Top 20 Best IDE for Web Development in 2019

best id for web development

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If you are new to web development, you may think that the basic notepad is the best tool for creating websites of any complexity. Many pros, however, would call that a big mistake. While you might be able to make it work, it would require a lot of unnecessary coding and time that could be used for other more important tasks. There are a lot of different types of IDE available online that can help you with this process, but it may be quite hard to choose one from such an extensive variety. So, that brings us to the question … what is the best IDE for web development that you could choose?

If you are struggling with choosing the right development software for your project, then we have some solutions for you right here. We recommend that you go for an IDE that will save you from having to manually eliminate typos and errors, increasing your productivity and saving time for developing your idea further.

We have prepared a comprehensive comparison of 20 different integrated development environments for you to consider their pros and cons and choose the one that will serve you best.

The Question Every Young Programming Enthusiast Has: What is IDE?

An integrated development environment, or IDE, is an application that makes coding easier. An IDE can combine various tools that help developers to write and edit code, build executables, and even debug and test the result. The functionality may vary for different types of IDE out there, (for example, there are JavaScript IDE, other more multipurpose solutions, etc.) but there are some common features that most IDEs share.

Every good web development IDE has the following functionality:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocomplete
  • Debugging
  • Compiler
  • Interpreter

To create a list of IDEs that are best for web development, we have compared different software so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, including some prominent JavaScript IDE.

Best IDE for JavaScript: Some Quality Options

1. Microsoft Visual Studio

We will start our list of IDEs with a premium JavaScript IDE, Microsoft Visual Studio. It is a piece of software with advanced functionality that covers a wide range of development tasks, including web applications. Visual Studio has an intuitive interface, convenient automation tools, and supports screen splitting.

microsoft visual studio best ide for javascript

Its various compatibility testing tools are handy for checking if your web app works on different devices and browsers, while its impressive flexibility makes it the best IDE for beginners as well as experienced developers.

microsoft visual studio ide for javascript

Notice that Microsoft Visual Studio is quite expensive and can cost up to $2,900, depending on the edition you choose.


  • Impressive functionality
  • Straightforward workflow
  • Easy to use


  • Pricey
  • Heavyweight IDE, needs a lot of resources to run

2. Atom

A modern editor launched by GitHub, Atom is an open-source JavaScript IDE that is customizable to the core. Thanks to a convenient built-in package manager, you can easily install new tools and themes to expand its functionality. Atom comes with several pre-installed syntax themes, has a clean and clear view, and works across different operating systems.

atom best ide for javscript

You can easily browse your files and projects, and open them in one window. Also, this web dev IDE comes integrated with GitHub, which you can access directly from your editor.

atom ide for javscript


  • Flexible in use
  • Extendable by various packages
  • GitHub integration


  • Slow performance
  • Limited functionality

3. Komodo

Another  IDE that is great for JavaScript projects is Komodo. It is a JavaScript IDE that has a streamlined interface and supports most major languages. It autocompletes code, features refactoring tools, and performs consistently on different operating systems.

komodo best ide for javascript

In addition to standard features, Komodo also has some advanced functionality, like single-step debugging and Syntax Checker. It also supports multi-user editing, making it convenient to collaborate on projects within your team.

komodo ide for javascript

Komodo is a paid program that costs between $99 and $1,615, but you can enjoy a free 21-day trial.


  • Customizable UI
  • Convenient multi-user editing
  • Many add-ons to expand the functionality


  • Expensive
  • Limited functionality in free version

4. WebStorm

Developed by JetBrains, WebStorm is a closed-source software product with a modern user interface that fits right into the best IDE for web development category. It allows you to enjoy intelligent code completion, with convenient navigation and efficient error detection. Not as pricey as some of the other listed IDEs, it costs $129 – $649 per year.

webstorm best ide for javascript

WebStorm has a powerful refactoring tool for style sheet languages and JavaScript and features an in-built debugger that will help you during web app development. WebStorm is also integrated with GitHub and Mercurial. All these features make it one of the best IDE for web development.

webstorm ide for javascript


  • Code refactoring support
  • Intelligent autocomplete
  • Great customization
  • Has numerous in-built tools
  • Support for numerous plug-ins


  • High memory usage

5. IntelliJ IDEA

Another one of JetBrains’ projects, IntelliJ IDEA features a free Community Edition in addition to paid versions. This software has an extensive toolkit aimed to facilitate mobile app development.

intellij idea best ide for javascript

This fantastic JavaScript IDE features a database editor, supports different build systems, and provides deployment and debugging tools. Additionally, there are a lot of plugins provided by JetBrains as well as third-party developers that can save you a lot of time.

intellij idea ide for javascript

However, this IDE is less intuitive and comes with a learning curve, so it may be hard to use it without experience.


  • Smart refactoring
  • Supports multiple languages
  • The fully functional free version
  • Powerful debugger


  • May be too complicated for beginners

Now, let’s move on to the best IDE for web development you may want to give a try for HTML-based coding.

Here are 5 Great IDE for HTML to Meet Your Needs

1. Sublime Text

The first one on this list is a lightweight code editor called Sublime Text that supports various languages including HTML. This cross-platform software has everything that the best IDE for web development should have

sublime text best ide for javascript

Sublime Text also has several unique features, such as GoTo Anything, which grants the ability to instantly jump to the file you need. It supports multiple selections, so you can change many lines at once, and has a convenient Command Palette with all your frequently used tools in one place.

sublime text ide for html

Due to its powerful API and plugin support, Sublime Text is among the best IDE software for web developers.


  • Unique features for efficient development
  • Lightweight
  • Highly customizable


  • Lacks advanced functionality

2. Aptana Studio 3

An outstanding open-source IDE for HTML, Aptana Studio 3 provides an intuitive and convenient environment for web developers. It minimizes compatibility challenges with its wide browser support, enabling users to develop and deploy a range of web apps from a single IDE.

aptana studio 3 best ide for html

This IDE assists greatly in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding, and features an integrated debugger to test the apps before release. With a convenient command line, you will get access to hundreds of useful commands that will make web development much more productive. Therefore, it is included in some of the best IDE for web development.

aptana studio 3 ide for html


  • Code assistance
  • Integrated debugger, deployment wizard, command line, and other convenient tools.


  • Stability issues
  • Slow
  • Less efficient for complex projects

3. PyCharm

Primarily created for Python, PyCharm also supports a wide range of other languages. Comprehensive code assistance and a customizable interface make it ideal for professional web development projects.

pycharm best ide for html

PyCharm automatically completes code, checks and fixes errors on-the-fly, and offers easy project navigation. Another useful feature of this web development IDE is the possibility of integration with Git and Mercurial. Therefore, it is a great solution for cross-technology projects.

pycharm ide for html


  • Easy to customize
  • Functionality for cross-technology development
  • Intelligent assistance


  • Contains some performance bugs

4. RubyMine

Another fantastic web development IDE created by JetBrains is RubyMine that primarily focuses on Ruby enthusiasts, but the extensive language support makes it useful for many web developers as well. RubyMine deserves attention due to its logical workflow organization, intuitive navigation, and great compatibility.

rubymine best ide for html

This IDE features all necessary functions like autocomplete and refactoring, and frequent updates guarantee stable performance.

It costs $199-649 annually and offers a free trial version so you can test the IDE’s functionality before buying it. We recommend giving a try to one of the best IDE for web development out there.


  • Smart code support
  • Convenient navigation
  • Frequent updates


  • High memory requirement
  • Lack of customization

5. Adobe Dreamweaver CC

This is a powerful tool launched by tech giant Adobe Inc. that fulfills both front-end and back-end needs. Completely integrated with Adobe ecosystem, Adobe Dreamweaver CC supports most major programming languages and shows amazing performance.

adobe dreamweaver cc best ide for html

Furthermore, it supports both textual and WYSIWYG methods, giving you the option to code and instantly see changes in a visual presentation. This makes it a fantastic tool among existing IDE software’s for inexperienced developers. In case you need a specific feature, you can customize this software with numerous plugins and add-ons provided by Adobe.

adobe dreamweaver cc ide for html


  • Code and preview
  • Intuitive interface
  • Allows access to numerous libraries and plugins via Adobe support (unlike other options on our list of IDEs)


  • Lack of cross-browser compatibility
  • Steep learning curve;
  • Bulky dynamic code

For all front end devs and visual programming buffs out there, here are also some of the best IDE for web development in terms of CSS.

Interested in Beautifying Your Webpages? We Bring You the Best IDE for CSS

1. Brackets

An open-source editor, Brackets is indeed one of the outstanding examples of IDE. Lightweight but powerful, it provides developers with convenient visual tools, such as inline editor, split view, and live preview. An excellent user interface and intuitive navigation make it easy to browse and make changes to large pieces of code.

brackets best ide for css

Another great feature of Brackets is its real-time connection with a browser so you can instantly see all code changes on screen. If you work with preprocessors, you will enjoy how this IDE supports them, making it much easier to modify your LESS and SCSS files.

brackets ide for css


  • Lightweight
  • Made for web development
  • Real-time preview


  • Lacks advanced IDE functionality
  • Gets slower after installing plugins

2. RJ TextEd

The next in our list is RJ TextEd, a powerful editor that supports all major web development languages. It is much more than a text editor: it features all the functions of a good CSS IDE — integrated CSS/HTML preview, auto-completion, templates, and many more tools for productive web development.

rj texted best ide for css

You can also benefit from some advanced features like multi-select and edit, smart sorting, and document map. If you work with a CSS IDE such as RJ TextEd,  you will get the following additional features:  advanced color hint, highlighting of colors, and convenient code explorer.

rj texted ide for css


  • Free to use
  • Autocompleting and spell checking
  • Great CSS editing


  • Lacks advanced functionality

3. Light Table

An elegant and lightweight IDE, Light Table represents a new era of IDEs. It is not just an editor but a complete functional environment where you can code and move things around without unnecessary clutter.

light table best ide for css

Light Table encourages you to try different variants of code – and see instantaneous results. You can benefit from an inline evaluation, powerful editing functionality, and a plugin manager that lets you quickly add any extension you need.

light table ide for css


  • Easily customizable
  • Instant visualization
  • Numerous plugins available


  • Limited features

4. PhpStorm

PhpStorm, one of the best CSS, HTML and JavaScript IDE, is a closed-source software solution launched by JetBrains. Its slick user interface creates a fantastic coding environment where you can efficiently develop any project you need without worrying about typos and errors.

phpstorm best ide for css

PhpStorm supports major frameworks like WordPress and Symfony and features built-in command-line tools along with a smart code navigator. Furthermore, there are many different themes and extensions that you can use to customize the IDE.

phpstorm ide for css

Another great advantage is that PhpStorm is relatively lightweight compared to its competitors.


  • Fully functional IDE
  • Framework support
  • Highly customizable


  • Commercially-sold software

5. Vim

A favorite of many developers, Vim is a highly configurable program with some powerful functionalities. This terminal-based editor supports the majority of programming and markup languages and offers all standard features, such as mouse gestures and syntax highlighting.

vim best ide for css

But what makes it one of the best IDE for web development? It is lightweight and fast, so it performs well even for big projects. Developers also commend the keyboard-based interface as it grants better efficiency. However, that also makes it a little complicated for newbies.

vim ide for css


  • Excellent performance
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Boosts productivity


  • Difficult learning curve

Are you a C++ developer looking for more advanced programming solutions? Continue reading for some suitable IDE options.

Best IDE for C++ for You to Start With

1. NetBeans

Supported by a worldwide community, NetBeans is a fantastic open-source example of IDE software for development with C++ as well as Java, JavaScript, and other languages. Whether you need to edit an existing project or start from scratch, a simple drag-and-drop interface will make creating apps much easier.

netbeans best ide for c++

NetBeans features numerous project templates and an integrated debugger, which makes it one of the best web development IDE. It is compatible with all major operating systems and supports many compilers, such as Cygwin and GNU. It is also, undoubtedly, one of the best C++ IDE options.

netbeans ide for c++


  • Powerful debugging
  • Cross-platform software
  • Free
  • Supports custom plugins


  • Slows down occasionally

2. Eclipse

This web development IDE is free, flexible, and has great functionality which both beginners and professional users can benefit from. Eclipse was originally a Java environment, but it has extended to support C++, Python, PHP, and others.

eclipse best ide for c++

The standard edition features debugging tools, Git/CVS support, and a plugin development toolkit. Backed by a global community, Eclipse can be empowered with various extensions. If you need to boost its functionality for modeling, testing, and/or charting, you can search for a solution via the Eclipse Marketplace Client.


  • Multiple language support
  • A wide selection of plugins
  • Fast compiler


  • Complex for newcomers
  • Lacks advanced functionality

3. Code::Blocks

Another popular option for web development is Code::Blocks, a free open-source software product. It creates a highly customizable environment with stable performance across various platforms. That’s why Code::Blocks is one of the best IDE for web development for people who need to switch frequently between workplaces.

code blocks best ide for c++

It has an easy-to-navigate, tabbed interface, and supports many plugins. Other remarkable features of this IDE are a debugger with breakpoint support, compiler support, and the option to add customizable external tools.

code blocks ide for c++

Code::Blocks are also ideal for multi-user projects owing to its simple task management functionality.


  • Easy navigation
  • Supports multi-user development
  • Can be customized with numerous plugins and external tools


  • Lacks power for complex projects

4. Xcode

Among other examples of IDE, Xcode is worth a mention due to the wide range of tools created specifically for apps running on Apple devices. It is fully integrated with popular frameworks such as Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, allowing users to add Passbook, Game Center, and other services with a single click.

xcode best ide for c++

Using Xcode, developers can benefit from the Apple LLVM compiler that effectively determines possible performance issues, and  Interface Builder that enables building a prototype without coding. Also, this IDE can automatically analyze and test code at any stage of development.

xcode ide for c++


  • Impressive toolkit
  • Great testing possibilities
  • Intuitive interface


  • Limited to Apple devices

5. Visual Studio Code

Our list of best web development IDE would be incomplete without Visual Studio Code, another fantastic product created by Microsoft. It is a relatively lightweight cross-platform software solution with extensive support for many languages, both in-built and via extensions.

visual studio code best ide for c++

It supplies developers with all the basic features, from simple syntax highlighting and autocomplete to advanced code editing based on variable types and imported modules. On top of that, you can debug code with breakpoints and an interactive console directly from your editor.

visual studio code ide for c++


  • Open-source
  • Fast and powerful
  • Can be customized and extended with plugins


  • Requires a lot of memory
  • Lacks advanced IDE features

IDE vs Text Editor: How Are They Different from Each Other?

‘But what is the principal difference of choosing an IDE over a regular text editor?’ – this is a question that many young developers often ask.

A simple answer is that an IDE is, in essence, a text editor, but with extra functions that make development more convenient and productive. Theoretically, a basic text editor is enough to code in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript; IDE  just extends its functionality with many convenient features like syntax highlighting, autocomplete, and smart navigation.

Nowadays, many web development IDEs have customizable interfaces so you can add any extra tools and templates required for a particular project. If you are creating a web app, the in-built compiler and debugger will help you to quickly detect and eliminate possible issues. Some IDEs even have advanced functionality for testing and visualization at any stage of development.

You may be able to write your code in a simple notepad file but an integrated development environment will make this process easier and more effective.

How to Choose the Best IDE for Your Projects

There is no right answer as to what is the best IDE for website development. You should choose one depending on the complexity of your projects, budget, web development skills, and hardware. Beginners may enjoy lightweight options like Sublime Text or Brackets, but for professional users, it is better to choose a more advanced IDE like PhpStorm or Visual Studio Code.

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Coding vs Programming for Beginners: What is the Distinction?

coding vs programming

Every field of work has its vocabulary – specific words that hold distinct meaning that is different than their meaning in the context of everyday life. This is specifically true for the professional vocabulary of the software development industry which continues to grow and evolve. In the field of software development, words like ‘engagement’ have nothing to do with weddings, ‘cookies’ are not edible, ‘classes’ are not something you have to attend, and even ‘bugs’ are annoying due to very different reasons.

Another example of this is the meaning and the difference between coding and programming – two of the most frequently used terms in the field of software development. For people not related to the industry, the debate of coding vs programming vs development is non-existent. The terms seem interchangeable. But in this article, we will provide you with all the information to help you distinguish between the two terms. So, let’s explore the terms further to find out why and how professionals use them differently by answering two main questions – what is coding? and what is programming?

What is Coding?

It is commonly known that computer processors only understand the language of ones and zeros and our natural language is completely different from this binary language. Thus, we need to translate the commands that we want to execute into the language of processors. But what is coding and, most importantly, what do coders do? Coding is the translation of natural language into machine commands and coders use an intermediary language to direct the step-by-step action the machine needs to take. Is coding the same as programming, though?

Depending on the programming language, effective coding requires some skills. You must know the syntax, main keywords, and the basic logic behind the language of your choice (the main point of the coding and programming difference).

What is Programming?

coding vs programming

While coding is a big part of software development, it is not the most important part. To create a product, you need to take several additional steps. They include planning, design, testing, deployment, and even maintenance. Altogether, the whole process can be called programming.

So, is coding and programming the same thing?” 

This question is equivalent to “Is a tree and a forest the same thing?”. One is an essential part of the other, but there is also much more to it. Programming requires a lot more knowledge, experience, and various skills to pull off than coding. Let’s move on to answering in more detail the main question of this feature – what is the difference between coding and programming exactly?

What is the Difference Between Coding and Programming?

difference between coding and programming

Ultimately, is coding and programming the same thing?

Although one can be regarded as a part of the other, coding and programming can also mark a fundamental difference in approach to a project. Depending on scope and complexity, one can be more beneficial than the other.

In most cases, for a professional software creator, programming is the way to go. In important projects, before writing the first line of code, you need to have an outline for your program and an idea of how much resources you will need. When the code is done, you need to review, optimize and thoroughly test it.

So, when is coding more important in the coding vs programming dilemma?

First of all, coding is a way to solve simple problems, such as related to one-task applications and one-page websites that don’t need a lot of planning and resources. Another answer to the question What is coding for?” is that it is a starting point for beginners. To learn how to build an intricate program, one has to know how to handle each part of it and that is where the knowledge of what is the difference between coding and programming comes in handy.

Coding Vs Programming Comparison Table

Now that we’ve covered the differences between coding and programming for beginners, let’s review them in detail.

1. Baseline Difference

As it was discussed earlier, the coding and programming difference lies in the very definition of both processes. Programming is the general process of creating a program that follows certain standards and performs a certain task. And what is coding again? It is a part of programming that deals strictly with converting the language we understand into binary commands for the machine.

2. The Difference in Tools Needed

Is coding the same as programming in terms of software tools?

Since coding is a simple act of translation, you don’t need much to perform it. In most cases, a simple text editor like WordPad would suffice (although an IDE with built-in autofill and debug tools is often helpful).

Programmers, on the other hand, need to review documentation and perform analysis besides coding which requires extra tools. You can find various code analysis tools, code generators, databases and testing frameworks in their inventory.

3. Difference in Expertise

The next difference between coding and programming lies in the skills the person performing these tasks needs to have. Coding requires basic knowledge of a programming language. If you want to program, you’d need to understand much more. Like how to create algorithms and math models, how to process data, know math, and in some cases, event management experience.

4. Coding vs Programming in Approach

What is the difference between coding and programming in terms of the basic way things are done? Programming requires a methodical and thorough approach. It usually takes from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to achieve your goal as a programmer. Writing code can be done without any preparation and a simple solution can be coded within a couple of hours. It often progresses by trial and error method.

5. Difference in Outcome

Is programming and coding the same thing, and will programming and coding the same thing will have different outcomes? Different approaches lead to different results. As has already been mentioned, the choice of the method should be based upon the desired complexity of the final product. So, you should not expect to get a fast, multi-functional application with attractive UI and UX from just coding.

What are coding and programming? – Comparison of Table

Category Coding Programming
Definition Translation of natural language into machine commands through an intermediary coding language The process of development of a fully functioning software solution
Tools A text editor would suffice Analysis tools, modeling programs, code generators, testing frameworks
Expertise Basic knowledge of a programming language, its syntax, and keywords Experience in creating algorithms, modeling a problem, data processing, project management
Approach No previous preparations, trial-and-error Methodical approach, attention to detail
Outcome Simple solution or a small part of a project Full ready-to-use application

Is Coding Hard to Learn?

As we have discussed before, coding is just a part of programming. Yet, it still requires some time and skill to learn. Programming languages are very different from natural languages, and their syntax can sometimes be very confusing. The hardest languages are low-level ones that are close to actual processor instructions.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Coding?

This question does not have a simple and definitive answer. After you understand  ‘what is coding?’, the time you need to learn a new programming language will depend on many factors, such as:

  • How difficult the language is;
  • How much prior experience you have;
  • How popular the language is;
  • If there is anyone more experienced available to help you.

What is Coding Language? And which one is the best to learn?

Alongside ‘what is the difference between coding and programming, this isn’t an easy question to answer either, as different languages are created for different purposes. Here are our top contenders for the best coding language title:

  • Python – an easy-to-understand language that is constantly gaining more popularity;
  • Kotlin – the official language for Android development;
  • Swift – a kit made for iOS development;
  • C++ – a reliable and time-tested tool.

What Programming Language Is the Most Popular?

According to the StackOverflow survey, the most popular language in the professional field is JavaScript (but HTML/CSS is a close second). It is irreplaceable for front-end coding and can often be seen used in other fields as well. However, being the most popular makes it less attractive for beginners as the competition for it is too intense.

Final Words

In conclusion, is coding the same as programming?

The general public might not be informed or do not care about the difference between coding and programming. Yet it does not rule out the importance of this distinction. This knowledge can be essential to help you with job search or communication with your coworkers in the field of software development.

If you’re only starting your way in the industry, understanding what is coding and what is programming is valuable knowledge. Hopefully, this article will help you to move your career forward and improve your skills.

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What is Android System WebView App?

android system web view

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet, you may have come across the Android System WebView app while going through your device. If you don’t know much about this app or what exactly it does on your smartphone, you will surely be surprised to find out about its web environment integrating capabilities. It is not the kind of app that you can launch with a single tap. It runs on its own in the background, without any direct user interaction.

You can find the app at the following location:

SettingsApplication ManagerSystem Apps.

Here, you will be able to see the Android System WebView app and check whether it is active or disabled. You might even be prompted to update it by visiting the Google Play Store.

In our article today, we will answer the following questions for you:

  • What is Android System WebView?
  • Why do you need this application?
  • How important is this app for your device?

android system web view

Let Us Tell You What is Android System WebView

What is Android System WebView? It is a web browser engine built into an operating system that makes it possible to open web pages within applications. You can view any type of web content with the help of WebView. It is installed on your Android device from the get-go and only needs to be updated if/when required.

This component is based on the WebKit engine. The version which is part of Android KitKat is based on Chromium, which is an open-source web browser. Its working is very similar to that of the Chrome browser. This means it loads web pages the same way Chrome or Safari does.

Additionally, WebView is a vital part of Android Studio, an IDE for developing Android apps. This software allows users with sufficient programming knowledge and skills to create their own browsers, as well as other apps that are similar in format to newsfeed or messaging apps.

For a better understanding of how the tool functions, let’s take Viber as an example. If someone sends you a link to a YouTube video, you can watch it inside the same Viber chat, without having to open the YouTube website or mobile application.

Here is another example: Imagine you are scrolling through your Facebook feed and come across a post containing a link to an interesting article. When you click the link, an inner tab with web content will open. This embedded “mini-browser” provided by WebView has all the features that a full-blown browser has, such as text view, content scaling, text search, and scrolling. Without this tool, you would have to leave the Facebook app and open the link in a separate browser. That would spawn more time-consuming actions – switch to a browser, browse the information, close the browser, and then return to your app. Not very convenient, is it?

With WebView installed and updated on your device, you get to save time and hardware resources that would otherwise be wasted in separately launching a web browser application. It also saves battery life.

This application is almost always preinstalled. However, if it is not (due to you using custom firmware on your device, for example), you can download it from Google Play.

Starting with Android 7 (Nougat), the need for Android System WebView was eliminated. Apps that have the capability to process external links now employ the help of rendering engines provided by separate web browsers.

Do I Need Android System WebView?

The discussion on the question “What is Android System WebView?” leads us to our next query: “do I need Android System WebView?”. If you are a regular Android user, you must have figured out by now that the OS decides this for you.

If you have Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or below, it is best to leave WebView on (for best performance). If your smartphone is an Android 7.0 (Nougat) or above, then you should not enable it, as Chrome handles all of WebView’s responsibilities instead.

For Android 7.0+ developers who want to provide their applications with the ability to open and interact with web content inside the applications themselves, Android System WebView is a critical part of their projects. First, the WebView library is enabled and an instance of the WebView class is created. Then, the web permissions and WebView code are added to the Android Declaration file. This allows launching web pages inside apps.

These actions will ensure the integration of browser capabilities into the software you create. They will allow the rendering of web pages and JS code.

Note that it is only advisable to install WebView manually (in case your device does not come equipped with it by default) if you have a device that was released in 2015 or later, with Android 5.0 and higher. Otherwise, you may risk falling victim to hackers who use the tiniest flaws in code to gain access to your device memory.

How Do You Deal With Android System WebView Update?

android system web view update

For devices with Android 5.0 or below, Android System WebView was an integral component of the operating environment. It could only be updated together with the OS itself. After Lollipop, however, WebView was separated into an individual app package and it became possible to implement the Android System WebView update using Google Play. Thanks to this, users of Android 7.0 and above can also download and install the app on their devices.

As a whole, the tool is considered to be quite resource-intensive, consuming a significant share of RAM and affecting the overall OS performance. That is another reason why it is not integrated into the newer Android versions.

Can I Uninstall Android System WebView?

How Do You Do It?

It is not uncommon to wish to clear up storage space and free up RAM on your device. Therefore, if you don’t know what a particular app is for, and you are not using it, then it would make complete sense to not want it installed on your device at all. So, should you uninstall it?

Here is the answer to the question, “Can I uninstall Android System WebView?

If this application was pre-installed on your smartphone or tablet, there are no common means to remove it since it is a system app (as was discussed in the “What is Android System WebView?” section). The best you can do is deactivate it. The Application Manager can only help you clear cache and data residue, delete updates and stop or deactivate the tool. There is no option for deletion.

Experts do not recommend disabling or deleting this app unless you absolutely need to, because a number of other apps would not be able to perform adequately without it. Apps such as social networking clients, weather-related utilities, and certain messengers could malfunction. Getting rid of WebView completely is possible only via rooting your device. However, that is a risky process which may negatively affect the performance of the device.

An ordinary user might think: “Why should I turn it off?” It is very important for those users to realize the following: For older versions of Android, updates to individual system components are no longer being released. Hence, there are no fixes to newly discovered vulnerabilities (this majorly concerns Android 4.3 and 4.4). This, in turn, leads to an increased risk of your mobile device security being compromised.

Thus, if you have an older device that will not be receiving updates to newer OS versions, you might want to deactivate or uninstall all the non-critical system apps, including Android System WebView.

How to Enable Android System WebView in Newer OS Versions

If you want to use the Android System WebView in versions 7.0 and above, you will need to do the following:

  • Uninstall or deactivate all web browsers.
  • Download the latest version of Android System WebView from Google Play.
  • Open any application that processes external links.

Check if the WebView application works as expected (note that if you re-install/activate any web browser, WebView will be deactivated automatically).

Wrapping Up Our Discussion

android system web view installed

We hope this article helps you to figure out what is Android System WebView and whether or not you need it on your device.

Here is a quick recap of our discussion:

Android System WebView is a system application without which opening external links within an app would require switching to a separate web browser app (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.). In newer versions of Android, the system uses the rendering engine of Google Chrome or any other installed browser to perform the same tasks. Hence, there is no need to install and enable this app.

A final word of caution: make sure that your mobile device does not contain outdated versions of system applications such as Android System WebView. Update them in a timely manner. Doing so will prevent hackers from exploiting any vulnerabilities.

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Showbox Alternatives – Best 15 Apps for Streaming Like Showbox

showbox alternatives

What is Showbox? If you like to occasionally have some fun at home by yourself by streaming some free movies, Showbox is, arguably, one of the leading and most popular streaming services for fulfilling your cinematic cravings. It works on all major platforms powering most devices that support streaming – Windows and Mac for computers, Android and iOS for smartphones or tablets, and even Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. If you have tried it yourself, we are sure you will agree with us.

The popularity of this service, however, does not mean that there are no downsides to it, or that there do not exist Showbox alternatives that are as decent as, or even better than, Showbox itself.  There are lots of apps like Showbox that can satisfy your demands in terms of functionality and/or interface, some even surpassing Showbox in terms of overall performance.

In this feature, we are going to take a look at some of the best free movie sites, as well as apps like Showbox, in order to provide you with a wide variety of both freeware and paid legal movie streaming services that you can enjoy right away. The main question we seek to answer here – is there a website to watch tv shows for free and enjoy high-definition movies all in one place? 

What is Showbox: An Amazing Tool For Movie Fans

Showbox is a popular piece of software used to search for, stream, and store video content. There are different versions for different user audiences, like Showbox for Mac that iOS users can enjoy, Showbox for Windows, a versatile solution for PC users, and Showbox for iPhone and Android that mobile users can launch on the go. Viewers can watch videos online if connected to the Internet. Otherwise, they also have the option to watch buffered videos offline. You can also get Showbox on Firestick to stream movies right to your living room TV. This service is widely preferred, especially due to a vast collection of content types you can watch right out of the box – movies, TV shows, music videos, etc.

A Popular Question: Is Showbox Legal?

You may be wondering, where’s the catch with all these capabilities, and is Showbox even legal? You can rest assured that the Showbox app is a completely legal service in most countries. Files that are temporarily created on user devices for streaming purposes do not infringe on the content owners’ copyrights in any way. However, you would be breaking the law if you decided to  ‘re-stream’ the provided video content in a cinema, retail store, restaurant, or other such places. In all other instances, Showbox is legal, just like all the other movie apps like Showbox on our list.

15 Best Showbox Alternatives for Watching Exclusive Video Content

The following list of Movie apps for Android like Showbox consists of some decent services for your entertainment which are either quite similar to Showbox or provide some special features that help them stand out.

1. Kodi


Kodi is one of the most practical and useful Showbox alternatives. This service is free and open-source, thanks to some independent developers in this industry. It supports all major platforms (including mobile OSs, Firestick, and Linux) and is constantly updated with new content as well as interface enhancements. It does require some video add-ons to function though. Fortunately, all these are freely available online.



You may have heard of HULU before due to its massive popularity in America. It is a powerful competitor for many other apps like Showbox. The service provides a broad range of content to choose from and is regularly updated. It would not be entirely accurate to call it one of the absolute best TV streaming sites due to unavailability in certain countries. But when it comes to watching movies and shows in regions where it is supported ⁠— namely the US ⁠— it is a definite winner. It boasts high-quality streaming, is compatible with Chromecast, and allows access to content with a single click.

3. Stremio


Stremio’s specialty is that it does not let you browse through tons of links without verifying their origin. It filters the sources and lets through only legal, high-quality ones, like Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix. It can also be listed among the best free movies sites due to its compatibility with all major operating systems. The interface is identical on all platforms, making the service highly consistent and reliable.

4. Viewster


This one is an interesting example of freeware Showbox alternatives supported by smartphones and desktop machines. It streams many European TV shows and provides access to a wide array of movies. Anime fans can enjoy their favorite shows streamed at high quality and accessed through a fully-functional interface with standard features. Viewster is a decent alternative to the Showbox free movies app.

5. Sky HD

sky hd

Sky HD, offered by the same developer as that of PlayBox HD, is a great, smooth-running service. Providing access to unlimited high-definition channels, Sky HD stands tall among other Showbox alternatives. It offers convenient search options, and you can select your favorite content from various categories. If you enjoy Playbox HD with its high-quality, fast-streaming content accessible at lightning speed, then you will certainly love Sky HD since it is an enhanced version with a similar interface yet extended functionality.

Still, haven’t found your perfect service yet? Keep on reading for plenty of other options!

6. Bobby Movie

bobby movie

This is a prominent movie box app for iOS and Android users for watching their favorite movies and TV shows via a versatile interface. The main screen leads to the different categories available, and users also have the option to pick content based on the reviews given by other users. We call it a movie box app because its concept is very similar to that of the app. At the same time, it fits into the category of decent Showbox alternatives perfectly. This solution has a minor downside though – users have to sit through quite a few ads. That, however, can be considered a fair price in exchange for the ability to get free movies downloads legally.

7. Terrarium TV

terrarium tv

This is an Android-compatible solution that ranks quite high on the list of favorite Showbox alternatives. Terrarium TV is one of the best free movie sites that do not have their own content database but provide access to existing content posted on other sources online. It is a freeware solution that provides links for you to watch via a centralized interface. The search results are mainly focused on the good quality of the video content, which is an incredibly helpful feature. One downside to Terrarium TV is that its usage is restricted to Android-based mobile devices only. Also, you cannot download free full movies, as the service only allows online viewing.

8. Titanium TV

titanium tv

Titanium TV is a project that is conceptually very similar to Terrarium. However, it can be installed on Firestick or any other platform, making it a better choice than many other available Showbox alternatives. The selling point here is the high quality of the streamed content and an extensive catalog of movies and TV shows. There are many streams to choose from, and this service proves to be a decent competitor to Showbox movies in terms of quality. Titanium TV also offers the ability to launch the system using Real-Debrid for enhanced viewing. Apart from Firestick, it can be installed on other Fire TV devices as well. This device-friendly service also offers remote video content streaming.



If you are looking for apps like Showbox for Android in particular, you must give YIDIO a try. It does not provide any readymade content catalogs but it does grant you access to all kinds of third-party services available on the web. YIDIO specializes in online movie search and accumulating content from other external streaming services. These can be watched within a single interface, making YIDIO a good candidate among the many Showbox alternatives. It will find anything that is free or paid with the help of search keywords and filters.  YIDIO itself is freeware, but you will have to pay for content collected from other paid services. You can also purchase a subscription to get notifications about new interesting content appearing on the Internet. Overall, it is a pretty decent option when it comes to Showbox for Android.

10. Moviebox

movie box

This eponymous movie box app is intended for a wide array of commonly used platforms. In terms of design, user interface, and functionality, it may be deemed as one of the best movie apps for Android like Showbox, and the most worthy representative of Showbox alternatives. It is a globally renowned service which you will see at the forefront of search results upon looking up the term ‘movie box app’. It quickly finds the media files you ask for. Not all content presented by this service boasts full HD quality. However, there are loads of videos that are available for viewing in 720p.

We hope you are enjoying our reviews so far! Here are some more prominent services to check out.

11. Popcorn Time

popcorn time

Popcorn Time is a streaming service created independently by passionate cinema and free streaming enthusiasts. It is compatible with all common platforms for mobile, desktop, and TV. Over the years, the service has managed to gain a veritable cult following and a community of dedicated fans. We are certain that Popcorn Time is much more than a mere name on the list of Showbox alternatives.

The main advantage of this service is that it is fast and seamless in every aspect, from searching and browsing categories to downloading content. You also get subtitles in various languages that you can enable if you so desire.

While the speed and performance of Popcorn Time are commendable, it can sometimes fail and lag due to a huge global audience. Popcorn Time is compatible with Smart TV. It is available in multiple versions and you can choose the one you like best in terms of the interface and movie catalogs. Some versions offer low-quality movies that are available right after their cinematic release, while other versions offer only high-quality post-cinematic copies of movies. Popcorn Time is a top choice among people looking for reliable Showbox alternatives.

12. Tubitv


As of now, Tubitv is a relatively new product in the list of apps like Showbox in particular, and in the streaming niche as a whole. It works with Chromecast, supports all major platforms including Apple TV, PS4, and Xbox, and provides convenient search by genre, year of release, and other criteria. One cumbersome thing about this service is that a user must create a profile and confirm registration in order to gain access to the host of streams available. It offers a multitude of videos to watch and is a decent option to choose from among the many Showbox alternatives.

13. Netflix

netflixYou probably already know about this one – Netflix is a giant among streaming services and goes far beyond being a mere name on the long list of Showbox alternatives. It still serves the same purpose though. You can watch free streaming movies online once you pay for an initial subscription, which is the only downside to this service. But the subscription price is totally worth it. You can always try the free trial version in order to get a taste of the service and see for yourself how good it is. It runs on all major platforms. Netflix is a strong contender among apps like Showbox for iPhone, Windows PC, and other devices.

14. YouTube & its Premium

youtube & premium

YouTube is a free service available on all types of platforms and devices. It does not fall under the ‘best free movie sites’ category in particular. Neither can it be included in the list of Showbox alternatives. However, it is packed with entertaining video content to help you make the most of your leisure time. Sometimes, it allows you to watch new movies right after their theatrical release. However, that requires additional payment per movie. This may not be a good fit for a wide audience, but its prices are attractive and it allows you to easily watch high-quality movies and shows.

If you purchase YouTube’s Premium subscription, you will get to view exclusive features, use premium music streaming facilities, and even use YouTube offline to watch buffered video content.

15. 123movies

123 movie

All apps like Showbox are not exact copies of each other. You may have seen 123movies in numerous other lists of best free movie sites. 123movies is an absolutely free streaming service that offers both online and offline viewing of video content (mostly movies and TV shows). There are several issues with this service though — the interface is quite basic, there is no licensed content available, there are no unique features, and it does not have a separate mobile app.

However, when it comes to easily access a movie that is way past its theatrical release, you can quickly open this site and watch it in good quality right in your browser. All in all, it is a cheap but efficient way to stream videos. In our opinion, it is a much better option than many other Showbox alternatives.

Do You Need a VPN for Showbox?

Certain streaming services and numerous best free movie sites such as HULU limit access according to region. For example, you cannot watch HULU content in any country outside the US. Moreover, free downloads from various services can undermine your own data security, as unauthorized parties might gain access to your system and covertly download harmful software along with the promised content.

In order to widen your geographical area of service access and establish security for the personal files on your system, you may use a VPN. Picking appropriate VPN apps and plugins will make it safer for you to browse and download content from any website you like without having to worry about other access or security issues.

When it comes to Showbox and other Showbox alternatives, however, there is no absolute requirement to go for a VPN. Service owners work 24/7 to provide decent security and restrict any harmful content in order to satisfy users who pay for these streaming solutions.

Final Words On Our Complete List

There are plenty of Showbox alternatives with varying specifications, interface designs, and usability levels. You have many options — both paid and free tv streaming sites and movie box app solutions — for both PCs and smartphones. A word of advice: Always remember that a safe site to download movies is usually one that is the primary focus of a lot of users. With that being said, stay safe and have fun watching your favorite titles!

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