Rehabilitation Service Directory

GoodCore helps transform a database of rehabilitation service providers from an Excel-based model to an online web-based directory for health professionals at NHS hospitals


About Client

Our client, Cardinal Management, provides direction to organisations and injury victims in times of need. Working closely with NHS, they provide free bedside advice and support to patients on all welfare issues, helping to reduce patient anxiety and stress at what is a very difficult time for them and their families.


Project Details

In order to carry out their advisory service, our client relied upon a database of rehabilitation service providers across the UK. This database was Excel-based and, therefore, difficult to search and difficult to maintain. They reached out to GoodCore to bring this database online, make it searchable, and implement suitable mechanisms to ensure that the system is always accurate without extensive data housekeeping from a central place.

Rehabilitation Services Covered

Inpatient Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

Inpatient Orthopaedic Occupational Therapy

MSK Physiotherapy


Outpatient Hand Therapy

Home Based ICT

Bed Based Rehab

Community Physiotherapy

Community Occupational Therapy

Community Neuro

Wheelchair Services


Achieving Data Accuracy Amidst Frequent Changes

The services offered by various rehabilitation service providers do keep changing and these changes are not tracked by any central authority. The individual healthcare professionals who are advising their patients would typically get to know of such changes before anyone else. So the challenge was to come up with a system design that would require minimal maintenance effort but at the same time ensures that the system remains up-to-date with the latest and most accurate information at all times.

Working closely with our client, we designed a tiered role-based system that ensured that whenever there are changes required to a service provider record (e.g. a new service) or service details (e.g. referral forms and contact information) the change could be requested, reviewed, and approved at the appropriate levels (e.g. department level or hospital level) without relying upon a single administrator. This ensured that the system always provided accurate information.

Designing Roles & Permissions

Hospital Admin

  • One user per hospital
  • Manages admin accounts at hospitals
  • Maintains and service providers and their service details
  • Can request addition to the master list of services

Department Admin

  • One user per department
  • Manages user accounts
  • Review and approve on add/change requests from department’s healthcare professionals

Healthcare Professional

  • Multiple within a department
  • Search database of service providers
  • Request changes to the service provider record
  • Request changes to service details

The “Super” Administrator

Apart from the above-mentioned roles for doctors and hospital administrators, we implemented a powerful role for Cardinal Management where they could monitor what’s going in the system and approve, reject, and override changes being made to the database by other roles.


Result: Accurate Information For Healthcare Professionals At NHS Hospitals

We helped transfer an Excel-based database, with inherent inefficiencies, to a searchable online web-based system. It offers a powerful search tool that enables healthcare professionals to search providers based on location, service type, hospital and whether the service is for an adult or a child.

A time and motion study was conducted to establish the time savings achieved with the use of the software GoodCore developed. The system is currently live and saving significant amounts of time and improving services for patients.

Client’s Feedback

Clutch Review

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Technologies Used

We selected the most suitable open source development technology stack for our client’s requirement. The technology choice we helped our client make ensured that the system implemented was flexible, easy to maintain, and cost-effective to build. Google Places API was used to implement location-based searches.




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