An all-in-one, B2B software system to manage employee relocation for multinational organizations, corporate Human Resources departments, and assignees in Germany and around the globe.

About the Product

RelACS is a relocation management software to efficiently plan, manage, and monitor all aspects of the employee relocation process - everything from visa and immigration, housing, settling-in, and household goods move to intercultural and language training.

As per the nuances of our client’s offerings, we developed the relocation management system with a suite of tools and features pertinent to their operations, including information management tools, document submission functionality, planning tools, reporting tools, task management, expense management, and collaboration tools.

About Relocation

About Client

Our client, InHouse Relocation, provides a full range of relocation and move management services to multinational organizations and corporate Human Resources departments in Germany and around the world.


The Challenge

Our client had been operating as a relocation management company for a number of years. As the business grew, their operations became more complex and the use of Excel sheets and word documents proved inefficient, error-prone, and a barrier to further business growth. Our client reached out to us to develop a system that would encompass all the necessary tools and features for their B2B operations. They wanted a software partner with the ability to commit and thoroughly and accurately bring their software vision to life. They found GoodCore to be the perfect candidate due to our strong work ethic and technical skills, and trusted us with their esteemed project.


The Solution

Our team worked extensively with our client to acquire the necessary understanding of their complex operational requirements and developed a system that not only met their need for information handling but also provided all the relevant tools pertaining to their overall services.

The relocation management system allows our client to store, access, and efficiently manage all the critical data as well as improve the quality of their services. Client organisations seeking employee relocation services can access the system we have built and provide information, upload documents, and oversee the tasks and timeline of every relocation assignment. As a B2B system, it helps our client and all their customers to manage every aspect of the relocation process from within one management system in a concise and streamlined manner.

What We Delivered


Employee and Assignment Management

We built a B2B system that allowed corporations to easily manage the relocation of employees to multiple countries. Through their accounts, the client organisations can manage and assign roles to their employees and oversee the on-going assignments of relocation.

Role-Based Access

Role-Based Access

For maximum security of the system, we implemented role-based access to ensure that personnel assigned with a specific role (i.e. HR, Finance, Admin, and Managers) can log in the portal and perform actions limited to their particular role.

subscribe relocate

Subscription-Based View of Services

Depending on the subscription acquired by the companies, all the services and sub-services provided to them and the relevant group of vendors associated with these services can be viewed within the system.

submit relocate

Submission of Notes, Documents, Policies, and Proposals

The system we built allowed companies to add notes, documents, policies, and proposals for any particular service or assignment through their accounts with ease, hence consolidating and streamlining all the information and important documents regarding relocation within the system.

task relocate

Task Status and Reminders

We built a task management functionality in the system where tasks associated with an assignment can be easily managed, allowing users to track the status of pending and completed tasks. Reminders and notes regarding tasks can be scheduled to be sent via email to different email addresses.

database relocate

Information Database and Robust Search Capabilities

Keeping in view the information-intensive business operations of our client, we developed the system to be a complete information database. All the information about client organisations, their employees, and all relevant details, like passport, ID card, and the contact information of each employee, is stored in the system and can be easily looked up using advanced search options.

report relocate

Master Report Functionality

The system can generate master reports for users regarding visa and immigration, home search, costs and sales invoices, assignment and service status, and other important elements within the system. Advanced report filters can be applied by users as per their need and reports can be saved and emailed through the system.


Packages and Services

Packages are an essential feature of the relocation management system. Each user can create packages in the system depending on the particular departure and destination locations. Different assignments, services, and sub-services can be allocated to packages depending on the availability in the selected locations.


Super Admin Access

Admin access allows admins to manage all users and their roles, and add and update existing policy types and details related to airports, seaports, and locations in the system.

Our Process

Our process of developing the relocation management system followed an agile model. We began with acquiring complete knowledge about our client’s operation. This involved sending our team on-site to study the operations, in order to understand the entirety of their complex business model. We proceeded with the development work after extensively discussing the specifications of the software that was being envisioned by our client.

We developed a highly interactive prototype of the relocation software to finalise the conceptual and visual design, representing a graphic interface that is layered on top of actual operating data. We built a highly-interactive front end using JQuery and Bootstrap. The product underwent a rigorous testing process before and after the launch that included white-box, black-box, and post-launch testing. We also provided support and necessary enhancements following the launch.

our Team


Our team, consisting of business analysts, project manager, backend developers, frontend developers, and quality assurance engineers, worked exclusively with our client throughout the project duration. Our team’s ability to understand complex requirements and their commitment to deliver helped us build a system that successfully met our client’s requirements and quality standards.


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