Candidate search engine to streamline the recruitment process for the construction industry


About the Project

HireVine is a job portal development project with a twist. Unlike typical job boards, recruitment websites, or online job portal apps, HireVine is focused not on the jobs but on the candidates. It is specifically targeted at workers looking for employment in the construction and cabling industries in the US.

The candidate search engine has two primary goals. The first one is to automate the recruitment process and reduce the time spent by employers on the lookout for skilled industry workers. The second one is to cut costs by eliminating the need to approach third-party staffing agencies. The web portal efficiently achieves both goals.

Once registered on HireVine, candidates can easily build their profiles and portfolios, ready to enter the job market. HireVine collects and collates the data for all the candidates in one place in the form of a searchable database. Employers search through the database to find the perfect fit as per their criteria. Both parties can then carry out further discussions, interviews, or meetings off-platform.

The system is supported by an admin portal which allows HireVine administrators to track key user statistics such as the number of registered users and details of in-app purchases made by employers using the portal.

About Client

HireVine is a recruitment facilitator that provides an automated, employee-first recruitment software solution for the construction and cabling industry in the US. They have plans to expand their offering to other industries, targeting a wider audience of professional workers and recruiters in the future. Their innovative product aims to cut down job search and recruitment times and costs by over 50 per cent.



Our client realised that there was a major disconnect between the employers and the workers in the construction industry. In an industry where the hiring of resources largely relies on word-of-mouth, they wanted to introduce a solution that would provide more visibility to job seekers and save time for both parties involved. HireVine aimed to automate and streamline the hiring process for employers and industry workers.

Creating such a platform came with its own problems. HireVine’s initial attempts at customised job portal development did not work out well with their previous software partners. The product idea required further enhancement before it could go into development. Hence, they approached us to take over the project and steer it in the right direction.



Over the course of several meetings with the client, our team gained valuable insights into HireVine’s vision for this project.

We conducted in-depth research to explore the minutest aspects of the project and identify any areas that were lacking. Extensive brainstorming was required to come up with innovative yet practical solutions. In accordance with our client’s goals, our team offered workable fixes to the multiple problems that our client wanted to address.

We developed a sophisticated online platform that would facilitate not only employers and candidates but also the HireVine administrators. Thus, the holistic online job portal development solution has three modules, one for each user category.

The employee portal allows all registered industry workers to build their profiles on the platform. Employers can then look for the best-matched candidates for particular jobs by performing a highly sophisticated search via a filter-based mechanism. The admin portal allows HireVine administrators to monitor all the recruitment activities taking place via their platform.

All three portals are built with user-friendly design practices in mind, enabling easy access and navigation. The simple, intuitive interface allows users possessing varying skill levels to operate the system effortlessly.

The automation of the recruitment process aims to slash hiring times and costs by over 50%. The online portal is highly scalable, keeping in mind our client’s plans to potentially venture into other industries in the future.

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What We Delivered

There are five key aspects of the job portal development project that we delivered to our client.

Sophisticated Search Algorithm

Sophisticated Search Algorithm

By giving this recruitment portal the shape of a keyword-driven search engine with advanced filtering mechanisms, we were able to successfully refine and improve the searches performed within the system. The algorithms make use of weighted filters that produce a ranked list of candidates, with the best matches towards the top of the list. The system gives preference to US veterans, whose profiles are displayed at the top of the search results in case of a match.

Employer Portal

Employer Portal

Registered employers make use of HireVine’s sophisticated search functionality to filter candidate profiles that best match the selection criteria that they enter into the system. There is a multitude of filters, some of which are required while others are optional. Candidates are ranked according to their closeness to the employer’s search inputs. Employers can also save their searches in case they want to run multiple searches at later times. The saved searches output up-to-date, real-time results.

If a particular candidate catches their eye, the employer can then see their basic profile. If they would like to get back to a candidate later or bookmark their profile, they can do so by marking it as a ‘Favorite’.

To view a worker’s complete profile including personal and contact details, licences, and resume, an employer must nudge – request to approach – the candidate via the HireVine platform. New users are offered a certain number of free nudges. They can nudge US veterans for free. Once they run out, they can get additional nudges by purchasing a Silver, Gold, or Platinum package

The dashboard allows the employer to view and edit their personal profile. They can also update their company’s profile information such as phone number, zip code, website, and address. The subscriptions section provides an overview of their purchase history and an updated count of used and available nudges.

Candidate Portal

Candidate Portal

Candidate profiles are verified at the time of registration via an SMS-based mechanism. Each candidate registers and creates their profile to showcase their various marketable skills, domains of expertise, and previous work experience. They can also add display pictures, licences, and videos of past projects to enhance their profiles. The dashboard also allows candidates to modify their personal information at any time.

This platform empowers industry workers to take control of the recruitment process. When building their profile, the candidate can upload customised self-interview videos to exhibit the skills that they feel need the most attention. In the Preferences tab, they can set their requirements such as pay rate, miles willing to travel for work, and the kind of job they are looking for (permanent or contract-based).

Furthermore, candidates can choose what information they want to reveal to an employer at each stage. Their complete profile, including contact information, is shared with only those employers whom the candidate accepts a nudge from, i.e., expresses their interest in working with. They also have the option to prevent their profile from appearing in search results for a specific employer.

Industry workers who are US veterans are required to upload their DD214 documents. Once these have been verified by the HireVine admin, their profiles will display a ‘US Veteran’ tag so that they can be boosted to the top of the search results.


Admin Portal

The dashboard (home page) for the HireVine administrator panel provides a birds’-eye view of key user statistics which include the following:

The ‘Employers’ tab allows system administrators to view a searchable list of all the employers registered on the portal. Details such as company names, addresses, and other key information are displayed in a tabular format. To view further details or toggle a profile active/inactive, the administrator must click to open the info card.

A similar layout is implemented for the ‘Industry Workers’ tab, which contains a complete list of registered candidates that the admin can search through. The list can also be filtered according to veteran status. The option to approve or reject a DD214 document submission is displayed within each candidate’s record.

The last tab on the admin panel is the Purchase History section, where a list of in-app nudge purchases carried out by employers is displayed. Admins can also filter the list according to specific dates or date ranges.

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

The recruitment platform for employers involves the purchase of nudges. All three packages offered – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – can be bought within the system via secure online banking. We achieved this via an integrated payment gateway provided by Stripe, a highly secure platform for online financial transactions.

Our Process

Our job portal development services for HireVine included a full-cycle development process that started with the discovery phase and concluded with a successful product release.

The first three months of work done by us on this job portal development project involved extensive requirements analysis and design discussions. We studied our client’s specifications and the existing wireframes they brought to us, first developed by their previous partner. We brainstormed possible solutions to the problems they were facing and spent a good amount of time refining the proposed solutions.

Once the requirements were crystal clear, we moved forward to the development phase. This process took almost three months and involved extensive functional and non-functional testing cycles. After a thorough user acceptance testing phase, the website was launched in April 2022.

The candidate search engine is now live. Our team continues to provide additional support and maintenance services to ensure a flawless journey for our client and their users.



The development team comprised seven members, including a software architect, two UI/UX engineers, two software engineers, and a quality assurance engineer. The team was led by the project manager, who was responsible for ensuring that the job portal development project progressed smoothly.








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