Costs for Building Bespoke
Software Products

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All Apps Are NOT Equal

Factors Impacting Bespoke Software Development Costs
Just like everything else in life, all apps are not equal either. They differ based on the following high-level characteristics:

Technical Complexity

If your app is scientifically complex, it would add a lot to your costs. Complexity could be a real-time collaboration between users of the app, video functionality with no lag, process flows with a lot of dependencies, etc.

Features & Functionalities

The number of features you want is the biggest cost driver. Screens, buttons, fields involved, and the amount of logic required can cause software development prices to change drastically.

Third-Party Integrations

Integration with third-party software systems such as payment gateways, maps, ERPs, or CRMs affect software development costs. Some of these integrations are straightforward but others can get complex and time-consuming.

Custom Design

Custom user interfaces are rather complex to implement, so the cost of a custom interface will be higher than the cost of an interface built from standard components or with no design at all.

Components of Software Development Costs

There are 4 majors cost components of any software development project, and each one of them carries a different weight in the total costs. Each one is a critical item and important for a successful product development effort. The following is a rough idea of the cost distribution for these major factors based on fixed-cost projects:


Note: The cost distribution provided above is based on rough estimates. These software development costs vary based on size, complexity, and engagement model.

Average Costs of Software Development


On average, the cost of a bespoke software development project, based on its size and complexity, could fall in the range of:

  • Small project: £10,000 – £35,000
  • Medium-sized project: £40,000 – £65,000
  • Large project: £70,000 and above

The actual software development cost, as you can imagine, would depend on many factors and can only be scoped after a detailed discovery exercise with you. Also, small/medium/large are very relative terms and could mean different things to different people; the estimates mentioned above are meant to give you an idea, based on our experience of delivering numerous projects over the last 15 years.

Estimate your Project

Advice: Phased Approach

Software development is an iterative process – you don’t have to do it all in one go. Our advice for you is to choose a phased development approach.

You can start out with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that features all the things that absolutely must be in the application to test the market out. Follow that with Phase 1, which adds more important features based on users’ input. Additional phases can be added as and when needed.






  • Prioritise the features for your product. Allocate the most time, attention, and budget to things that matter most.
  • A phased approach makes budgets easier to cope with and gives you a chance to rethink based on different factors.
  • Once your users start using the software, priorities will change. A phased approach lets you adjust the features that need to be added next.
  • Your product idea might alter or completely change based on what you are learning from user behaviour and response. A phased approach will help you deal with this very efficiently.


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