Chimp Rush Game App

The Game Loop was looking to create a fun 2D side-scrolling run-and-bash game similar to the experience of Donkey Kong Country. The game required original character designs with complex mechanics and physical interactions with the environment.


About Client

The Game Loop is a creative agency focused on developing world-class digital content for mobile and games. Their idea of games is challenging in terms of both design and development.

Project Details

The project required detailed original character designs with complex mechanics and physical interactions with the environment.

The game featured detailed environments using the parallax effect of the jungle. The main character could jump, run, and bash environmental objects. The greatest challenge was to control the viewport camera and the object scaling based on the character jumps and running speed. The jumps were designed for actual projectile motion to give the end-user the best possible experience in this endless runner game.

Some of the core features of the Chimp Rush app are:

  • Design a game for the iOS platform (universal app) to support iPhone, iPod, and iPads.
  • Create a game experience for adventure and fun based on a chimp.
  • The game should feature a rich in-app purchase store to generate revenue from the game.
  • The game should also integrate with video ads to generate revenue.

Application Architecture

The app was designed using Cocos2d based on Objective-C. The game design was extended from the core classes of Cocos2d engine framework. The game architecture had to accommodate integration with third party API for analytics, particle engine, game physics, and application-based background recording and sound effects.

Implementation Of Physics Engine: Box2d

The game specifications required interacting with hanging ropes, jumping over bouncy mushrooms, breaking some boxes over the angry rhino, and much more. This required defining the interactive responses between these objects and the main character. This translated into an amazing experience for the end-users. The kids loved it!

Rich In-App Store

The game in-app purchases were designed to enhance the end-users' engagement and experience. Each in-app item was carefully crafted to add value to the gamers experience during the gameplay. This required integration with the Apple Game Center and maintenance of players' purchase histories over the servers.


The game allows the kids to compete with their friends using the Apple Game Center Leaderboards. The game shows the competing friend’s picture from the leader board or Facebook integrated with their top score in the same game. This has been a winning formula for a lot of successful games and we successfully implemented it in Chimp Rush.

Integration With Analytics

Since the courseware works on a license-based model, the licenses were sold either using pre-configured product keys or online purchasing of the license through their portal. The parents could register on the portal.

Technologies Used


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