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The Best Software Outsourcing Companies Directories

As the world embraces technological advancements across a wide range of business functions and organisation types, the tech market continues to grow at astonishing rates.

“In 2022, spending on IT services is projected to amount to around 1.3 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide.”


Global IT Services Expenditure Trends Between 2008 and 2023
Global IT Services Expenditure Trends Between 2008 and 2023

The demand for IT outsourcing services continues to rise, and so does the supply. As a customer looking for a reliable provider, there are several ways to carry out your search for the best software outsourcing companies. We have touched upon some of these methods in a previously published client guide on hiring software developers. The article talked about contracting freelancers, recruiting in-house teams, and hiring dedicated teams.

However, when talking specifically about outsourcing IT functions such as software development, one popular search method involves consulting software companies directories online.

What Are Software Outsourcing Directories and How Do They Work?

Software outsourcing companies directories are online B2B platforms that provide a valuable assessment of IT companies. They serve as intermediaries between brands that provide tech services and customers in search of said services.

The primary purpose of software companies directories is to allow clients to not only find leads for service providers but also evaluate potential outsourcing partners based on the reviews left by their previous clients.

Essentially, these directories streamline communication between the two groups by acting as a data hub with information on numerous IT enterprises. They allow clients to find suitable providers more efficiently and vice versa. Collecting feedback not only saves time for company representatives but also ensures that visitors get to see the entire picture instead of skewed positive testimonials.

Therefore, these directories are the first place that businesses seeking developers should go. They are the perfect resource for businesses that want to collaborate with web design agencies, app developers, software companies, and more.

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15 Best Software Outsourcing Companies Directories in the UK

If you are searching for the best software development companies you can partner with, look no further. Finding a professional software development partner that can provide unique and secure technology solutions for your business can be tricky. However, with some guidance on what to expect from these online software outsourcing companies directories, you will be able to better navigate through the sea of options.

We have come up with some of the best software outsourcing companies in the UK for you to have a quick review. We also added the best software outsourcing companies in the USA for your convenience and a comparison.

1. Clutch.co

Clutch.co is best-known for its dedication to collecting authentic feedback by conducting thorough interviews, sometimes via a phone call, with each service provider’s past customers and clients. It categorises service providers according to their expertise, geolocation, as well as visitors’ specific needs and budget.

The service utilises the gathered information to formulate an authentic rating for every Clutch-registered firm. The feedback is reviewed by independent analysts who don’t have any incentive to filter certain kinds of reviews. As a result, they publish the complete picture.

Moreover, it is impossible to cheat or boost a company’s rating. Visitors or company representatives who have never interacted with a service provider are not allowed to post reviews or affect a company’s rating.

Clutch.co – Software Companies Directory
Clutch.co – Software Companies Directory

Some key reasons why Clutch.co stands out as an authentic software outsourcing companies directory include:

  • Convenience: The user-friendly interface and filter-based search ensure that every customer can easily find the one firm that is perfect for their job
  • Objectivity: A firm’s rating on Clutch does not get affected by any type of sponsorship
  • Transparency: A convenient and transparent rating system ensures that you can determine the reason behind the rating for each company. The ratings are generated via research conducted by independent Clutch analysts and are based on complex criteria.

With an average of almost 2 million visitors per month, Clutch.co is one of the most trusted platforms for finding top software development companies for your project. They offer reliable information, genuine reviews, and accurate analysis about numerous software outsourcing companies across the globe.

2. Expertise.com

Expertise.com begins its process by determining a wide range of service providers within a particular geographical area and business category. They utilise custom resources and tools to analyse public records.

Next, they verify licence and contact information to make sure that the selected candidates have an honourable reputation and are active and operational.

Each business is then graded according to the following criteria using an in-house algorithm:

  • Reputation: What do previous clients have to say about the vendor?
  • Qualifications: Does the vendor possess any verified awards, licences, certifications, and accreditations?
  • Experience: For how many years has the vendor been providing services, and what are their areas of expertise?
  • Engagement: How does the business react to potential clients reaching out to them? Do they work on building customer relationships?
  • Professionalism: Does the business guarantee good quality and provide adequate customer support?
Expertise.com – Online Directory For Outsourcing Companies
Expertise.com – Online Directory For Outsourcing Companies

The thorough filtering process ensures it picks only the best. Expertise.com representatives then write detailed and unique company descriptions for every business, which results in a well-curated directory that sets this platform apart from most local crowded directories.

Additionally, the platform also publishes client guides on how business owners can connect with the best software development outsourcing companies that match their requirements and goals.

While the renowned platform boasts over 1.5 million visitors per month, the one downside of Expertise.com is that they do not feature service providers based outside the US, which significantly restricts options for those looking to outsource.

3. Business of Apps

Business of Apps is one of the most well-known software companies directories dedicated to all things mobile. It features over 500 providers of app development, analytics, marketing and monetisation services, along with lots of informational content for visitors. The BOA editorial team compiles B2B directories of top software companies after carefully reviewing every firm according to the following qualitative factors:

  • Brand awareness
  • Client reviews
  • Client base
  • Online presence
how to start a software outsourcing company in uk
how to start a software outsourcing company in uk

BOA provides a comprehensive analysis of each vendor’s offerings and focus areas. Their team includes experts from every sphere of the app and mobile industry who provide unbiased round-ups and reviews of key industry players. They also publish podcasts and hold seminars where visitors – such as yourself – can participate and learn all about the “business of apps”.

4. DesignRush

DesignRush connects businesses with qualified and verified agencies for various projects that involve graphic design, digital marketing, software development, e-commerce web design, and more. Currently, they feature more than 10,000 agencies from 50+ different countries, with thousands of businesses using their platform to connect with the perfect software partner.

One thing that sets DesignRush apart from many other directories is that they make an effort to listen to the client and actively help them find the right vendor. You can simply reach out to them with your specific project requirements, including budget and timeline, and they will curate a list of possible options for you to choose from.

Best Software outsourcing companies in uk
Best Software outsourcing companies in uk

They take the following steps to ensure they recommend the best software outsourcing companies for your project:

  • Project vetting: Each client is first asked to fill out an agency selector form and an agreement form, which the DesignRush team then verifies.
  • Shortlisting agencies: After your project has been announced and vetted, their team of professionals go through the platform’s directory of verified agencies to find an appropriate match. They shortlist agencies according to their client portfolios, rates, expertise levels, industry reputation, and reviews to find you a firm that satisfies your project criteria.
  • Introductions and project proposals: You are then connected with the top two to five handpicked agencies that best meet your needs. Each agency has the chance to present its proposal to you on a call. After you have met with each of the agencies, you can choose the one you deem perfect for the job.

5. G2

Founded in 2011, G2 has now become one of the largest platforms for software product and service listings and feedback-sharing. It provides thorough reviews that are based on extensive surveys (sometimes exceeding 60 questions) conducted by them. A unique G2 score is calculated and assigned to service providers based on this community feedback.

The site only allows verified, real-world business software clients and customers to publish reviews. It ensures that visitors get authentic and detailed qualitative reports so they can compare the benefits and features of various services and products.

Best Software outsourcing companies in usa
Best Software outsourcing companies in usa

G2 offers the following tools:

  • Convenient filters and searches for agency and service reviews
  • Insightful classification to compare the offerings of similar services
  • Thorough descriptions and profiles of services and companies
  • Custom quotes to ensure reasonable and fair rates depending on your particular requirements and usage
  • A two-day rigorous filtering process (any feedback that does not sound legitimate is removed)

Moreover, the site ensures you get the latest feedback that is always up-to-date by making it easy to edit and submit reviews. It also allows you to filter software development outsourcing companies according to rating, language, and pricing details.

6. The Manifest

A how-to and business news platform, The Manifest is a sister platform of Clutch.co. It connects brands with service providers that could help them grow. Much like DesignRush and other similar platforms, they offer free consultation services to connect customers to the best-matched software outsourcing companies. However, their primary focus lies on publishing informative and insightful content for their visitors, which includes the following:

  1. Agency lists so clients can find and contact the right design, development, marketing and IT firms for their project
  2. How-to guides
  3. Data-driven industry trends and reports
it project outsourcing companies
it project outsourcing companies

This software companies directory ranks firms according to the primary services they offer, the number of resources their teams have, their past projects, the amount of time they have devoted to a particular service, and the quality, recency, and number of reviews they have on Clutch. This allows client businesses to easily find service providers that meet their needs.

7. GoodFirms

GoodFirms features some of the most well-performing and reputable IT and software outsourcing companies. The platform has a foolproof and innovative research and review process, allowing businesses to find a technology partner that meets all their needs and requirements and witness a significant reduction in tasks. Some of the features that make GoodFirms a brilliant directory include:

  • Their standing as a trustworthy source in the market
  • Well-known software vendors and companies trusting their authentic and critical research
  • Their customer-centric approach
  • Providing customers with all the important information they require
  • A 100% secure and private process

The platform is expanding every day, with more than 600 verified surveys, over 9000 reviews, and up to 6000 categories of software and services. The GoodFirms Leaders Matrix Methodology evaluates the performance of vendors based on certain predecided metrics. This evaluation is what determines the ranking of companies on their listing pages.

outsourcing coding companies
outsourcing coding companies

The algorithm assesses software vendors on the following components:

  • Core Competencies: This highlights the service focus/specialisation of the agency. It includes the services where the organisation excels. Vendors’ past portfolios are evaluated to judge their performance.
  • 360-Performance View: This takes into account client reviews, market presence, and the GoodFirms Score of the organisation. The GoodFirms Score is based on a confidential assessment, as well as the organisation’s certifications and awards.

After evaluation, firms are divided into the following quadrants: industry leaders, industry contenders, market influencers, and upcoming achievers.

8. UpCity

Upcity ensures trust and transparency by providing research-backed insights and reviews to businesses looking for services. Their data-driven Recommendability Rating algorithm helps them rank the best software development service providers both nationally and locally. Businesses are provided with all the necessary information so they can choose a suitable partner with confidence.

UpCity – B2B Services Marketplace
UpCity – B2B Services Marketplace

Upcity stands out from other directories in the following ways:

  • They are very selective about publishing each review they receive. Their dedicated team works hard to ensure that no fake reviews find their way onto the platform.
  • They are not a completely pay-for-play platform. Many of their high-rated, high-visibility service providers have achieved their community standing in a purely organic manner.
  • They strongly believe in creating long-lasting bonds with every client that visits their website.

9. Sortlist

You can find all kinds of firms working in web development, advertising, design, and marketing at Sortlist. The platform makes use of artificial intelligence and an extensive database to allow clients to find a service provider that perfectly suits their needs.

Sortlist – Top Online B2B Directory
Sortlist – Top Online B2B Directory

Sortlist’s team assists clients throughout their search and takes a thorough follow-up before, after, as well as during the project. It utilises intelligent, AI-powered direct matching to connect you with the perfect vendors based on your submitted requirements and thus ensure successful collaborations.

  • Agile and quick process: The platform allows you to access a custom-made selection of firms that suit your particular requirements and criteria.
  • Up-to-date and complete market information: Their accurate and updated database ensures that clients make the best decision possible when it comes to choosing a provider for their project.

10. MobileAppDaily

Another platform dedicated to mobile apps, MobileAppDaily’s team reviews apps and companies after conducting thorough industry research to identify the top software companies available in a highly competitive landscape. Their rigorous and transparent evaluation system recognises the efforts and talent of the top marketing and app development firms across the globe.

MobileAppDaily – App Development Companies Directory
MobileAppDaily – App Development Companies Directory

MobileAppDaily publishes annual reports that feature the most competent and innovative software vendors that provide laudable corporate solutions. Apart from featuring top software development companies, the platform also provides:

  • App insights: An in-depth and comprehensive evaluation of all kinds of mobile applications
  • Inspiration: Comprehensive how-to guides for tech enthusiasts, aspiring leaders, and domain experts

11. GetAPP

GetApp is a software discovery platform that also provides SaaS solutions. This platform is user-friendly and allows a thorough comparison of software products by different companies. GetApp also serves as a directory for literally anything related to information technology.


It is an excellent place for buyers to search for their desired software beforehand because of a variety of applications listed in the directory, which are sub-categorized and further segmented to fulfill the precise needs of the buyers.

The process behind the segmentation of products is comprehensive and detailed. It works on the following dynamics:

  • Experience: how long has the company been in the business and the position in the market?
  • Professionalism: What are the customer care services that the company provides and the warranty that is attached to the product?
  • Credentials: What are the credentials the company possesses when it comes to being recognized by the governing and legal bodies?

It is an excellent app for developers as having software products enlisted on this website allows the business to gain and generate leads.

GetApp allows basic listing for free to its users. You can join a business community of over 50,000+ software. You can also get a premium version for a price tag that allows you different offerings and exclusive marketing services.

12. Capterra

Capterra is one of the most sought-after software directories in the USA. If you are looking for any kind of information related to software or simply want to list down your product on the website – Capterra is the answer.

It’s a colossal directory comprising more than 700 categories with approximately 1,150,000 reviews.

The review system of the software companies listed on Capterra is gathered from real people, most of them are business-related people, and their opinions or reviews are only recorded once they have actually tried the product and have a firm sense and grasp of the said software.

The criticism is very contingent and constructive, so the enlisted companies rely on these reviews to improve their products and get noticed amongst the right kind of folks.

Capterra ensures that the reviews are by the renowned who and whos of the industry for credibility.

Capterra has an option of signing up for free by filling out the information about the company and enlisting your products in the said directory.

13. Crozdesk

Crozdesk has a directory of more than 8000 software products in a total of 258 different categories, all tech-related.


Crozdesk is different from other directories as it publishes software reports. These reports can impact the product positively and negatively as the community relies on the information posted by Crozdesk.

Crozdesk categorizes software companies on the basis of:

  • Demand: How much is the said category in demand in the market and what are the other options available
  • Product detailing: To make sure you are noticed by the customers, Crozdesk ensures that the product listing has all the needed details

Crozdesk offers a free listing to its vendors. It generates leads and results in swift operations.

If you are a cloud-based Saas application, then it is absolutely a must for you to get yourself listed here.

14. Featured Customers

If you are looking for raw customer feedback, then this is the website you need to register to. Here the ranking is based upon real customer references such as success stories, testimonials, case studies, or reviews at any other credible platforms.

Featured Customer

Real customers analyze the Vendor’s products, and that makes the most significant difference for a software company.

There are more than 250,000 users registered on the website, and 724,000 vendors are available with their products with valid customer references.

You can get a profile made for free or opt for a “premium” package for more advanced features.

15. Discover Cloud

DiscoverCloud has everything. From Saas tools to outsourced services, you can have everything. This directory offers one place where businesses can find and locate the specific resources they are looking for to upscale their business.

Discover Cloud

The best part is that the software products listed on this website come under the scrutiny of real CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, and other top-level executives.

The site gets more than 300 million visits every month, resulting in targeted leads. This should be enough for a company to get registered on this platform.

Honorary Mentions

If you are unable to find what you are looking for in the above-mentioned directories, here are some alternatives you can look into.

Visual Objects

This platform is also part of the Clutch.co cohort and showcases the portfolios of top creative agencies across the globe. Visual Objects allows client businesses to see the work of different agencies so they can visualise prospective projects with them. It provides clients with all the resources they need to select a partner confidently.

  • They provide portfolio items and client reviews so businesses can find the right software development agencies for their project.
  • They offer news from domain experts and up-to-date industry information.

Software World

Software World is a B2B feedback site which evaluates and lists software outsourcing companies without any bias according to their:

  • Service category
  • Cost-efficacy
  • Value
  • Conductivity
  • Accessibility
  • Collaboration

Best Companies

Best Companies works with top organisations in the industry to measure, improve, and recognise outstanding workplace engagement. They award accreditation – on a scale of 1 to 3 stars – to organisations according to a BCI score that is generated by a survey. High-scoring organisations are awarded the “One to Watch” title. This can help clients identify vendors that have a good workplace environment and would be suitable for their project.


TopDevelopers employs competent gauging standards to list service providers that stand out in their respective industries and focus areas. This ensures businesses can find the most relevant tech partner within the particular service category they are exploring. All web and app development firms, as well as marketing agencies, are judged on various aspects, such as customer feedback, delivery quality and time, credibility, variety of projects handled, years of experience, and other factors.


AppFutura’s comprehensive directory is based on four main aspects that impact its ranking methodology.

  • Performance: They actively participate in interactions between service providers and their clients throughout the project. This helps them get the true picture of how the service providers are performing.
  • Reliability: All firms that are active on this platform are certified after careful surveillance to ensure their legitimacy.
  • Reviews: A major part of their ranked listings involves verified feedback from actual clients.
  • Activity: Each company’s ranking is also impacted by their community participation in spaces like the AppFutura forum and blog.


The platform stays up-to-date with recent data and statistics to provide trusted and 100% authentic insights on the best companies all over the world, including mobile and web app developers. ITFirms empowers clients to discover the best software development companies that match their requirements and provide guaranteed high-quality services.


Superbcompanies has established its trustworthiness by operating as an independent market research platform. It collects and publishes information on the best firms in various regions and industries. They conduct thorough research and their selection methodology focuses on companies that focus on quality assurance, have extensive experience in the industry, and possess notable brand reputation, market presence, reliability, and awards. It offers regular publications to ensure customers can discover the most relevant partners for their projects.

Wrapping Up – Taking the Right Approach to Software Outsourcing

Finding a software outsourcing company that suits the needs of your business can be quite a task. Many directories that collect reviews and ratings only publish 5-star rankings and positive reviews, which may call their authenticity into question. We have thus talked about directories that publish honest feedback and fair reviews to make it convenient for you to find a professional software development partner for your business.

“The ranking never lies.”

– Stan Wawrinka

While the carefully curated listings on platforms such as Expertise and Clutch make sure to run thorough background checks on all the companies that they choose to showcase on their websites, you should always be careful about “featured” or “sponsored” entries often found right at the top.

Additionally, before you begin looking for a software development company, make sure to determine the needs of your business first. Recognising your requirements will make it easier to pinpoint a custom software development company that is right for you.

Another factor that can be useful is having a flexible yet well-defined budget so that you can search for services that lie within it. This will make it easier to shortlist possible options.

The next step would be to determine each company’s employee expertise, experience in handling difficult software projects, and use of technology, and go through their portfolio and client testimonials. Get an insight into the market credibility of each company to get an idea of how their work is defined and the kind of work they deliver. Identify their approach towards the challenges and goals of the businesses they work/have worked with and whether they are good at meeting deadlines.

Go through the directories mentioned above keeping all these tips in mind. These top software outsourcing companies directories will allow you to find the best-suited software development company for your business.

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Yasin Altaf is the Executive Director at GoodCore Software & Forbes Technology Council Member. Yasin’s experience in recruiting top technical talent and delivering technology solutions and B2B services spans over 20+ years. Throughout his career, he has helped businesses across industries overcome complex challenges through custom-built solutions, and enabled entrepreneurs and nascent startups to launch market-leading software products.

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