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Our client provides professional consultancy to implement effective and efficient practices across secondary, vocational, further and higher education sectors both in the UK and internationally. They use educational platforms such as E Learning Software & Blended Learning to achieve results for their customers.

learning management system

The Challenge

The faculty of arts at Winchester University had been using an old deployment of Moodle as its learning management system. Faculty members found it very cumbersome to author interactive content and wasted several hours every day struggling with the inefficiencies of the system.

The Solution

GoodCore developed an end to end bespoke Learning Management System (LMS) with integrated functionality for university management, administrators, teachers, and students.

We built a powerful content authoring tool (a desktop based installable application) for educators to design interactive learning material using an intuitive point-and-click interface. Traditionally, designing interactive content requires Flash programming skills but with the application we designed, any educator familiar with the common office software packages can create and publish interactive content.

We developed a web portal for the students where they could access their course material, view learning activities and sit in exams published by faculty administrators. The exam viewer offers a highly interactive environment to students and embeds rich media including images, sounds, and videos.

We developed a highly sophisticated marking engine that implements marking rules for question types such as Multiple-Choice, Cloze, Matching Type, and “Exact Response” and produces detailed results for the faculty.

the solution
the impact

The Impact

Implementing a bespoke LMS made the job for educators and faculty administrators a lot easier and offered a rich online environment for the students to engage in learning activities.


Requirements Analysis

  • Client discussions and brainstorming
  • GUI Prototyping
  • Detailed Specifications Document

Design, Development & Technologies

  • Object-oriented design
  • Embeds rich multimedia including images, sounds, and videos
  • Highly interactive, Drag-n-drop feature to specify answers to questions
  • Development using .NET 2.0
  • Use of advanced AJAX and DHTML
  • SQL server
  • Web-based service administration system

Quality Assurance

  • Unit Testing framework
  • Black box testing

Technologies Used

  • entity framework
  • sql-server
  • silverlight
  • .net frame work
  • ajax
  • bootstrap
  • j Query