Custom software development for startups

Early-stage startups

We help funded startups with rapid development, providing you with a functional prototype and a minimum viable product . This approach allows you to validate your concept with minimal investment, ensuring you reach product-market fit quickly.

  • Product discovery
  • Technology consulting
  • Product prototyping
  • MVP development

Scale-up companies

For startups that have already found their product-market fit, we offer comprehensive services to enhance your existing product, integrate new features, and expand your capabilities with a dedicated development team.

  • Product modernisation
  • Solution re-engineering
  • Startup dedicated teams
  • Team augmentation

Your startup journey, fully supported at every turn

Whether you're just starting out or growing your operations, our software development services for startups support your unique idea with customised tech solutions.



Validate your business ideas and technical feasibility

MVP development

Accelerate time to market and get user feedback early

Product launch

Execute go-to-market strategy and engage initial users

Growth & scaling

Introduce advanced features and integrations

Continuous improvement

Regular updates based on feedback and technology advancements

Bottom line: Get a product that’s aligned with market demand

Building lean yet impactful products

With our MVP-first software development for startups approach, you get the leanest yet most effective version of your product with essential features, designed to achieve real results without straining your budget.


By focusing on the product’s core functionality, we optimise your budget, directing resources to the features that make an immediate impact.

to market

We get your product to market in 3-4 months on average. Our agile process is all about quick iterations, allowing you to test, learn, and pivot when needed.


From ideation to launch, our team handles every aspect of the development process, so you can focus on the more important stuff like securing investments and building a brand.

Strategic road

We develop a clear roadmap that is linked to your long-term product vision, ensuring scalability and adaptability for future iterations.

Get your product to the market fast. Get real user feedback. Iterate, improve, pivot.

How we add value at each stage of MVP development

Our strategic and streamlined startup software development process not only provides clarity and confidence at every stage, but it also accelerates deliveries without compromising on quality.




Initial consultation

We begin with a free, no-obligation call to understand your product idea and the problem it aims to solve. The goal is to help refine your product concept and ensure its technical feasibility.


  • Signed NDA

  • Technical & commercial proposal



We’ll sit together with you to elicit and document detailed product requirements through stakeholder interviews. The team then identifies and prioritises the features required for the MVP to solve the core problem and plans the necessary resources.


  • MVP feature map

  • Technical solution blueprint

  • Project roadmap

  • Cost estimate

  • Risk management plan


Design and prototyping

At this stage, our designers initialise rapid prototyping and create UX/UI designs to bring your product's core functionality to life. They also conduct early usability testing before full-scale development.


  • Wireframes

  • Interactive prototypes

  • Ready to implement UI/UX designs


MVP development

We focus on building your product quickly with only the necessary features, using iterative development methods like Scrum, Lean, or Kanban. This allows for regular, incremental releases and the integration of user feedback at each stage.


  • CI/CD pipelines

  • UAT testing

  • Code repositories

  • Product documentation

  • Test & bug reports


Product release and support

We'll help launch your product, offering free support for the first 30 days. After launch, we promptly address technical issues and implement user feedback to ensure your product runs reliably and gains maximum adoption. 


  • Launched MVP

  • 30-day post-release warranty

  • Bug fixing

  • Ongoing product enhancements

Success stories: Startup software development projects

Learn more about how startups like yours benefit from our full-cycle development services, ensuring success at every milestone.

Building an MVP of a construction job portal to transform the antiquated hiring process of the construction industry.

Read full story

"I was looking for honesty, transparency, and great pricing in a partner, and I found that with GoodCore. The platform came out better than I had envisioned and works perfectly. The team has exceeded my expectations at every level and on every metric."


Scott Gardiner, Founder & CEO,



Ugrading EchoVision’s briefing management platform to serve global clients like Visa, Zoom, LinkedIn, and others.

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"GoodCore came in and stabilised the existing platform. They pretty much saved our product. After that, we moved all of our development resources over to their firm, and they pointed out a fair amount of problems that would affect the longevity of the product. After a year of working with them, we decided to have GoodCore rebuild the entire platform."


David Walford, CEO & Managing Member,



Developing an MVP of a fantasy golf league mobile app for real-time fantasy golf games and competitions. 

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"I had this app idea in my head for years and GoodCore turned what was in my mind into what should be in my hands. They committed to a fixed-price project in a timeframe and delivered the product way beyond my expectations."


Zac Fortune, CEO,



Aiding a top UK EdTech company to refine their desktop application, boosting UX for over 1.5 million students globally.

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"We already have a product and GoodCore is supplementing our in-house team with specific skills that we didn’t have. They’ve been acting as part of our team and are helping us scale quickly. We’ve been able to deliver several software releases since we started working with GoodCore Software."


James McNab, Development Manager,



Types of products we help startups build

Have an idea in mind? We have all the technical expertise and experience to develop it into a full-featured product.

Got questions related to software development for startups? We have answers

For non-tech startup founders, recruiting for technical roles can be time and budget-intensive. Best software development companies offer the advantages of an in-house team – dedication and industry expertise – minus the hurdles of local hiring and retention challenges. 

By outsourcing software development for your startup to GoodCore, you eliminate the complexities of roadmap planning, strategising the best development approach, and coordinating team members – tasks that are typically managed by you with freelancers or an in-house team. Our full range of software development services for startups covers discovery, technology consultation, and dedicated teams, ensuring effective development strategies and alignment with your overarching goals at every step of the way.

Our software development company for startups focus on the technical development and execution of your product idea. We do not conduct audience and market research. We recommend partnering with specialised market research firms for this part, ensuring that your product is backed by thorough market research. Our team will then integrate these insights into the development process, resulting in a software solution that is well-aligned with your market and audience needs.

Our hybrid model combines an on-shore coordination team and senior management based in the UK with an off-shore development team. Our local team provides direct communication and a deep understanding of the regional business landscape. In our off-shore team, all developers and engineers are proficient English speakers, with a minimum of C1 level English proficiency. This ensures smooth and accurate communication across all stages of your software development life cycle.

Our discovery phase is tailored for clients with non-technical backgrounds. This phase includes interviews and discussions framed in everyday language, focusing on the business side of your idea rather than overwhelming technical details. Our solution teams (comprising a CTO, solution architects, project managers, and business analysts) are skilled in translating complex technical concepts into easily understandable terms, ensuring you're comfortable and engaged throughout the process.

For each software development project, our team employs a requirements elicitation process to gain a comprehensive understanding of the problem your product aims to solve and the customers it targets. During our discovery workshops, we use structured interview frameworks designed to extract these critical insights directly from you. Additionally, if you have conducted any audience and market research, we review these reports thoroughly. By combining your direct input with these research findings, we ensure that our development strategy is tailored to meet the needs of your product and its intended users.

Our startup software development company utilise project management and communication tools to emulate the experience of working closely as if you and our team were sitting around one table. We also ensure a minimum of a 5-hour overlap with your time zone, which facilitates real-time communication and collaboration. This overlap allows for daily updates, immediate responses to queries, and regular live discussions, ensuring that you feel fully integrated and informed at every stage of the process.

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