University Putra Malaysia

Educational research company launches interactive digital courseware app for young school children suffering from dyslexia.


About Client

Braineo Solutions is a subsidiary of University Putra Malaysia created to perform research and develop educational content for young children suffering from dyslexia. The customer has domain experts in the form of PHD students who were researching on Dyslexia and developing a platform.

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The Challenge

The challenge our customer faced was that the children attending their classes lost focus, got bored and didn’t practice mathematics at all once they reach home.

Designing Digital Courseware From Raw Textbooks

Braineo Solutions over the years has developed specially designed educational content based for young children suffering with dyslexia. This content was converted into text books and required dedicated teachers, who are specially trained, to conduct the course. Also, the feedback collected from the children was all done manually and required special attention to details on how the child is responding to various alphabets.

The subject matter experts and teachers met us and shared with objectives with creating this platform for teaching dyslexic children. Their main objectives were:

  • Create a platform which can be used in the long run to update content easily.
  • The platform could be sold using CD based licenses for households with application interacting with the analytical server.
  • The platform should be available for online access using web or mobile based applications.
  • Detailed reporting for child behavior and improvements shared with the parents.

GoodCore designed Hybrid app using Adobe Flash for the CD based product and HTML 5 for the mobile versions of the product. The web application which connects with the client apps and performs the analysis was developed using PHP Yii Framework.

The platform aimed to reduce the impact of this disorder by practice through interactive digital content and track performance using analytics.

The digital courseware was targeted towards kids in the age range of 4 years to 10 years. The complete course was designed in local Bahasa Melayu language with custom voice overs from educationists managed by our team.


App Design Considerations

The app necessitated some advance design and architecture considerations. These are highlighted below.

Interactive Rich Digital Courseware

The application features rich digital courseware specially designed every screen to give the best possible educational learning experience to the Dyslexic children. The screens were designed using detailed story boards to learn objectives of each user interface. The biggest challenge was making the complete application reactive to the voice overs integrated. The application talks to the child like a teacher and expects the right response to interact with the application. This was in essence the toughest part of the application design since the voice over and timings of the child resulted in our defined analytical matrix interpreting if the child is learning.

The complete application visuals were designed from the ground up keeping children in mind to be attracted with vibrant colors and cute looking avatars who become their friends during the learning process.

Secure License Base Access To Content

Since the courseware works on license based model, the licenses were sold either using pre-configured product keys or online purchasing of the license through their portal. The parents register on the portal or activate their licenses and then register their family and child profile online.

The clients used server based sessions to manage the user authentication and authorization. Valid key tokens are sent back to the server with each request being made to validate sessions for the end users and time for token expiry is extended. The clients showed license expiry messages and server sends out license expiry alerts to the parents to extend their license.

Client Server Architecture Using REST Based API

The courseware required two separate client applications developed using Adobe Flash and HTML 5 web based applications. The client applications were designed using layered architecture illustrated in the below diagram.

The server side was written using PHP MVC based architecture using Yii Framework. The relational Database used was MySQL Enterprise 64bit for storing all the registrations, licenses, courseware content, analytics and much more.

The clients integrated with the server side using REST based API using JSON based objects. The application had detailed security and authentication embedded into each layer from the ground up.

Parental Dashboards

The parents had their dedicated dashboards to view the activities of their child and which part of the courseware he is accessing. The sessions share detailed view of the activity log, child response and analysis and trend of improvement in learning through practice. This gives parents a visual insight of how the child is progressing and they can work on the child at parental level to further enhance capability to fight Dyslexia.

Technologies Used


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