clinic management system for london women’s clinic

About the client

London Women’s Clinic (LWC) is a private fertility healthcare centre based in London, with a network of 12 clinics located all over England and Wales. They provide a wide range of fertility treatments including IVF, IUI, egg freezing etc., assisting thousands of single women and couples across the UK in their pursuit of fertility solutions. The clinic is closely partnering with the London Sperm Bank and the London Egg Bank, expediting access to HFEA-compliant donors for their clients.

Industry Healthcare Location London, UK Engagement period Mar 2021 - ongoing Technologies .NET, JQuery, MS Azure

Business challenge

LWC and the London Sperm Bank had to exchange a significant volume of healthcare information daily, ensuring swift access to the donor database of the London Sperm Bank and facilitating fertility treatment for their clients.

For this, LWC had long relied on an MS Access based system to store patient treatment data and manage sperm sample delivery to its branches and partner clinics across the UK. 

The legacy system was missing many features necessary for modern clinical operations:

  • The system stored extensive data without implementing essential business rules, leaving room for potential errors and mishandling of sensitive information.
  • The system posed a high risk for new staff due to the absence of rule enforcement, potentially leading to errors, non-compliance, or data losses.
  • Only experienced staff, familiar with LWC’s processes, could operate the system, hindering operational flexibility and leading to staff constraints.
  • There were constraints with respect to system accessibility as it was only accessible via an old-fashioned network file share mechanism.

The solution

imatch order management

Solution objectives

Facing the challenges posed by their outdated software, LWC explored options for a replacement and engaged the GoodCore team for custom solution development.

Our client’s main goals were:

  • Automate important tasks between LWS and LSB ensuring more accurate data and, thus, dependable outcomes.
  • Make the system more user-friendly, flexible, and accessible by offering it as a web-based solution.
  • Obtain a scalable solution for LWC branches and partner centres, reducing installation and maintenance costs associated with off-the-shelf solutions.
clinic mangment system

The clinic management system design

The clinic management system design

We comprehensively modernised the legacy system, using its core functionality as a foundation. This work also involved fully reimagining the app's structure and migrating the new system alongside existing data to the cloud.

iMatch, the newly developed web-based clinic management system comprises 2 integrated web-based applications for comprehensive management:

  • London Sperm Bank (LSB) portal: This portal offers tools for sperm bank staff to manage the donor database. It has features to add, update, and view donor information, manage the inventory and storage of samples, and facilitate the shipping of samples to clinics.
  • Clinic portal: This portal enables the clinical staff within LWC’s network to manage order delivery and report on treatment outcomes, ensuring that both parties always have a real-time view of their operations.
imatch inventory

Key features of iMatch clinic management system

Clinic dashboard

  • Allows the clinic staff to view and manage new orders.
  • Clinic staff can create and update treatment records and report adverse outcomes.
  • Enables sperm sample shipment date coordination with London Sperm Bank via the portal and eliminates the need for calls/emails for coordination.
  • In-app support option for direct communication with London Sperm Bank on queries.
imatch order management

Key features of iMatch clinic management system

Patient's orders overview

  • Verify patient details
  • Review sperm sample allocations
  • Review and propose order shipment
imatch donor

Key features of iMatch clinic management system

Fertility treatment outcome reporting

  • Report patient treatment outcomes (i.e., pregnancy test results) in real-time for every medical test and treatment.
  • Update records as treatment progresses through various stages.
  • Report adverse outcomes.
imatch role based access

Key features of iMatch clinic management system

London Sperm Bank portal features

Role-based access control

  • Admin functionality to manage user roles and access permission for the system users
  • Differentiated access for London Sperm Bank and clinic staff.
  • Capability to add new clinics and set up usernames for iMatch access.
imatch dashboard stats

Key features of iMatch clinic management system

Sample order management

  • Quick summary dashboard showcasing key order details like customer ID, donor info, and payment status.
  • Overview of orders at different stages.
  • Advanced search filters for easy lookup of patient records and orders.
  • Integration with Umbraco CRM for automatic order detail imports.

Key features of iMatch clinic management system

Sample allocation

For all the orders placed by the patients, the London Sperm Bank allocates sperm samples as per the specifications and constraints of the patients and donors.

  • Automated “matching” of donors with patient’s criteria. System amdorithms attempt an auto allocation based on specific criteria from both donors and patients.
  • Easy inventory viewing and sample allocation for London Sperm Bank staff.
  • Real-time notifications to clinics upon sample allocation.
  • Integrated response system where clinics can accept, reject, or request sample reallocation.

Outcomes and treatment record

  • Efficient tracking of treatments and outcomes between London Sperm Bank and clinics.
  • Auto-creation of treatment records for each order.
  • The London Sperm Bank is instantly notified of any adverse outcomes.
  • Automated email alerts to London Sperm Bank when clinics report a treatment outcome.

Key features of iMatch clinic management system

Donor record management

  • Electronic maintenance of comprehensive donor records.
  • Enables sperm bank staff to manage and modify donor data.
  • Real-time tracking of available stock of donated samples.
  • Live updates in donor records as clinics modify orders/treatments.
  • Monitor treatment progress and outcomes for each sample.

Stock inventory

  • Streamlined inventory management to maintain stock and prevent overbooking.
  • Multiple viewing options to sort and access storage details.
  • Sperm Bank staff can easily locate a specific sample by looking up details of the type of storage container, tank and box where it is stored.
  • Inventory records are updated when samples are allocated to patient orders, new samples or new storage options are added to the system.

GoodCore’s organization, methodology, and transparency distinguish them from other providers. We don’t need to ask them many questions, and if we do, they answer us.

David Williams

David Williams, Head of IT,

London Women's Clinic


The impact

The iMatch system is now central to LWC's daily operations. The system:

  • facilitates order processing, logistics, and treatment reporting aiding clinical staff in 12 branches and partner clinics with daily operations.
  • is processing hundreds of fertility treatment orders daily and is maintaining an inventory of 2,000+ sperm bank donors, ultimately saving the clinic staff hours of manual work.
  • ensures strict data privacy and security compliance, aiding the client in navigating the HFEA-regulated environment.


Reliance on physical paperwork and manual data management

Difficult to maintain an accurate record of exchanged information

Manual updates pose a risk of errors and data loss

No concept of user roles and access, posing a risk to data integrity and security

No audit trail or built-in checks


Automated information exchange between LWC and the partners

Precise and up-to-date record-keeping of order and treatment information

Auto-updates in donor and inventory records as clinics modify orders

Role-based access control with variable permissions for enhanced security

Detailed compliance audit trail to capture business-critical information

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