A web-based tee time booking and management system for golfers and golf clubs accompanied by a smart check-in mobile app


About the Project

Over the course of this two-part project, we delivered a bespoke web-based system for tee time booking and management to our client, One Golf Network. The system was later supplemented with a custom check-in mobile app for Android and iOS in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the first phase of the project, we developed a feature-rich web application to help golfers search for tee times and golf clubs near them and book them online. The system allows golf clubs to monitor tee time availability and manage reservations. The system is built with geolocation capabilities and a payment gateway ensuring a streamlined process of booking tee times for the golfers as well as the clubs.

The web application was working flawlessly for five years when the pandemic brought forth newer challenges for our client. One such challenge was the need to limit unnecessary physical contact between golfers and facilities and eliminate paper or sign-in books. To solve this issue, in the second phase of the project, we developed an Android and iOS mobile app to manage the arrival and check-in of all golfers at the clubs.

About Client

Our client, One Golf Network, is a golf marketing company based in the UK. In partnership with the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA), they aim to offer cutting-edge solutions to golf clubs and the game’s stakeholders.



Our client was working in a still-emerging industry of golf marketing, they saw that the golf membership rates were falling across the UK and, consequently, clubs were losing revenue. They envisioned a solution that could help golf clubs showcase their services and available tee times to golfers in the locality and attract more tee time bookings from members and non-member golfers.

Our client wanted an online booking system that could digitize and simplify the tee time reservation and payment process for both the clubs and the golfers. The solution also needed to serve as a tee time management system for the golf clubs whereby the staff at the club could manage the schedule of booking and availability of tee times in real-time.

In the second phase of the project, our client was faced with unprecedented challenges in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. This time our client wanted a software solution that could solve their two main problems: (A) the need to reduce physical contact between golf clubs’ staff and golfers as per the social distancing regulations, and (B) the UK government’s requirement to ‘check-in’ and maintain a record of visitors, staff, and customers for businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry.



Our team built a web-based tee time booking and management system in the first phase of the project that brought the client’s vision to life. The system allowed golf clubs to manage and update their reservations, available tee times, and prices and the easy-to-use customer-facing interface enabled golfers to make online bookings of tee times near them. The system was built with geolocation capabilities and a secure payment gateway to support the end-to-end tee time booking process.

The system was later supplemented by an Android and iOS mobile application to solve the new challenges in light of Covid-19. The app we developed allowed golfers to maintain distance from the staff by checking themselves in and out via the mobile app and scanning the NHS-provided QR code. The app also maintains a record of every check-in by the club members and non-member visitors as per the UK government’s requirement.

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What We Delivered

Searchable Club Directory

Searchable Club Directory

The customer-facing site of the tee time booking system offers users a comprehensive directory of clubhouses located near them. We created various search filters to sort the directory listings so members can book available tee times online.

Geolocation & Payment Gateway Integration

Geolocation & Payment Gateway Integration

The golf tee time booking system and the check-in mobile app are integrated with Google Geolocation API. The tee time booking system allows users to search the directory of golf clubs for a particular location radius. The system is also integrated with Stripe API for secure online payment processing.

Personalised Landing Pages

Personalised Landing Pages

We built the customer-facing site of the online tee time booking system to display personalised landing pages for users visiting from different locations. Personalised landing pages direct users to relevant sub portals and serves content and listings according to their location.

QR Code Scanning

QR Code Scanning

Payment Gateway Integration

Visitor Record

We integrated the mobile app with golf clubs’ database to provide them with a record of every visitor, their check-in date and time, and their contact details. We ensured this process was fully GDPR and PECR compliant and allowed golf clubs to meet the requirements set by the UK government.

Our Process

We developed the tee time booking and management web application and mobile app following an agile model of development. The system was a business-critical software for our client and the golf clubs and we initiated the process by understanding their business process and the different stakeholders that the system was intended for. A thorough requirement analysis helped us understand the technical complexities and requirements for the tee time booking and management system. We made sure the system was easy-to-use for the golfers and the golf clubs as well as easily integrable with the existing systems at different clubs.

We mapped out the functionalities using detailed wireframes and built the first prototype which was finalised by our client. The prototype was beta tested by our client and their feedback was incorporated into the development of the final system.

The tee time booking and management application includes an administrative module for our client to manage the directory of golf clubs and users. We developed a .Net MVC backend and a highly-interactive ReactJS frontend. The web application is robust and offers a highly-optimised booking mechanism that is capable of handling simultaneous booking requests effectively. We integrated Stripe into the system to process the payments, of booking fees.

The check-in mobile app was developed for Android and iOS platforms and integrated with a geolocation API and a QR code scanning API. Before the apps were launched to their respective app store, they underwent a rigorous testing process to ensure quality performance.



Our team consisted of business analysts, project managers, web developers, iOS app developers, Android app developers, and quality assurance engineers. For both parts of the project, the team understood the client’s and end users’ challenges and delivered software solutions that met their requirements.




React JS

React JS

SQL Server

SQL Server



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