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Mobile App Development

Enterprise apps that solve real business problems. Killer start-up apps that dominate markets. Intuitive user experience and top-notch mobile app design that drives engagement and improves retention.

Going “mobile” for most business apps is no longer an option – it has now become a necessity. No application is complete without a strong mobile strategy in place. GoodCore has been a leading mobile app development company since the advent of the smart phone and has helped its clients develop innovative mobile apps with powerful functionality and intuitive user experience. We develop mobile apps across different operating systems and with our rich experience in this industry we make “delivering fast” a part of our culture. Contact our London office today.

What kind of mobile apps?

Android App Development

With the total number of Android devices crossing 2 billion, the need for Android apps is also rising exponentially. Our team of skilled mobile app professionals are committed to deliver impactful Android apps for smart phones and tablets. We channel your ideas into a digitized custom Android app that your end users will enjoy using.

iOS App Development

With Apple now having over 1.3 billion active devices worldwide, it is a platform we all know that cannot be ignored! We develop iOS apps that cater to the needs of the end users, as well as meeting your business requirements. Our iOS app developers use the latest tools and technologies to create superior quality and user-friendly mobile apps.

Cross Platform (Hybrid) App Development

We create mobile applications that run on any device and operating system. Cross platform apps help you yield better results by enabling you to reach a wider audience. We can help you create cross-platform web-based apps, establish real-time data sync with Web-Sockets, create a Proof-of-Concept app, and more. We develop hybrid apps that give you the look and feel of a native mobile app.

Native Apps

For companies focused on user experience, native mobile apps are the ideal route. Native apps are developed in a specific programming language like Objective C or Swift for iOS and are built for the device. Nothing beats native apps when it comes to performance and reliability. These apps run directly on mobile devices and have access to all the phone features such as GPS, accelerometers, camera, among others. Native apps are more intuitive than their hybrid counterparts.

We Deliver. Fast!

GoodCore is known for its speed and fast progression. This not only makes us more cost effective but also allows customers to evaluate concepts quickly and shorten overall time to market. With more than a decade in this industry we have learnt that time to market is crucial to our clients, which is why we make delivering fast a part of our culture.

Design & User Experience

The design and UX philosophy we follow is user-centric. We believe that a well thought out design not only makes your app look aesthetically pleasing but also creates intuitive user experiences. This ensures the apps we develop are easy to use and foster “stickiness”.

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