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About the Product

The R32 calculator is a tool offered by our client Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe, Ltd. (MHIAE). It plays an important role in ensuring that customers handling HVAC systems meet certain local safety regulations when installing new air-conditioning systems. These regulations apply to all occupied indoor spaces including homes, offices, shops, and other areas.

The tool helps users determine the flammability and toxicity of the refrigeration systems under consideration. They can then modify their system specifications or adopt suitable safety precautions after a thorough risk assessment.

With a sophisticated back end involving complex calculations, the R32 calculator that we developed for MHIAE provides a clean interface to the end user. After accepting the terms and conditions, the user is directed to a short multi-page questionnaire. They can select the specifications of their refrigerating system by choosing their answers from the given options.

The engineering calculation software performs complicated calculations after taking into account the user’s answers. It outputs the minimum installation area limits for the system, along with a list of precautionary measures.

The highly responsive web-based application is available in seven languages.

About Client

Headquartered in the UK, our client Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe, Ltd. (MHIAE) is a leading name in the HVAC industry, serving customers all over Europe. They provide air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems along with water heating and cooling equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial use.


The Challenge

Due to the crucial yet complex nature of the problems pertaining to refrigeration regulations, a lot of customers approach our client for guidance. Both parties engage in a lot of back and forth to make sure that the required safety standards are met. MHIAE wanted a convenient system for their users so that they could independently calculate the installation area limits for their R32-based refrigerating systems.

Our client wanted to make the calculation process faster, simpler, and more convenient for themselves and the end users. They also wanted to make the process accessible to a wide audience while being representative of their brand image and identity.


The Challenge

Our client had a clear vision of the solutions to all the key problems for their project.

First and foremost, they wanted to build an online version of the tool that would calculate the minimum area limits for different types of R32-powered cooling and heating systems installed within enclosed occupied spaces. We developed a web-based tool comprising a simplified, easy-to-understand form requiring no typed input from the user.

The tool computes the results and displays them in a clean table format for the user to view. It also generates additional notes and safety recommendations based on the results. Additionally, users can easily perform multiple calculations using different values until they meet their installation area limitations.

The R32 calculator allows users to download the results in the form of a single-page PDF. This enables convenient sharing with business partners or coworkers.

To maximise accessibility for their diverse user base, the web app is available in seven languages most commonly spoken across Europe.

MHIAE was extremely particular about the UI design aspect of the online tool we developed. Therefore, our design and development teams had to follow the client's specifications very closely. Additionally, the website is optimised for responsiveness. Users can access and operate the site on a wide range of devices, platforms, and web browsers.

The end result – a highly responsive multilingual web app with a user-friendly UI capable of performing accurate scientific calculations – left our client highly satisfied.

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What We Delivered

engineering software development

Complex Calculator Tool

The calculations and results depend on a number of factors, most of which are provided to the calculator by the user. The system backend handles the most complex task, i.e., the mathematical and scientific computation, for this engineering calculation software development project. The final results, however, are displayed on-screen in an easily comprehensible tabular format, accompanied by safety recommendations and additional notes.

Multilingual Capabilities

To maximise the accessibility of the R32 calculator, MHIAE wished to offer the tool in seven languages, namely English, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, Italian, and Dutch. This required the system to be capable of handling special characters. A particularly challenging aspect of implementing this feature was that our client wanted the app’s language to smoothly transition from one language to another without refreshing the contents of the form.

engineering software report

Convenient Report

To ensure shareability, the tool gives users the option to download the results in the form of a PDF report. The report template is specially designed in compliance with MHIAE’s branding guidelines. We also offer maximum convenience to users by restricting the report to one page and optimising it for conciseness and readability.

heavy industry software development

Brand-Compliant UI Design

For this engineering calculation software development project, each aspect of the UI was designed with our client’s specifications in mind. We delivered a clean yet comprehensive user interface designed in strict compliance with MHIAE’s brand identity.

Our Process

Right from the start, our client MHIAE was very clear about what they wanted to achieve with their engineering calculation software development project. In the initial requirements gathering phase, we received in-depth specifications from the client. This, combined with our team’s efforts, made the development process flow quite smoothly from start to finish. The software project was focused on meeting very specific goals, and that is what drove our team throughout.

Given the client’s express requirements, there was an extensive exchange of ideas. We divided the project into two key phases: the calculation component and the UI component. Each stage of the product development cycle involved several iterations until we achieved perfection. The design phase was particularly challenging as the tool had to be perfect in terms of functionality, design, and accessibility.

The team members followed a flexible agile development methodology, working in close coordination with the client. We used tools such as Redmine and GitLab for task assignment, issue-tracking, and code review. The product underwent extensive integration and UI testing. The engineering calculation software product was released in December 2021, with a total development time of around 3 months.



This engineering calculation software development team was composed of three members. It included a technical lead, a front-end developer, and a quality assurance engineer. The team was led by the project manager, who was at the forefront of ensuring rapid communication with the client.






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