Bespoke Business Applications

Applications that improve business efficiencies and build competitive advantages – from custom portals to integrated mobile apps to legacy system integrations, we develop software to streamline your unique process workflows.


Our team has extensive experience in developing bespoke business applications. Our strength lies in our emphasis on understanding our clients' operations and workflow pain points and identifying gaps in existing systems and processes. This helps us build software that is flexible and powerful enough to streamline those processes.

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Business apps can take various shapes and forms.

Custom CRM


Software and APIs




A bespoke business app makes sense when off-the-shelf solutions prove too rigid or when the on-going licensing is too expensive for business owners. A bespoke app has numerous advantages.

for your business

When you are trying to streamline a function that is unique to your organisation, commercially available solutions can prove rigid and complex to adopt. We offer to build an app that adapts to your business, and not the other way around.

from licensing

Once the bespoke business software is developed, there is no additional license fee that you have to pay. The Intellectual Property (IP) rights fully belong to you, the client. This can result in significant savings over the lifetime of the software.

with your business

As your business changes over time, new use cases may be identified and new opportunities to optimise the workflows emerge. Our team implements the technical foundation of your business app so that it is easy for it to adapt to your changing needs.

We feel encouraged by the fact that our clients continue to say positive things about our bespoke business app development services.


Since 2005, we have assisted organisations with implementing successful business applications. We have a time-tested process that is designed to capture organisations’ unique business requirements, no matter how complex.

Research & Analysis

We begin by understanding the objectives of the envisioned application along with a detailed analysis of the pain points and an assessment of the app’s integration points in your organisation.


We plan out the phases of development keeping in view your priorities. The plan invariably has provisions to collect and account for feedback from business users and other stakeholders in your company.

Design & Architecture

Our team has deep expertise in designing technical architectures enabling secure and powerful business apps that are easy to enhance and cost-effective to support in the long run.


With an engineering team that is second to none, the construction of your business app is done in line with industry best practices, following code conventions and the highest standards of quality assurance.


We develop user guides, system documentation, and training for the users and administrators in your company to help them facilitate the adoption and smooth running of your business application.

Monitoring & Support

We offer a comprehensive support and maintenance arrangement whereby our team continues to be on standby to field your queries and address any issues that surface during application usage.

Developing a bespoke business app: what are the costs?

We take into account all the features and requirements you want to see in your business app.

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To ensure that your business application software development initiative is a success, we commit ourselves to understanding your industry and your project’s nuances before we initiate any programming work. We understand well that no two businesses are exactly alike.

Finance & Fintech








Payment Management Portal

Payment Management Portal

An online web-based system for a municipal council in Malaysia to collect and track payments from its residents.
View Case Study

Housing & Real Estate

Relocation Management System

Relocation Management System

A custom software platform to streamline the operations of a relocation services provider in Munich, Germany.
View Case Study


Tee Time Booking System

Tee Time Booking System

Tee time booking software with flexible tools for clubs to manage tee sheets, bookings, green fees, memberships, promotions and more.
View Case Study

Cloud Infrastructure

Our team of bespoke business software developers is well-experienced in hosting applications on-premise as well as on cloud infrastructure.

Google Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

Business app development is a highly technical process. Therefore, we do not expect you to have perfect knowledge of the technical domain. We have a team of professionals who would be happy to help you understand all the technical aspects of your project so that you can make the right decisions. We expect you to know your functional requirements, while we manage the technical side of things.
There is a plethora of off-the-shelf software available for different business requirements, and if you have fairly straight-forward requirements, then using off-the-shelf software might be best for you. But if (A) you have a complex set of requirements that are beyond the scope of standard off-the-shelf solutions, or (B) you choose to invest in software development rather than paying the recurring hefty license fees for off-the-shelf solutions, then bespoke business software development would be best suited for you.
The costs of business app development vary from project to project based on various factors, such as the scope, requirements, and technical complexity. We will determine the cost of your project after a thorough discussion with you to understand your requirements and assess the scope of your project.
The final cost of software development comprises four major components: Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance, and UI/UX Design.
We offer bespoke business app development services for businesses of all sizes across different industries. Our services include the development of custom CRM systems, management dashboards, integration software and APIs, corporate portals, and workflow automation systems.

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