Briefing Management Platform | GoodCore Software Ltd

Our client, a company with passion to streamline and automating the mundane. With decades of experience managing briefing programs, events, tradeshows, meetings, and demos, the company strives to find the best solutions to address the paint points and ever changing life-cycle of the event management process.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to embark on the launch of briefing management platform for its customers – mostly Fortune 100 companies. Before coming to GoodCore, our client worked with other vendors who failed to meet the expectations since the software design requirements proved too complex for them.

The Solution

Our team worked extensively with our client to acquire the necessary understanding about the complex operational requirements of the target audience and architected a white label multi-tenant SaaS based platform from ground up.

Briefing managers now have the tools at their disposal to manage all aspects of the operations: managing agendas, speaker schedules and invitations, catering and everything else for these high visibility briefing events.

The system design offers the scalability and flexibility to cater for substantial differences in organizational needs across our client’s customer base and helps them automate their operations.

the solution
the impact

The Impact

The technology we built enabled our client to become the biggest market player in the briefing management solution space in the U.S. with numerous Fortune 100 companies adopting the platform for their briefing and event management operations.


Requirements Analysis

  • Domain knowledge acquisition
  • Highly extensive URS and brainstorming sessions with customer and GoodCore team
  • Identifying the needs, expectations and goals of the product
  • Risk Assessment
  • Conceptual and visual design with highly interactive Prototype development

Design, Development & Technologies

  • UI Design
  • XHTML / CSS Authoring
  • Highly interactive front end using JQuery, bootstrap
  • MVC Architecture using the PHP Yii Framework
  • Highly secured architecture, design and code implementation

Testing & Launch

  • White box & black box testing
  • Launch on Staging & Live Environments
  • Post Launch Testing, support and enhancements

Technologies Used

  • php framework
  • yii framework
  • my sql
  • j Query
  • bootstrap