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Bespoke Business Applications

Applications that improve business efficiencies and build competitive advantages; from custom portals to integrated mobile apps to legacy system integrations, we develop software to streamline your unique process workflows.

Our team has extensive experience developing business applications and sophisticated operational software; our strength lies in our expertise to understand our client’s operations and workflow pain points, identifying gaps in existing systems and processes, and building software that is flexible and powerful enough to streamline those processes.

Our expertise with bespoke
app development

GoodCore’s experience include developing bespoke apps to streamline Customer service & support, Sales automation, enforce compliance and regulation (for government departments), monitor and improve business process efficiency in general, and much more.

bespoke app development
what kind of business apps?

What kind of business apps?

Bespoke apps can take various shapes and forms such as

  • Web application with cloud based data.
  • Mobile and tablet apps.
  • Integration software and APIs.
  • Web application with cloud based data.
  • Mobile and tablet apps.
  • Integration software and APIs.

Free from licensing
A software system that you truly own

  • Once the software is developed, there is no additional license fee that you have to pay. The Intellectual Property (IP) rights are fully transferred to you – the client.
  • We do not use any development plugins or tools which necessitate licensing cost for you when you use the software.
license free software system

Support & Maintenance

training to the users


We provide training to the users and in-house administrators in your company to facilitate adoption and smooth running of your business application.

support & maintenance arrangement


We offer an optional support & maintenance arrangement whereby our team continues to be on stand-by to field any queries or issues related to application usage.


We offer hosting your application and managing the cloud infrastructure for your application with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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