Better quality software with dedicated QA services

Expecting developers to handle quality assurance might seem cost-effective at first glance. But this approach underestimates the true value of a dedicated QA team. Our specialised software testing services ensure that quality is maintained throughout your software development lifecycle.


Obscure bug

Ensure every line of code and every aspect of functionality is rigorously tested. Our QA services minimise the risk of undiscovered bugs, enhancing the overall reliability of your software.


Time and cost

Speed up development cycles and save costs by preventing post-release bug-fixing marathons. By investing in a testing team, you allow developers to focus completely on coding.


Comprehensive test

Protect your software against all potential pitfalls. From functionality and performance to security and usability, QA as a service ensures full test coverage of your software.



Deliver a flawless user experience. Our testing and QA services prioritise the end user, ensuring your software meets and exceeds their expectations, fostering customer loyalty.

We cover all aspects of software testing

Experienced in both automated and manual testing, our QA software testing company covers every facet of software evaluation. Our testing teams are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to ensure your software not only functions flawlessly but also meets the highest standards in performance, security, and usability.


Feature testing

We ensure that each specific component or capability of your software performs as intended and meets the specified requirements.

Integration testing

At this level, we focus on validating the seamless data transfer between diverse modules with the goal of addressing potential issues in the overall system.

Unit Testing

Our developers conduct unit testing to verify the functionality of each software module independently and ensure it performs as intended before integration.

Regression testing

Before moving your software to production, we verify that every element works seamlessly and all bugs have been fixed to ensure smooth and error-free deployment.


Performance testing

We test your software under varying loads to assess its speed and stability and ensure it excels even under peak usage, preventing bottlenecks and slowdowns.

Security testing

To identify vulnerabilities that might result in data loss, revenue loss, or might harm your reputation, we ensure your software is protected against potential threats.

Usability testing

By ensuring your software is not just functional but user-friendly, we help you deliver an application that creates a positive experience for your users.

Compatibility testing

We check your software's compatibility across devices, browsers, and operating systems, ensuring a seamless experience for users, regardless of their platform.

Testing as a service with both manual and automated methods

Manual testing enables the identification of unexpected bugs, whereas automated testing simplifies repetitive testing procedures. Our software testing outsourcing company devises a custom plan for you to maximise test coverage and enhance the overall quality and reliability of software products.


Test automation

With our test automation, we get rapid feedback on code changes, enabling agile development cycles. This is especially useful for products with a long life cycle and ongoing development roadmap.


Manual testing

Not everything can be automated. Evaluate every function of your software, replicating real-world scenarios to identify potential issues, guaranteeing seamless user interactions.

Devise a QA and test plan that works for you

Our software testing services deliver indispensable test coverage for optimal results, while keeping your testing costs under control. 

Matching methods to your project needs

One size does not fit all when it comes to our QA and testing services. Sometimes automated testing might not be the panacea, especially when investing in it could take 5X more time and cost than manual testing. We determine the most effective testing strategy to deliver optimal results aligned with the specific needs of your project.

Cost-effective test strategy

Before we start a project, we choose the best approach for verifying each feature. We define what bugs we are looking for and how to carry out testing and optimise resource usage to prevent unnecessary expenses.

Time-efficient testing methods

Taking into account the time constraints of your project, we determine if manual testing can expedite the process more efficiently than automated alternatives. Our careful planning ensures efficient quality assurance services.

Test early, test often

According to the Agile Manifesto's principle of testing early and testing often, GoodCore goes beyond the role of a conventional external software testing company. Our QA team engages early in the software development process to proactively address issues, offer valuable insights, and suggest improvements.


Project requirements

The earlier our QA team gets involved in the project, the better chance we have to keep your budget under control and make your product better. We do QA planning at the project's onset, to ensure clarity in technical specifications and prevent issues during development.

Documentation & planning

The lack of documentation can lead to inefficiencies in software testing and QA. We create and maintain up-to-date test documentation, including test plans and test cases, and implement version control for documentation to track changes.

Test execution

Proactively testing your product iteration after iteration, our QA engineers play a crucial role in software development. Collaborating seamlessly with developers, they ensure a high quality product that is sustained throughout its lifecycle.


At the end of the project, we perform final regression testing to make sure your software performs flawlessly, as well as user acceptance testing to address issues related to real-world scenarios. You can rest assured that no crucial bugs are going to get into production unnoticed.


While we provide a 30-day warranty after the release, our QA and software testing company will be there to manage the quality of your product and address any issues that might occur once your product goes live. Check out our support and maintenance services for more information.

Our clients love working with us

Since 2005, we've been teaming up with companies looking for custom application development and software testing services in the UK and around the world. Here is what they say about working with us.

They were a really impressive team in terms of how they gathered requirements and then delivered and supported us through the testing phase.

Peter Treadwell

Peter Treadwell, Operations Director,

GC Business Finance


GoodCore Software was very proactive about keeping in touch with my team. We were involved in every stage and were informed about all the decisions being made.

Livvy Probert

Livvy Probert, Head of Science,



GoodCore Software kept within the schedule and delivered everything on time, even though we asked for changes a handful of times.

Woochang Hwang

Woochang Hwang, Senior ML Engineer,

CardiaTec Biosciences


GoodCore made the whole experience enjoyable, and they delivered something way beyond my expectations.

Zack Fortune

Zac Fortune, CEO,



Our software testing toolset

We select technology stacks based on the needs of your project. Check out the QA testing tools we use for different types of web and mobile testing.













Improve the quality of your product with our software testing service

We're a software testing company in the UK. We work with you as one team providing top-quality software testing services. 

Frequently asked questions

You need a different skill set to spot software defects methodically. While developers oversee the development process and feature implementation, QA experts play a crucial role in owning software quality. Their specialised testing skills, independent perspective, and ability to create comprehensive test plans complement the developer's focus. Collaboration between developers and QA is vital to identify issues and ensure the delivery of a high-quality software product. Our software development company and our dynamic software test services provide exactly that.

This depends on the project scope. A manual approach with exploratory testing, usability testing, and scenarios where human intuition and adaptability are crucial is effective no matter what project you're working on. On the other hand, test automation excels in repetitive and large-scale test scenarios, improving efficiency, speeding up the testing process, and catching regressions. Investment in automated testing services is justified when the software requires ongoing development and is expected to have multiple releases.

Our software testing services company aligns our software testing solutions with Agile principles, which means we involve QA experts right at the start of the project (the Discovery Phase) to verify the requirements and get aligned on the overall project goals. QA experts provide valuable insights during the Discovery Phase, ensuring that testing considerations are integrated into the overall project strategy. As the project unfolds, our QA team conducts continuous testing throughout the development lifecycle. This ensures quick feedback, early bug detection, and seamless Agile workflows.

UAT is vital to verify that end-user needs and challenges are met. We help create a test plan, involve end-users to test the product and get their valuable feedback for improvements. Stakeholders and tech experts also join in, testing the software in real-world situations, coordinating participants, and logging observations.

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