An intuitive Android application for helping sales agents with effective product presentations to boost customer registrations

About the Product

For sales agents, an important part of their pitch is to exhibit the product they are selling in an efficient and effective manner. For this purpose, Stonestep realised the need for a mobile application that would not only allow its agents to pitch their services to potential customers but also allow them to get the new customers on board with an easy registration process. A web portal would complement the mobile app.

About Relocation

About Client

Swiss firm Stonestep supports the establishment of businesses who work to provide insurance policies to low income and small-scale businesses at affordable premiums. Thus, their USP is their “Microinsurance as a Service” offering. By providing affordable means to capital, they work towards the growth of start-ups and small businesses belonging to various industries in the region.


The Challenge

There was a need for a clean and quick way for sales agents to explain different policies that Stonestep provides to its customers. The app would also have to serve as a means for the agents to quickly bring new customers on board. Along with that, Stonestep also wanted to motivate sales personnel to boost their conversions.


The Solution

Keeping in mind the requirements put forth by Stonestep, it was decided that an Android app would be built for their sales agents.

The app, which can be installed and run on Android devices, allows the sales agents to conveniently pitch product presentations to potential purchasers. Besides having a consolidated view of the product portfolio, the app also allows agents to sign up new customers for Stonestep via a simple form present in the app.

In order to motivate agents to successfully register more customers for Stonestep’s offerings, the app has been gamified. With each successful customer registration, the agents win reward points. They can keep track of these points within the app, and rank up as they continue to earn more points.

The app is backed by a web portal which Stonestep administrators can use to manage and monitor their sales agents’ activities.

What We Delivered

Back Office Web Portal for the Admin

Agent Management

Agent Management

Stonestep admin can view new sales agent registration requests via the web portal. They can then either approve or reject their requests. They can also manually register new agents

Dashboard Access


With the help of the sleek dashboard, administrators can see how sales agents have been performing. They can view how many sales have been made, which offerings have been most popular amongst the newly registered customers, and which agents have been most active. Agent commissions can also be calculated based on their earned points.



Administrators have the option to create and broadcast any relevant notifications related to the company such that agents can view them in the form of push notifications via their apps. A log of past notifications is also maintained in the web portal.

Reporting Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Data related to the app, such as app installs and usage patterns as well as agents’ earned points relative to their sales, can be easily viewed by administrators in the form of graphs, diagrams, and tables.

Mobile App for the Sales Agents


Agent Registration and Login

When a sales agent first starts using the app, they are asked to sign up – register – on the app. They can create an account and submit their registration request to the administrator after filling in a form with their personal details. Once their profile has been approved, they can log into the app or recover forgotten passwords in case they are unable to log in.


Navigation and Dashboard

The user-friendly navigation and dashboard allow sales agents to walk themselves through the app and perform various functions such as viewing or updating their personal profile information and password, keeping tabs on their performance, viewing the details of the customers they sign up. They can also check news and announcements broadcasted by the Stonestep administrators. A contact tab displays the contact details for their respective line managers.


Product Presentations

In order to facilitate sales agents, we designed the mobile app in such a way that it would be easy for agents to introduce Stonestep’s offerings to potential clients in a presentable manner. The product portfolio includes images describing the features and benefits of each package, along with its pricing. Once a customer has chosen a package, the app leads the agent to the customer registration page.


Customer Registration

Once agents are done with the product presentation section, they are led to the package selection form where they can help customers choose their preferred offering. By filling a form, the agent can then register the new customer.


Points and Rewards

As part of Stonestep’s motivational programme for their sales agents, the app incorporates a sales reward points section where agents can view the points that they have won with each sale they make.


Offline Operation

The information for each new customer who signs up is uploaded to the back office portal online. In case of unavailability of wi-fi, the information is stored locally on the agent’s phone. It is uploaded once a stable internet connection is available to the agent, after which the local copy of the sensitive information is deleted from the agent’s mobile device.

Third-Party Integrations

Third-Party Integrations

To confirm a customer’s purchase, an SMS API has been used to send them a text message. Google Analytics integration has also been implemented for easily viewing performance reports and graphs.

Our Process

After drawing up an elaborate business requirements document and clarifying each and every feature detail, a technical design activity was carried out, followed by the coding process. There were frequent reviews on the developers’ end, resulting in high-quality code following the latest programming conventions. Then came the testing and quality assurance process, which included various types of assessments, such as sanity and regression testing. The application, ready to be used on mobile devices (phones and tablets) running Android 7 and above, was finally launched for end-users and any necessary support was provided by GoodCore’s team.

our Team


The team consisted of the technical lead, quality assurance engineer, and senior developers for the android and web applications, and was headed by the project manager.



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