Welcome to GoodCore Software

A lot goes on behind the scenes when we are building software.
Excitement. Teamwork. Labour of love. A bit of craziness. This is what makes GoodCore – Good to the Core!

About Goodcore Software

GoodCore is one of the leading software development companies in the UK, serving an impressive local and overseas clientele. Our team works in an agile manner and is able to engage well with our clients across the different stages of their software app development projects.

Our multiple geographical offices allow us to offer a highly efficient hybrid onshore-offshore model to our clients. This model ensures local liaison in the UK for project management, requirements analysis, and high-level technical design while providing exceptional value for money and access to incredible tech talent.


Meet Our Core Team

Super programmers. Worldclass business analysts. Creative designers and problem solvers. There's hardly a software app development challenge that our team cannot tackle.

hassan Hassan Basharat Founder & CEO
Hassan Basharat Founder & CEO Hassan enjoys working with clients, analysing their requirements and figuring out solutions. In his spare time, he tends to binge-watch The Graham Norton Show.
Yasin Altaf Managing Director, UK & EU Yasin brings a lot of experience expanding products and services in new markets. He is responsible for the entire UK and EU region and is based in London.
Yasin Altaf Managing Director, UK & EU
hassan Karo Hajrapeti Head of Sales – Nordics
Karo Hajrapeti Head of Sales – Nordics Karo is based in Sweden and is leading the business development efforts for the Nordics. He is a technology enthusiast and loves to ski whenever he can get a break from work!
hassan Saira Yasin Client Success Manager
Saira Yasin Client Success Manager With keen attention to detail, Saira is responsible for ensuring client success at GoodCore. She can often be found camping up in Snowdonia with her two boys.
Sarah Sarah Sohail Wilson Human Resources
Sarah Sohail Wilson Human Resources The company relies on excellence, and Sarah is a master at it! She is responsible for attracting the top talent in the company and ensures they get a chance to shine at GoodCore.
Syukur Wahab Syukur Wahab Head of Sales – Asia Pacific
Syukur Wahab Head of Sales – Asia Pacific Based in Malaysia, Syukur has over 20 years of working experience with an elite clientele. The only person in our team who can run two marathons in one week.
Imtiaz Hussain Imtiaz Hussain Cloud Infrastructure
Imtiaz Hussain Cloud Infrastructure There's not much in the cloud that Imtiaz can't do. While you are thinking 'app', he is probably thinking 'security.'
ather Ather Hashmi Project Manager
Ather Hashmi Project Manager Projects stay on track when Ather is watching them. He has the uncanny ability to bring sanity to a chaotic project.
Danyal Danyal Sandeelo Architect – Open Source
Danyal Sandeelo Architect – Open Source If things were to go his way, everything in this world would be open source. A technical genius that thrives on complexity.
Ali Ali Sayani Architect – Frontend
Ali Sayani Architect – Frontend Ever seen code do magic? Sit back, relax, and watch him do it with a smirk on his face. A better swimmer than everyone else.
asad Asad Ul Islam VP Engineering
Asad Ul Islam VP Engineering Can architect complex software architectures while half asleep. Smarter than everyone else in the room.

Life at GoodCore

Professional Development

We foster an environment that is conducive to the professional development of every team member. There are always things to learn from our clients and other team members, and we actively look for opportunities to inspire such learnings.

GoodCore offers multiple career tracks and, over the years, our team members have discovered and pursued new passions, branched out in terms of their role, and grown tremendously as professionals.



We encourage our team members to pursue professional education that is in line with their passion, and that helps them do better at work. This includes technical courses and specialised certifications. GoodCore pays for conferences, online courses, books, and more.

In-house training sessions are arranged routinely for our team members to learn new technologies (which are coming out all the time!) as well as to pass on insights around various processes and methodologies involved in complex software development.


Fun & Entertainment

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

It goes without saying that software development is hard work. And delivering great software is even harder! While there’s clearly an element of “labour of love” involved here but we tend to find an opportunity every now and then to get away from work and do something fun. Some of us are, admittedly, way too adventurous!

Thank you GoodCore entertainment committee for keeping us all sane amid all the work and deadlines! If it weren’t for you, we all would have been really dull.


Careers at GoodCore

We strive to hire the absolute best people. As a services organisation, we firmly believe that it is the single most important reason for all the success the company has achieved to-date. And this is really the only way to move forward.

The company encourages career growth along multiple tracks.

Project Management

For team members who enjoy client interaction and bringing discipline to complex situations and projects.


For the geniuses who thrive on solving technical puzzles and have a passion for engineering ambitious software systems.

Quality Assurance

For people with a razor-sharp eye and a knack for spotting imperfections in software systems.


For the evangelists who have a passion for telling compelling stories to the world that resonate with our clients.

GoodCore is an equal opportunity employer and strives for inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Industry-Academia Collaboration

Since 2005, GoodCore has maintained strong interaction with the top educational institutions. Hiring and training fresh graduates and interns has always been part of our HR strategy.

  • Internship Programs
  • Management Trainee Programs
  • Sponsoring Programming Competitions
  • On-Campus Recruitment

Awards & Recognition

Get in touch with us

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  • Our team contacts you within one business day
  • We engage an initial discussion to understand your requirements
  • Our team of analysts and developers assess the scope and propose a way forward with mutual consultation
  • All information exchange is protected via a mutual NDA
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