Bank Branch Tracker Mobile App | GoodCore

Project Details

Branch Tracker is an Enterprise Mobile application designed for in house communication for leading banks. With their growing branch network and human resources, our client was facing challenges every day with slower communication among their internal team and wanted to make the access to their entire network fast and easy.

We at GoodCore designed a custom content management system for our client to manage branch information, contacts of lead information sources and broadcasting news bulletins to all employees. The server component is written using best in class web server technology Node.js exposing all information using Service Oriented Architecture using JSON based secure web services.

The mobile client maintains a local storage using CoreData and Apple native API for functionalities for phone calls, sms and email. The application features a push notification mechanics to cater the requirement for news broadcast.

bank branch tracker app

Features of the system

  • Fast web server for quick response time using Node.js.
  • Security Layer for Enterprise Data Access.
  • Json based compress Data Communication between server and mobile clients.
  • Offline Access to contacts list.
  • Native calling, sms and email features to get in touch with branch and employees.

Features of the system

  • Highly customized User Interface with state of the art core animations.
  • Completely asynchronous data communication for smooth user experience.
  • Rapid Development using Node.js as web server and MongoDB as server database.
  • Highly scalable architecture to support large volumes of users accessing data.

Technologies Used

  • ios os node js