Outsourcing Software Development for Startups

Development that delivers results. Since 2005, we have been trusted outsourcing partners for successful startup ventures.

From planning to deployment, we support you at every step of the way!

As a company that began as a startup, GoodCore understands what it takes to get a startup up and running. As your technology partner, we not only offer software development services for startups but also mentor and support them to make informed decisions for their nascent business.

We understand your challenges, needs, and requirements. We offer you flexible engagement models, quick and agile development services, and reliable support and maintenance options. This is all that is required to transform your innovative ideas into great products.

You can trust us as your software development partner!

planning to deployment

Software Development Services for Startups

Just having an idea is not enough – you need an outsourcing company that offers services that fit your business needs and budgets. By choosing GoodCore for outsourcing software development for startups, you can avail the following services.

Have an innovative idea?

We will help you turn your idea into a reality.
At GoodCore, our team of highly efficient, motivated, and experienced developers are passionate to turn your ideas into successful usable products.

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Our Software Development Process for Startups

Since 2005, we have been assisting startups from across various industries with high-quality bespoke software development and implementation. We have a time-tested process that is designed to capture your unique business requirements, no matter how complex.


As a startup, it is crucial for you to validate your software idea.

Is your envisioned software solution an answer to a real problem? Does your product have a specific, well-defined target market? Does your product have a unique selling point? What kind of user experience are you aiming to provide?

Discovery is the phase where we help you answer these important questions. We start our software development process by trying to understand your objectives, along with a detailed analysis of the pain points and an assessment of your key requirements.


Once the software idea is validated, we map out the future phases of your project.

Your outsourced development venture is planned in accordance with your priorities and concerns. As your technology partner, we understand your position as a startup and any limitations you may face. Hence, we are open to making any changes that you effectively communicate to us, which is why your feedback is pivotal. We proceed with building your software product only once we are in agreement.

Design and Architecture

Our software developers have in-depth expertise in designing technical architectures for secure and powerful software solutions that are efficient and user-friendly. We take into account your future vision of the product and develop solutions that are easy and cost-effective to enhance and support in the long run.

MVP Development

Our engineering and development team is second to none. The construction of your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is done in line with industry best practices. We follow code conventions and the highest standards of quality assurance. We develop MVPs that reduce your time-to-market and gather valuable market feedback that you can incorporate in the future phases of development.

Future Phases of Development

As your technology partner, we ensure your MVP is successfully launched to the market. We assist you in channelling the market feedback received by your MVP into evolving your solution into a full-scale product. You can work with the same team of developers or expand your team to work on scaling up your product.

Technical Support

We offer a comprehensive support arrangement whereby our team continues to be on standby to field your queries and address any issues that surface during application usage. You can also approach us for any future upgrades to your product.

Looking to launch a successful software product?

We offer custom software development services for startups and established businesses. Send us your requirements and get a consultation for free.


Success Stories

Industry: Technology


GoodCore helped develop and launch a SaaS-based offering for a Silicon Valley startup. The platform is used by numerous Fortune 100 companies for managing corporate briefing events and implements sophisticated workflows to streamline the operations around such events.

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briefing management system

Why GoodCore

On-time &

We will deliver your software project quickly and efficiently.

Expert Software Developers

Your apps will be built by experienced in-house developers

Creative & Modern

Latest UI/UX practices that will aesthetically achieve business objectives


Agile development methodology to facilitate rapid product releases

Tailored for Your Business

Trusted by startups, small businesses, and enterprises alike!


Intellectual Property for the software application we build will belong to you.

Engagement Options We Offer

We offer three different types of engagement options to startup founders.


Fixed-Scope Fixed-Price

This option works well for projects where the requirements are crystal clear from the get-go. We can have an in-depth discussion about the project’s total cost depending on exactly what features you want to see in your software product and when you want the project to be delivered.


Dedicated Development Team

Under this model, you are assigned a dedicated software development team. The team may include roles such as project manager, UI/UX designers, software developers, and QA engineers. They will work in close coordination with you throughout the long-term engagement. You can scale the team up or down depending on changing requirements.


Time and Materials

When the amount of development work envisioned is small but not very well-defined, you can choose this model. The engagement is split into smaller fixed-cost/fixed-time phases. You can decide the budget for the upcoming phases depending on the time spent and cost incurred in the preceding phases.

You can also opt for a hybrid model for better resource and cost management. A dedicated team will be assigned for core development activities. The fixed-price or time-and-materials option can work for one-off tasks. Find out more about our engagement models here.

Cost of Software Development Services for Startups

Cost to Develop

In our 16+ years of experience as a software development company in the UK, we have delivered many software systems costing from £10,000 and going over £500,000.

As you can imagine, outsourcing software development for startups can take any shape or size according to different devices and platforms. Features and functionality, security, scalability, usability, performance – all these factors greatly affect the scope of building a software solution. This makes budgeting for a startup development project a tricky exercise. But with our software developers’ experience, GoodCore can help with highly accurate estimations of your project cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work with companies of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. We do not exclude anyone merely on the basis of the number of employees or owners. In fact, we have worked with many startups over the years, some of whom have grown tremendously.
We understand what it takes to get a startup up and running. For startups, we undertake software development through an iterative process. We start with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that features all the things that absolutely must be in the application to effectively test the market out.
A successful MVP launch can be followed with more phases of development, adding more important features based on users’ input. Additional phases can be added as and when needed according to the startup’s requirements.
You will be the sole owner of your project. We are merely here to help bring your app idea to life. We do not own it at any stage of the development process.
A minimum viable product is a simpler version of your product that is built with all the core functionalities and features. An MVP is developed and launched as the first phase of development to test out your product in the market. It determines the potential of your ideas and helps attract investors and partners early on. This significantly reduces your risks and chances of failure and helps develop a final product that meets the market expectations and provides maximum value to the customers.

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  • Our team of analysts and developers assess the scope and propose a way forward with mutual consultation
  • All information exchange is protected via a mutual NDA
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