weight Loss Resources Ltd


Skilled resources. Quick start. Cost-effective growth

Looking to hire a dedicated development team? We are very experienced with setting up outstanding development team structures for our clients to help them achieve ambitious development goals.


Highly skilled tech talent

Work with the best software engineers and product experts proficient with mainstream platforms and technologies.  


Scale up or down

Flexibly adjust your team's resources, adding or removing members according to your evolving needs, whenever they arise.


Smooth onboarding

Finding the right talent takes time. But we're quick at putting together a team of senior experts and getting them up to speed quickly.


Clear communication

Our developers sync with your work hours, actively exchange feedback, and fit seamlessly into your work culture.



We operate in 3 countries (the UK, Pakistan, and Malaysia) enabling us to provide access to top global talent and be cost-efficient.


Team stability

On average, our employees stay at GoodCore  for about five years, which means you don't need to worry about team retention.

Voices of our customers

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Every single time we’ve created a ticket or talked to GoodCore about an issue, it was solved incredibly quickly. They are always on hand, always supportive. From start to finish, it’s been fantastic — the understanding, the engagement, the willingness to work.

Viki Smith - General Manager

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Play Peter

The thing with GoodCore is that we get good value for money, quality, delivery - everytime we have asked them for it!

Peter Treadwell - Operations Director

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Play Scott

One aspect of the engagement process I really appreciated was GoodCore’s communication. I truly felt like I could have been the only client during this process. Once our product went live, I still felt like I was GoodCore’s only client. I reached out, they responded, they delivered.

Scott Gardiner - Founder & CEO

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Kick off the discussion for
hiring a dedicated
development team

  • Initiation
    Step 1:

    Book a discovery call

    We'll talk about your needs and challenges, preferred dedicated project team structure, budgets, and the necessary skill sets to explore how we can help.

  • Discovery
    Step 2:

    A suitable team is allocated

    We will assemble a dedicated software team tailored to your requirements and budgets and focus on onboarding and seamlessly integrating them into your project.

  • Support
    Step 3:

    Initiate development

    After onboarding, your newly formed team will get to work. You'll be able to monitor progress, manage the team, and adjust the team size at any time.


Frequently asked questions

A dedicated development team model is ideal for long-term commitments, particularly for intricate and long-lasting projects. You maintain direct management control over the team, while we handle team setup and ensure a successful engagement. Software development outsourcing, on the other hand, is better suited for shorter-term, project-specific needs. Here, we oversee the entire development process, from identifying requirements to launch, reducing the involvement of your in-house team. The choice between these two approaches depends on your specific goals and project requirements.

You have the option to collaborate directly with our dedicated developers or go through a Project lead for enhanced efficiency and productivity, the latter often being the recommended approach. Our team remains accessible to you through a variety of communication channels, including phone, email, or any messaging service of your preference. We use various collaboration tools, such as Redmine and Zoom, to facilitate communication with our clients.

Absolutely! Initially, your team can consist of just one or two full-time dedicated developers. As we delve into your project, we expand your team based on your project's demands, introducing a dedicated project lead, a QA specialist, developers, and designers. If your project no longer requires specific roles, we will simply reduce the team size accordingly.

With a remarkable 94% of our employees sticking with us for the past three years, we make it a point to build strong connections with our in-house experts. This approach helps us keep growing our team's skills and ensures we don't lose valuable knowledge when team members come and go. That said, if a developer decides to leave, we'll prioritise a swift knowledge transfer process and ensure seamless onboarding for a new team member and a smooth transition for project continuity.

GoodCore has offices in three different countries – the UK, Pakistan, and Malaysia. We make sure there's at least a 5-hour overlap in work hours with our offshore dedicated team. We set up meetings when it's convenient for everyone and keep a shared calendar that shows events in your local time zone. This way, there's no mix-up with deadlines or appointments.

In a dedicated development team model, we usually invoice you at the end of the month, billing you for the actual hours expended on the project.

Our team will look into the issue and try to find a solution. If this doesn't meet your expectations, we'll replace the developer promptly.

Absolutely! When you hire dedicated software development team from GoodCore, you have the flexibility to modify your team's resources, adding or removing members as your changing needs require.

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