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The Wolves Summit – Our Take on Shaping the Tech Industry’s Future

As the world struggles to come out of the harrowing shadows of the Coronavirus pandemic, the economies continue to shake, and uncertainties continue to rise. The world endures one challenge after another as mankind moves closer to AI dependency and other tech advancements.

Wolves Summit 2023: A Platform for Progress

Not everything is as dismal as it may sound – the earthlings continue to strive and thrive and reach out for new opportunities to excel – one such is the latest edition of the Wolves Summit that took place in Wroclaw, Poland, on May 23-25, 2023. 

Established in 2015, Wolves Summit is known to be one of the best networking business conferences for startups, investors, and corporations in Europe. GoodCore was thrilled to be a part of the latest edition of Wolves Summit as one of its attendees. Representing GoodCore Software are Yasin Altaf, Managing Director UK and EU, and Stephen Sydenham, Senior Solutions Advisor.

The Wolves Summit this year delves deeply into pressing issues like the management of economic turbulence, the necessity of consistent product delivery, and the evolution of tech job prospects in the face of advancing AI adoption.

Our engagement at this event highlights our eagerness to interact with forward-thinking entrepreneurs and startup founders. By participating in these vital discussions, we not only expand our knowledge but also adjust our strategies to better serve our startup and SME clients. By understanding and adapting to the changing landscape, we fine-tune our approach to customer service, ensuring we consistently meet the dynamic needs of our clients.

GoodCore: A Legacy of Reliability

GoodCore has been in the industry for more than 15 years and has made a remarkable impact as one of the most reliable companies in software development, including Mitsubishi, BriefingSource by EchoVision, the University of Manchester, and NHS. Having a diversified clientele, it becomes equally important that we live up to the expectations and cater to the responsibilities on our shoulders. These networking events are pivotal to reaching out to new audiences as well as maintaining decorum in the market.

We’re all in this journey together. So, let’s connect and learn from each other. Reach out to Yasin and Stephen to share insights and perspectives, and maybe even find solutions to common challenges. We’re looking forward to networking with you!


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Rabiya Riaz

The author Rabiya Riaz

Rabiya Riaz is a seasoned content writer with a major in marketing – making her just perfect for our content marketing team! She calls herself a content magician, as writing comes naturally to her. Having extensive experience in different niches, she is always eager to learn more to spice up her writing style. She is tech-savvy and an ardent follower of tech world news, making her an exemplary choice for writing at GoodCore Software.
Rabiya is a staunch advocate of work-life balance, and she absolutely loves the working environment here at GoodCore. A thorough homemaker at heart, when not reading or writing, she loves trying new recipes in the kitchen or testing DIY home décor projects.

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