About Us

The hardworking team behind GoodCore – achieving excellence since 2005


Tools and technologies selected depending on the specifics of each project

How we work

Four flexible engagement models: You choose one that will work best for you!


All the various factors you need to consider when sizing up development costs

Our Process

Our time-tested process of developing efficient and fully custom software systems


Answering some of the most common questions that you may have in mind


Software tailored to your requirements to solve your technology challenges


Custom-built solutions that redefine healthcare and patient management


Bespoke sports software solutions including sports apps, websites, and more!


Customised software solutions for the highly asset-intensive utility sector

Finance & Fintech

Web and mobile apps that truly represent fintech's progress and advancements


Bridging the gap between education and technology via custom software

News & Events

GoodCore Software at Startup Grind 2019 in London

This year, GoodCore Software will be at the Startup Grind Europe Conference right here in London on 6th June 2019.

With tech giants like Google and Heroku associated with it, the event attracts the attention of startup owners and investors alike. It gives them both a chance to connect with each other. It is an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their fresh, innovative ideas revolving around technology to potential investors.

Being an active contributor to the tech community, GoodCore Software has been providing technical advisory and software consulting services since its inception.

If you are a startup – or thinking about setting up one – and feel the need to talk your ideas through with a potential tech partner, then let us know. We would love to lend you an ear. Just reserve a spot with us for the event day and we’ll put our heads together to give you the lift-off you deserve!

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Sasha Reeves

The author Sasha Reeves

27 years old. Sasha Reeves is a seasoned digital marketer with a minor in computer science – the perfect mix for our content marketing team! They have many years of experience in the industry and have been a part of the GoodCore family for over three years as a content creator and social media strategist. While they love writing about pretty much everything tech, they personally enjoy preparing comprehensive guides on the latest software outsourcing trends.
Sasha spends their free time watching funny dog videos and listening to some terribly tasteless pop music with their lazy rescue cats, Bloo and Miss Poppy.

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