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We channel your ideas into custom Android apps that are feature-rich with user-centric design. These apps work on all device types: smart phones, tablets, smartwatches, and smart TVs.

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Android App Development for All Devices

GoodCore is a leading Android app development company in the UK. We provide app development services for Android devices that cover the complete development cycle, from concept to revenue. We develop mobile apps for the complete range of Android devices with a design and UX philosophy that is user-centric. We develop mobile apps for all devices using Wear OS, Android OS, and Android TV OS.

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Android App Development Company

Creative app designs.
Brilliant Android developers.
Cost-effective rates.

Have the peace of mind that you are working with one of the best Android app development companies in the UK. Here are the reasons why GoodCore is the right fit for your business.

  • On-Time & On-Budget:
    We will develop your Android app quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Creative & Modern UI/UX:
    Attention-grabbing UI/UX designs that deliver a branded user experience.
  • Tailored for Your Business:
    Trusted by startups, small businesses, and enterprises alike.
  • Expert Mobile Developers:
    Your apps will be built by skilled in-house app developers.
  • Agile Development:
    Agile development methodology to facilitate rapid product releases..
  • IP Rights:
    Intellectual Property for the mobile apps will belong to you.

Our Achievements

Founded in 2005, today GoodCore is one of the top players in the app development industry in the UK.

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Successful Project

Success Stories

Conference Management App

Bespoke mobile app for premier financial services event

We developed the official mobile app for a prestigious financial conference held annually by SWIFT, a pioneer in the FinTech industry. The smartphone and tablet app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

See Full Case Study
Insurance App

Android application for Insurtech company

Our team built an Android mobile application for an insurance company to facilitate their sales employees with the customer registration process and reward points tracking.

See Full Case Study



Viki Smith

General Manager, Printed Music Licensing Limited

The project management is brilliant. The team works in an incredibly efficient way, and their level of engagement is great.


Scott Gardiner

Founder & CEO, HireVine

GoodCore Software is amazing at everything. I've been blown away by their top-notch customer service and attention to detail stand out.


Peter Treadwell

Operations Director, GC Business Finance

It's been a great joy working with the GoodCore team. Their support was key to making sure that our staff got the most out of the system that they built for us.

GoodCore resolved major issues with the first version of the product, leading to sustained growth for us. Their development skills are second to none!

David Walford

David Walford

CEO, Echovision LLC


They built a complex tee time booking system that was deployed at UK golf clubs. They were extremely committed to making a successful product for us—and they did.

 Jane Carter

Jane Carter

Director, One Golf Network Ltd.


Their flexibility is one of our partnership’s highlights. If we need something from them, they provide it as soon as possible. We can really rely on them.


Tim Eberhart

Chairman & CEO, SimpleFind


I was impressed by how receptive and communicative they are. The quality of the end product is fantastic as well. It was excellent from start to finish.

Dr. Matthew Sauvage

Dr. Matthew Sauvage

MD, Creative Education Solutions Ltd


They developed a custom configuration system that lets customers design infrastructure products and generate quotes for these complex products.

  Ramiel Rashidi

Ramiel Rashidi

CEO, Bloomip, Inc.


Working with GoodCore was incredible. The team utilises their technical expertise and innovative spirit to produce high-quality results. I was happy across the board, from A to Z.

Mike Hayes

Mike Hayes

Founder, GolfCatch


We wanted to develop a web-based software for NHS patients. GoodCore demonstrated a clear understanding of our needs from the outset.


Andrew Pemberton

MD, Cardinal Management Ltd.


I’ve spent the last decade building enterprise software for Real Estate organizations, and I’ve found GoodCore to be the most reliable when augmenting my team with outside resources.


Brendan Blumer



GoodCore is a company that lives up to their name, (at least my interpretation of their name), they are a company that is Good to the Core, they have Good to the Core people working for them!

Jeff Willis

Jeff Willis

Founder, GPS For Money


GoodCore created a prototype and then a web platform for gathering information on biotechnology companies and offered valuable KPI’s for stakeholders.

Ben Ravin

Ben Ravin

Business Application Manager, Bioeconomy Corporation


They led a software development project for our complex domain name registration platform. The best possible architecture design made them a valuable partner.

Hasnul Hasan

Hasnul Hasan



GoodCore developed an order management application (web & mobile app) that streamlined several processes in our manufacturing operations.

 Pervez Tufail

Pervez Tufail

Chief Operating Officer, Tufail Chemical Industries


What We Offer

Custom Android App Development Services for Your Business

GoodCore offers a wide range of Android app development services, including:


Enterprise Apps

Social Networking

Gaming Apps

Multimedia Apps

Educational Apps

Healthcare Apps

Ride Hailing Apps

Wearable/IoT Apps

E-Commerce Apps

Utility Apps

Marketplace Apps

Logistics Apps

Our team of Android mobile app developers has the ability to think out of the box and develop Android apps tailored to your ideas and requirements.

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Tell us your fascinating ideas and watch us bring them to life.

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Third-party integrations can add immense value to the functionality and user experience of your digital solutions. We are experts at integrating your Android app with third-party services.


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Technologies for Android App Development


Java is a popular programming language used for both web and mobile app development. The main advantages of Java are portability, scalability, and excellent performance, which make it the perfect language for developing simple to complex applications.


This is a relatively open-source programming language used by Google for building Android apps. It has a clear syntax, can be compiled to JavaScript or JVM bytecode, and offers integration with all Java frameworks and libraries. The app development process is faster and gives developers tools to build powerful Android apps.

Android Studio

The official integrated development environment for Google's Android operating system enables us to develop custom Android quickly and efficiently.

Android SDK

A set of cutting-edge tools and technologies to build, test, and debug Android apps that allow us to write solutions with latest features.

How Much Does an Android App Cost?

Cost to Develop Android Apps

We have developed apps that range from £10,000 to £500,000. As you can well imagine, Android mobile apps come in all shapes and sizes. Features and functionality, scalability, usability, performance – all these factors greatly affect the scope of design and development work and app development costs.

Working with a leading UK-based Android app development company does not have to cost you a fortune. With over a decade of experience in developing mobile apps, GoodCore can help develop your Android apps cost-effectively.

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All Types of Businesses – Startups to Enterprises

We have a successful track record of working with all types of clients – no client is too small or too big for GoodCore. Whether you are a startup, small business, or large enterprise, we are the Android app development company for you! We are well-versed in Android development across different industries.


Got the next big idea? As your software partner, we take your idea through prototyping to MVP development to the full-scale launch of your product.

Small Businesses

Are you a small business looking to grow your business operations? We work with you to define, visualise, and build software tailored to meet your growing business needs.


Need an Android app development company to digitise your complex operations? We create bespoke apps that can help manage large-scale operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Android app development is a highly technical process. Therefore, we do not expect you to have perfect knowledge of the technical domain. We have a team of professionals who would be happy to help you understand all the technical aspects of your project so that you can make the right decisions. We expect you to know your functional requirements, while we manage the technical side of things.
We offer bespoke Android app development services for businesses of all sizes across different industries. Our services include the development of bespoke mobile apps for the complete range of devices using Wear OS, Android OS, and Android TV OS.
Our mobile application development process for Android comprises the following steps:
  • Requirement Analysis: We collect, analyze and document all the requirements of your project.
  • UI/UX design: We finalize the look of Android apps with the help of wireframes, screen-by-screen designs, and prototypes.
  • Development: Using programming languages like Java and Kotlin, we develop your custom Android application.
  • >Release: We plan and execute the launch of Android apps to the app store.
  • Maintenance: If requested, we provide support and maintenance for the application.
The costs of Android app development vary from project to project based on various factors, such as the scope, requirements, and technical complexity. We will determine the cost of your project after a thorough discussion with you to understand your requirements and assess the scope of your project.
The final cost of software development comprises four major components: Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance, and UI/UX Design.
There are four options which you can choose from:
  • Fixed-price fixed-scope model: If you have well-defined requirements and a pre-decided timeline for your project in mind, a fixed-cost model would work best for you.
  • Dedicated team model: If you feel that (a) your project requirements may change over time or (b) you will need to hire specialists for multiple projects over time but you don’t have the budget for it, you can choose to have our dedicated team of experts assigned to you.
  • Time-and-materials model: If you are unable to decide on a fixed scope, timeframe, or cost for your project, you can go for this model so that your project can be divided into smaller phases over time incurring varying costs.
  • Hybrid model: This model works best in situations where there are frequent fluctuations in the project workload or requirements set.
For a more detailed comparison of these models, you can visit our Engagement Options page.
An important step to get started with your custom Android app development project is communicating your requirements and business goals to us. After you contact us, we conduct an initial discussion to understand your requirements to quickly determine the indicative project scope and costs and identify any significant project risks.

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