Craft tomorrow in the cloud

Fast-track your transformation process with our cloud migration services. Innovate and scale faster than ever before, enhance efficiency, and secure the future of your application development.



Stop depending on the limitations of physical infrastructure. Access the boundless possibilities of the cloud to unlock unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and accessibility for your applications.


Increase operational

Streamline your operations with rapid deployment, automatic updates, and a centralised management system that empowers your team to focus on what truly matters and drive your business forward.


Improve time to

Accelerate your product development lifecycle and get ahead of the competition. Our cloud migration services enable agile development and testing, reducing the time-to-market for your applications.


Reduce infrastructure costs

No more upfront investments and unpredictable maintenance costs. Pay only for what you use and witness a significant reduction in IT expenditure – all whilst enjoying enhanced performance.

Tailored cloud migration consulting services

Build precisely what you need, exactly as you envision. Our cloud migration consulting services let you align your environment with your business needs, adopt the best practices for transitioning your workload, implement cloud features cost-effectively, and continually enhance your system's efficiency in the cloud.

Cloud migration planning

Your cloud migration needs a well-thought-out plan. We assess your business needs and help you determine an optimal cloud migration strategy, build a roadmap, and choose ecosystem partners so you can move existing workloads to the cloud while reducing risk, time, and cost.

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    Applications, data, and infrastructure assessment to identify business-critical workloads

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    Compatibility evaluation for seamless integration of cloud services with existing systems and applications

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    A thorough risk mitigation plan, focusing on data loss prevention, downtime management

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    Cloud migration roadmap that defines what will be moved and how, ensuring a phased transition process

Application modernisation & workload transition

Following our comprehensive cloud migration blueprint, we will help you seamlessly transition your workloads, including applications and databases from on-premise to cloud environments, leveraging the best of cloud-native services.

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    Application redesign to ensure compatibility with the cloud environment

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    Data and application safety measures with firewalls, encryption, and continuous monitoring in the cloud.

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    Smooth and efficient migration, minimising disruptions to your business operations

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    Focused training and ongoing support to enable effective cloud management and utilisation

Post-migration support & optimisation

Your cloud journey is an ongoing evolution. Our post-migration support and optimisation services ensure that, beyond the migration, we work closely with you to maximise time savings, streamline infrastructure costs, and enhance organisational efficiency.

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    Cloud monitoring to provide real-time insights into the performance of your migrated workloads

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    Performance metrics analysis to identify areas for improvement and optimisation

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    On-demand resource scaling to ensure that your applications can handle varying workloads

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    Ongoing cost monitoring to optimise your cloud expenses without compromising performance

Seamless cloud transition, without complexity and risks

With our expertise in cloud-native development, we can accelerate your cloud migration process and minimise risks so you can operate your applications on a scalable and future-ready platform.


Right-size cloud

Collaborate with our experts to tailor your cloud environment to the exact needs of your business. Avoid over-provisioning and underutilisation, ensuring your infrastructure aligns perfectly with your current and future requirements.


Performance and

Leverage our expertise to unlock the full potential of new cloud features without compromising on performance. Streamline your applications and services to operate at their best, enhancing both performance and cost-effectiveness.


High availability

Design cloud architectures that ensure high availability and prevent server overload. We implement load balancing and deploy monitoring tools to continuously track the performance and health of your cloud-based systems and applications.



Seamlessly connect your cloud applications with on-premises systems or private cloud solutions to create an interconnected environment that facilitates barrier-free data exchange and efficient workflow management. 


Data sovereignty
and compliance

Host your data exactly where it aligns with your privacy requirements. Our cloud data migration services offer a personalised approach to data security. We provide a secure cloud environment while respecting your data privacy preferences.


Minimised downtime
during cloud transition 

Deploy an optimal migration strategy that prioritises data and applications based on criticality and dependencies. We develop a robust rollback plan to address unforeseen issues, minimising downtime and ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud.

Establish a robust foundation for your application in the cloud

Reach out to us to discuss how we can shape, move, and operate your software in the cloud.  We specialise in Azure cloud migration services and AWS cloud migration services. 

Feel more confident about your cloud investments

Cloud migration poses a set of challenges such as performance issues, security blind spots, and unexpected costs. But with our cloud migration managed services, you can confidently overcome these hurdles.

Performance issues

Latency, resource bottlenecks, inefficient workload distribution, network congestion, and incompatibility of your software with the cloud environment can result in slow response times and decreased efficiency. 


What we do about it

With meticulous cloud migration planning, resource optimisation, and ongoing monitoring, we ensure a seamless and responsive user experience for your cloud applications.

Security blind spots

Misconfigurations, inadequate access controls, and insufficient visibility into cloud assets may expose your sensitive data to unauthorised personnel, jeopardising the confidentiality and integrity of information.


What we do about it

We identify any overlooked security vulnerabilities throughout the migration journey using security assessment, robust access controls, encryption measures, and continuous monitoring.

Unexpected costs

Cloud journey is supposed to cut costs and yet, your new AWS infrastructure may end up costing more. This can happen due to overprovisioning or underutilisation of cloud resources and overlooking hidden fees from cloud providers.


What we do about it

We help you anticipate and manage cloud costs with our cost analysis. We implement cost optimisation strategies to align expenses with budgetary expectations throughout the cloud migration process.

Frequently asked questions

Our approach to your cloud strategy involves a meticulous risk assessment from the outset. We identify potential challenges, implement robust security measures, and develop comprehensive contingency plans. Continuous monitoring and proactive intervention ensure a smooth and secure transition, minimising risks throughout the process.

All the three biggest cloud solution providers can satisfy your needs, whether it's AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. We normally choose Amazon web services for cloud migration or Azure cloud, as we have the most expertise with their services and migration tools. When choosing a cloud provider, we consider factors like geographic availability, service offerings, pricing structure, support, and compliance with industry regulations.

Our phased migration approach and meticulous planning are designed to minimise downtime. We schedule migrations during off-peak hours, implement load balancing, and have rollback plans in place to address any unexpected issues. Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your operations.

Our cloud migration services include conducting a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure and carefully planning the migration to optimise resource allocation. Our team provides ongoing cost monitoring and optimisation strategies to ensure that your cloud expenses align with your budget.

Our team implements security best practices continuously throughout both the migration journey and post-migration to monitor and fortify your data against potential threats. We employ industry-leading security measures and leverage the built-in security tools provided by cloud providers to enhance the security of your data in the cloud – this includes encrypting data at rest and in transit, strict access control and identity management mechanisms, comprehensive monitoring and logging, data masking and anonymisation.

Post-migration, our software development company offers comprehensive support and optimisation services. This includes continuous monitoring, performance analysis, and development of new cloud features. We aim to ensure that your cloud environment evolves with your business needs, providing ongoing value and support.

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