Biotechnology Compliance Management System | GoodCore

Bioeconomy Corporation (formerly Biotech Corporation) acts as the central point in providing support, facilitation and advisory to nurture and accelerate growth of bio-based companies. It has the mandate to manage a special status, known as BioNexus status, for qualified biotechnology companies that undertake value-added biotechnology and/or life sciences activities. The status bestows fiscal incentives, grants and other guarantees to assist growth.

The Challenge

The systems in use by our client for managing the compliance of BioNexus status companies had reached end of life, and operational processes were being managed in silos with a combination of legacy software, Excel sheets, scattered documents and emails. There was a need for an integrated solution.

The Solution

GoodCore built an integrated solution comprising of an online platform using which BioNexus status companies would securely submit financial and compliance related information to our client. This includes the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and key other statistics required for compliance.

On the backend, the system offered workflows to be used within the monitoring & compliance department at our client organization to take the information through a review and approval process.

We developed tools for analyzing the submitted information such as Investment Analysis, Revenue Analysis, R&D Analysis, and Employment Analysis to check if they meet compliance requirements.

GoodCore was also tasked to perform data migration from disparate legacy systems into the new system.

the solution
the impact

The Results

The system GoodCore built enabled end-to-end process of online submission of financial status information and compliance progress reports by BioNexus companies. It increased the efficiency in information retrieval and tracking of the company status, and enabled our client to use data analysis & reporting tools to manage the compliance process.


Requirements Analysis

  • Highly extensive URS and brainstorming sessions with customer and GoodCore team
  • Identifying the needs, expectations and goals of the product
  • Risk Assessment

Design, Development & Technologies

  • Highly interactive front end using JQuery, bootstrap
  • Highly secured architecture, design and code implementation
  • MVC Architecture 5.0
  • Completion of project under strict timelines
  • Complex reporting with huge data and different type of views
  • Integration with Internal Systems

Quality Assurance

  • White box & black box testing
  • Launch on Staging & Live Environments
  • Post Launch Testing, support and enhancements

Technologies Used

  • entity framework
  • sql-server
  • j Query
  • bootstrap