Comprehensive logistics management software development to build a robust web-based portal and app to ensure the timely and secure delivery of pharmaceutical and health products from stores to customers’ homes

About the Logistics Management Software Development Project

Project description

XTracked – a specially designed delivery service for pharmacies – is backed by a multi-faceted web portal that tracks and makes possible the delivery and shipping of products from the pharmacies and health stores to the homes of customers. We built three associated backend web apps to serve as portals for pharmacies, admin, sorters, and delivery staff along with an Android-based delivery mobile app for drivers integrated with backend apps.

The logistics management solution helps streamline all the aspects of our client’s business – collecting orders from different pharmacies and health stores, sorting the deliveries for a day, creating delivery routes, and shipping them to customers’ addresses. The Android app, in particular, is developed with map-centric technologies to create shipping routes that ensure efficient and timely delivery of orders.

About Client

Our client, Pixie Bob, is a UK-based business in the health service sector. Keeping in view the financial and logistical challenges faced by the national health service, they envisioned XTracked – a logistics software solution specifically for pharmacies, particularly local independent pharmacies in the UK.


Our client was looking for logistics management software development services that could address all the pain points of their business processes and digitalize their logistics operations. Their main aim was to eliminate printed paperwork with a multi-faceted software system that could streamline data. After failing to find an off-the-shelf system to meet their requirements, they opted for custom software development.

They wanted a bespoke solution that could help them receive orders and data from pharmacies as well as update the pharmacies about the delivery process for each shipment; a solution that could also help our client streamline the data after the shipments are picked up from the pharmacies, so the orders can be sorted for delivery based on the addresses.

Our client specifically wanted a system that had map-centric capabilities so the delivery postcodes could be mapped to create different delivery routes. These routes could be assigned to different drivers. Lastly, they wanted a solution solely for the drivers on the road that could help them navigate, contact the customers, receive signatures from customers, and update the delivery status for each package.


Before we could start with logistics management software development, we had to fully understand the practical details of our client’s business operations. We worked extensively with our client to acquire the necessary understanding of their complex operational requirements. The logistics management software development project aimed for a system that met their need for information handling and provided all the relevant tools pertaining to their overall services.

Keeping all the requirements in view, we developed a 360-degree solution for our client in the form of three integrated web apps and an Android mobile app.

Our team built dedicated web-based portals for pharmacies and sorters and a backend admin system for our client to manage orders received from pharmacies and ensure they are efficiently delivered to customers. Additionally, we built a delivery mobile app for drivers who are assigned delivery routes and integrated it with the web apps. In terms of design and functionality, we developed an app that was easy to use and simplified every step of the process, from fleet management to inventory management.

With the system we built, our client was able to help pharmacies eliminate the need for printed paperwork and successfully managed to digitize its operations. This led to significantly reduced costs and also saved time for all stakeholders.

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What We Delivered

Pharmacy Portal

We built a web-based portal for pharmacies and health stores where they could upload their deliveries for the following day using a set excel file format. Each pharmacy can view the summary of their deliveries on the personalised dashboard and keep track of the delivery status of each of their packages. The delivery status and other related information are updated on the pharmacy portal in real-time as changes are made on the admin portal.

Pharmacy Portal

The portal gives pharmacies the tools to upload, delete, and reupload delivery files and search through the files using different search criteria such as name, NHS number, date, and tracking number. For our client, this efficiently streamlines the data for next day deliveries.

Personal Dashboard

Track Packages

Delivery Uploads

Search Capabilities

Admin Portal

The Admin portal we built offers our client tools to add accounts for drivers, sorters, and pharmacies in the system. They can assign drivers for pickups and deliveries and create and modify delivery routes. With the help of Trimble Maps, multiple postcodes can be mapped to create routes.

Additionally, using the admin portal, the manifests for every driver can be generated. These are then shown on the driver app.

The portal allows admins to manage and keep track of every step of the process. The search capabilities allow admins to fetch and export delivery records using advanced search criteria within the portal. The admin system is well integrated with the pharmacy portal, sorter portal, and driver app, so every change is reflected in the system.

Deliveries and Manifests

Routes and Mapping

Pharmacy Management

User Management

Sorter Portal

Sorter Portal

The sorter portal allows the delivery staff to scan and sort packages and add delivery labels. This contributes to improved warehouse management. The portal is integrated with scanning devices so the barcode on each package can be checked against the pharmacy records in the system. Once, the information is matched, the portal generates new labels that can be printed by the sorters.

NHS Scan

Tracking ID Scan

New Label Generation

Reprinting Labels

Driver’s App

We developed an Android app to facilitate drivers on the road. Each driver can log in to the delivery mobile app to scan their shipment manifests, which gives them access to their delivery routes for the day and their information. Using the Trimble Map tools, the delivery routes can be optimised for the drivers. The app is also integrated with an SMS gateway that informs the end customers about their delivery via SMS as soon as drivers start a route in the app. Additionally, drivers are also able to contact end customers via call.


With each delivery stop, drivers can update the status of the shipment in the app and receive signatures from the customers which will be updated in the backend systems accordingly.

The system we built allows companies to add notes, documents, policies and proposals for any particular service or assignment through their accounts with ease, hence consolidating and streamlining all the information and important documents regarding relocation within the system.

Multi Manifest Scanning

Route Planning and Optimization

Status of Deliveries

Shipment Summary

Our Process

Our logistics management software development process followed an agile model. We began with acquiring complete knowledge about our client’s operation. We understood their pain points and devised a comprehensive plan. We proceeded with the web and mobile app development work after extensively discussing the specifications of the software that was being envisioned by our client.

We developed various detailed wireframes for the different components of the logistics management system to finalise the conceptual and visual design. We built highly interactive and user-friendly web apps for pharmacies, sorters, and admins using JQuery, PHP, JavaScript, XML, and Node.js. For mobile app development, we used the Android SDK and integrated the driver app with an SMS gateway and Trimble Maps for efficient route optimisation.

The mobile and web apps underwent a rigorous testing process before and after deployment. We also provided support and necessary enhancements following the deployment.


For this logistics management software development project, our team consisted of business analysts, project managers, backend developers, frontend developers, and quality assurance engineers. They worked exclusively with our client throughout the project duration. The team’s ability to understand complex requirements and their commitment to delivering helped us build a logistics management software system that successfully met our client’s requirements and quality standards.












Trimble Maps

Trimble Maps

Android SDK

Android SDK

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