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Hire Developers in the UK – Top 3 Ways to Find The Best Developers

It is a sign of the times that the youngest developer in the world is 8-year-old Kautilya Katariya holding the Guinness World Record as the Youngest Programmer at age six in 2020. 

In an exceedingly technology-dependent world, digital enablement and automation is the way to go. Whether you are a startup, a medium-sized company or a large-scale enterprise, software development has fast become a mandatory part of business success. Businesses that automate their processes can craft an engaging online presence, meet customer demands and expectations, and level up. 

The test to thriving in a dynamic, aggressive marketplace is if you can successfully launch your business software and apps and keep them relevant.

That is where app developers become indispensable. The right talent will have sufficient experience, diverse technical skills, the ability to code and debug software, and a solution-finding mindset.

If you are still wondering if application development has value, here is a little trivia. WhatsApp founder Brian Acton was rejected by both Facebook and Twitter, and see how well that turned out for him and his partner Jan Koum. 

Who needs the services of an app developer? 

The short answer is everyone. Apps are quintessential to business success as they increase your market reach. In the modern world, almost every customer has the potential to access your business globally via their smartphones. So, the savvy businessperson realises the potential of boosting ROIs by tapping into web or mobile app development for their venture.   

Of course, let us mention that hiring an app developer is not paramount. There are business owners with enough programming skills to capably create an app using the myriad of free or paid development tools available online.

But simply having programming know-how may not always be enough.You will need to hire software experts if you have an underdeveloped app concept, insufficient technical background, or if the project is more complicated than anticipated. 

Top 3 App Development Hiring Options 

Here are three ways you can choose from when hiring an app developer. Let us consider how to find an app developer to match your business goals.

Top Three App Development Hiring Options
Top Three App Development Hiring Options

In-House Hires

If you already have an existing team of software personnel, it might be easier to hire additional app developers. Advertise the opening, conduct job interviews, choose the best talent, and integrate them into your staff. This method works best for small to medium-sized businesses that need simple app development solutions.


  • Committed employee;
  • Team members are aware of company goals, focus and culture
  • Monitored project development


  • Hiring and onboarding expenses;
  • Overhead cost for equipment and working condition;
  • Salary, incentive, leaves and encashments due to a full-time employee

Collaborate With Freelancers

Hiring a freelance app developer works well for business owners and entrepreneurs seeking project completion within (or less than) a budget of $10,000. Many credible freelancing platforms showcase professionals and enable hiring a specialist online. 

However, one drawback is that sometimes, despite high ratings, some freelance app developers may not have diverse experience and may not be the right fit for big jobs. On average, the hourly rate for app development in the UK is £21.79, based on project scope and features. In the USA, the hourly range is between USD 41-54.


  • Cheapest option;
  • Contractual employment
  • Deadlines and deliverables-based agreements


  • Project quality and commitment (Freelancers often take on several projects simultaneously)
  • No undertaking for post-launch maintenance and upgrades

Outsource Services of A Reputable Application Development Company 

Hiring an outsource app developer works well for fairly established entrepreneurs wanting to create a niche. In this scenario, app developers are hired solely on contract. Since you are dealing with an app development company, the entire process is more likely to be efficient and have fewer issues than working with a single freelancer. The project is easily scalable, allowing you to expand or reduce the team based on requirements. Read here about Offshore Software Development 2022 – Stats & Success Stories.


  • Access to diverse talent and global teams;
  • Negligible hiring costs (covered by contract)
  • Expertise and experience
  • Better innovation and problem-solving skills
  • Contractual collaboration.


  • Monitoring team involvement and management;
  • Communication issues and different time zones (offshore outsourcing);
  • More expensive than hiring freelance app developers.

Tips On Finding the Best In-House or Freelance App Developers

The truth is that finding credible talent is not always easy. A great-looking introduction or resume on a freelance platform does not necessarily translate into quality work in real life.

Ask For Referrals

If someone you know personally or through business has recently had some mobile or web app development work done, asking them about their experience and the quality of the completed project will show you red or green flags. A referral is a great way to find suitable talent and will save time finding people and money spent on choosing the wrong people and rectifying their mistakes.

Choose a Reputable In-House or Freelance Hiring Platform 

Do research the authenticity of the online platforms that showcase freelance app developers:

Be careful of scammers and fake hiring platforms, and don’t invest large amounts without carefully determining the escrow or refund policies.  

Benefits of Hiring App Developers

The app development market is a consistently lucrative sector and making sure you have the right talent is one of the most important decisions for your growth and success. Application development is complicated, time consuming; companies that do not compromise on quality and expertise ensure that their application stays relevant and scalable over time. Here are some benefits of choosing proficient app developers.

Benefits of Hiring App Developers

Reduced Costs

Choosing an outsourced development service provider or remote developers eliminates costs of exorbitant IT infrastructure, assorted hardware and software requirements, monthly wages, incentives, insurance, overtime, holidays, pensions, and other employee-related expenses. You can agree to pay on an hourly or project basis.

Efficient Working

Do conduct comparative research on developers you are considering for your project. Make sure to ask them about their knowledge, expertise, and skills. Teams with experience in tech stack and advanced technologies can handle development cycle challenges better.


Often enough, app development projects divert from timelines and expectations as your requirements may change, or you may decide to scale up or down. If you have a hired team that is working in-house, you will not be able to reduce or add team members if project scopes change. Hiring developers on a contract basis provides easy scaling.

Diverse Skills

Hiring dedicated developers from across the globe with diverse app development skills brings new ideas and innovative solutions.

Speedy time-to-market

Apps are being constantly developed and launched on iOS and Android platforms, and what the next best thing will be, is anyone’s guess. That’s why delays in getting apps to the market can turn disastrous. App launch becomes easier when you hire trained experts.

Top 3 Factors Impacting App Development Cost in the UK

End-to-end app development is often expensive, as it occurs in time-consuming stages. Full-cycle development phases may include idea generation, design, wireframes and MVP development, app development and deployment, and post-launch maintenance.

Differing Development Costs for Android or iOS Platforms: 

Developing native apps solely for Android or iOS will cost more because they have OS-specific advantages. Stand-alone apps have increased costs as they demand expertise, more resources, time, and maintenance. 

Developers create cross-platform or hybrid mobile apps using shared code that performs on both platforms simultaneously. These multi-platform apps cost less and get completed faster. They have the added advantage of reaching a wider audience but may not be as high performing as native apps. However, specific pricing packages will depend on your project requirements.

The average hiring cost for iOS developers is £29 per hour and around £30 per hour for Android developers in the UK. 

Application Development Project Scope, Scalability and Features

The exclusive features an app displays are its unique selling points. These features can detract from or enhance customer experience. The more complex your app functionality and UI/UX design are, the longer developmental time will ensue. The time spent directly affects the cost. Adding shopping carts or advanced search will cost you more than an app with a simple login or limited links.

Hiring Costs for Developers Based on Skills and Experience

There are junior, mid-tier, and senior developers vying for projects. Whom you choose should depend not just on how much they will charge but on their experience, technologies they are well-versed in and completed projects portfolio.

Junior app developers may be fresh-out-of-college graduates with or without internship experience. Some with 0-1 year of experience may even possess an existing freelanced projects portfolio. Junior developers in the UK may earn up to £32,967 per year.

Mid-level developers with 2-4 years of app development practice should be able to develop a hybrid or native mobile (or both) app. They should be able to work individually on building, testing, and deploying apps on the Android play store or IOS application store. Mid-tier developers may earn up to £42,414 per year.

Senior developers have professional experience of up to 7 or more years. They can capably plan the design and development process, decide on the deployment environment, conduct tests and check automation, be conversant with cloud technologies, and be able to handle developmental challenges singly if required. They command a salary of up to £76,982 per year.

This guide will help you discover How To Optimise Your Web App Development Costs.


The Application Development Software segment has boomed since the pandemic. With an expected market share of USD 149.70 billion in 2022, it is evident that businesses would like to carve themselves a piece of that pie. You may build your team, work with freelancers, or collaborate with a software development company. Your choice also lies in hiring junior, mid-level, or senior-level developers. Your efforts prove successful when your software product answers consumer needs and expectations.

Of course, the cost is often a deciding factor while hiring developers in the UK or anywhere across the globe, but we hope this blog helped show that cost should not be the only factor to consider. Since variables can alter development prices, make sure you conduct sufficient research. App developers you hire can authenticate and manifest your idea and make it marketable. Your app investment now begins to pay for itself.

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